Coastal Bedroom Decorating Ideas For the Summer

Summer is here, and what says summer more than a trip to the beach? With the warm sunny days, cool and refreshing water, sea shells, and unique coastal plants, beach life embodies happiness and relaxation. Then, it is no surprise that beach and coastal decorations are a go-to style for home décor during the summer months. Many design-savvy homeowners realize that beaches' relaxing nature is the perfect inspiration for a bedroom retreat and are carefully selecting an array of coastal decorations and beachy faux hanging plants for these spaces. Consider this guide your go-to tool for finding the coastal décor and artificial plants needed to make your bedroom the perfect beach oasis!

Add Dimension With Bold Tropical Plants

Tropical plants add a natural depth and texture to the room, drawing the eye to wherever they are placed in the room. Consider incorporating this natural texture into your room in features such as your wallpaper, bedding, or curtains. You can further highlight these features with the addition of a large, artificial plant to draw the eye and reinforce the natural elements of your design.

Use Neutral Tones To Promote Relaxation

Beaches are generally bright, open areas characterized by seemingly endless sand stretching onward for miles. You can recreate sandy beaches' neutral and relaxing elements by layering together neutral-toned design elements to create a soothing oasis in your bedroom. Consider mixing and matching different fabrics and textures to add depth to your monochromatic design.

Natural Wood Brings Coastal Design To Any Design

Many homeowners choose to have a neutral color palette throughout their homes, drawing especially on universally appealing white and gray tones. Adding coastal décor into your already neutral spaces can be as simple as using natural wood tones that remind you of beach grass or driftwood. Consider using woven baskets to hold artificial trees or faux hanging plants to bring the beach to your bedroom instantly.

Small Room? Use Vertical Elements To Draw The Eye Upward

Coastal decorations often feature elements that remind the viewer of coastal areas' wooden boats, decks, or other standard wooden features. Adding tall, vertical elements such as wooden slats to the wall immediately introduces coastal décor while making the room look larger overall. Consider also bringing in tall artificial trees or other plants to highlight the room's height.

Safety Doesn't Have To Sacrifice Design

Bedroom coastal décor isn't just for the adults in the home. Children can also benefit from the relaxation that comes from natural, coastal-themed decorations in their bedrooms and sleeping spaces. In addition, child-safe artificial trees and plants can be an easy way to add a touch of color and nature while avoiding introducing unsafe features into nurseries or bedrooms.

Use Decorative Pillows To Add A Pop Of Color

While neutral color palettes are often used to promote relaxation, choosing bold-colored throw pillows can be an easy way to draw blue water tones into your coastal decorations without committing to painting entire walls. Consider choosing complementary shades of blue and contrasting patterns to give a more dramatic effect.

Don't Be Afraid Of Nontraditional Colors

While many color palettes for bedroom coastal décor may draw on white, tan, and blue colors - your coastal decorations do not have to be limited to just these options! Instead, consider adding your favorite shade of pink, orange, or other tones that emphasize the warmth of the summer months. Paint a wall, choose bold bedding, or even consider adding bold-colored artificial plants to break the molds of traditional coastal decorations.

Don't Forget The Small Details

Have an existing room you want to add a subtle beach vibe to? Consider making minor changes to add a subtle coastal theme to the room. Small natural wood furniture, such as chairs or stools; throw pillows with beachy patterns, or even small artificial beach grass plants are an easy and subtle way to constantly remind the beach no matter what your overall design is!

Look For Bold Patterns Commonly Found At The Beach

Consider drawing in textiles with patterns you would expect to find in a coastal environment. For example, look at your beach towels, beach umbrellas, or swimwear designs. Finding textiles with similar patterns can be an easy and obvious way to add beach elements to your bedroom's coastal décor.

Draw Coastal Inspiration Into Multiple Design Elements

If you find a color, pattern, or texture that immediately reminds you of the beach - draw it into multiple areas of your room! Consider incorporating the same design into wallpaper, curtains, pillows or bedding, and any other design elements. This can help emphasize the beachy themes of your arrangement and make the design process simple and easy.

General Decorating Tips

No matter which design elements you choose to incorporate into your bedroom, there are a few general tips to follow that will help you capture all of the happy, relaxing feelings a day at the beach can bring. Above all, you should try to:

  • Choose Elements That Are Light And Breezy - Drawing in lightweight, floaty curtains, light-colored furniture, and neutral wall tones are the best way to give the overall airy and relaxing feeling that beaches evoke.
  • Draw In Natural-Looking Materials - Beaches are home to natural materials, including driftwood, coastal plants and grasses, and all types of wildlife and sea shells. Drawing in artificial plants and natural-looking furniture elements will ensure that these more natural elements of the beach are present in your bedroom space.
  • Add In Bold Patterns And Colors - Coastal decorations are not complete without drawing in elements to reflect the ocean and the natural water features found at the beach. Small, simple pieces with blue colors and bold patterns can immediately remove from the coast without overdoing it. Keep these bold elements small and straightforward.


how you envision your bedroom coastal décor is entirely up to your inspiration and what reminds you most of the beach. Refer to this guide for all the inspiration you need to ensure you find the coastal décor and artificial plants you need to make your bedroom the perfect beach oasis.

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