Christmas in July Style Guide: Festive Decorating Tips for a Midsummer Celebration

Who says Christmas only comes once a year? We say bring on the holiday cheer - no matter the season! Christmas in July is a fantastic way to bring some of the magic of the winter holidays into the heart of summer. If you're ready to throw the merriest midsummer bash, you've come to the right place. Let's sprinkle a little Christmas magic into your summer celebration, shall we?

Color Me Tropical

Wave goodbye to the usual reds and greens and say hello to vibrant, tropical hues. Dive into colors like aqua blue, coral, sunny yellow, and lush green. Think beach towels, sunsets, and ice cream flavors. Let these colors shine through in everything from ornaments to table runners. This mixes both the vibrancy and heat of summer with the more smoothing Christmas feel.

Best of Both Worlds

Blend the warmth of summer with the nostalgia of Christmas in your decor. Swap the traditional holly wreath for one made from seashells or palm leaves. Consider decking out your tree with surfboards, flip flops, and flamingos. A little creativity here goes a long way in creating a fun, unexpected holiday atmosphere. You can even have a Christmas palm tree, that’s perfect for year-round use.

Coastal Christmas

There's something so serene about coastal vibes. If you're lucky enough to live by the beach or just enjoy nautical themes, weave in coastal elements like anchors, ropes, seashells, and starfish into your holiday decor. Mix these with the warm glow of fairy lights for that oh-so-enchanting seaside Christmas feeling.

Indoor Oasis

It's summer after all! Lush greenery is a must-have. Create your indoor oasis with potted artificial plants and faux trees. Go bold with artificial palms, ferns, or other tropical plants. It's like a summer vacation, right in your living room. Bring out the Christmas tree too! The more the merrier.

All Out Fun

Remember, Christmas in July is all about having fun. So, why not go all out with playful decorations? Giant pool inflatables, oversized sunglasses, colorful umbrellas - the quirkier, the better! String lights shaped like ice cream cones or giant paper flowers can add a touch of whimsy that's sure to put a smile on everyone's face.

Light and Easy

When it comes to fabrics, think light, breezy, and effortlessly cool. Try sheer curtains in sunny shades and linens in fun, tropical prints. The key here is to create a relaxed, airy vibe that screams summer.

Scents of Summer

You know that incredible smell of coconut sunscreen or freshly squeezed citrus? It's the scent of summer. Add it into your Christmas in July celebration with candles or diffusers in those same delightful fragrances. Trust us, your guests will love it.

Tropical Tastes

You've decked the halls, now it's time to feast! Create a spread that's as festive as it is refreshing. Fruit-infused drinks, frozen cocktails, tropical desserts - the more colorful, the better. And don't forget to jazz up your tablescape with palm leaf placemats and vibrant tablecloths.


Throwing a Christmas in July celebration is all about mixing and matching, creating a magical blend of summer vibes and Christmas spirit. It's a chance to let your creativity soar and make something truly unique. So, slather on some sunscreen, crank up the Christmas carols, and let's get this midyear holiday party started!

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