Our Favorite Coastal Home Decor Ideas For 2022

Summer is here, and coastal homes have never looked better. This year has a soft clean feel; using artificial plants, ferns, hanging baskets, and coastal decorations have never been more accessible. Hanging baskets are interspersed throughout the house as faux hanging plants add the greenery to an otherwise white pallet with a few well-chosen wooden pieces. The breeze ruffles the white curtains and stirs the gorgeous artificial maidenhair fern on the wooden table. The air is warm, and summer has finally arrived at the coastal home; here are some ideas to celebrate the season.

'We wanted to create a holiday feel at home,' said the lovely coastal homeowner. The bedroom is very plain, and we decided on some artificial ferns in verdant green to lift the color, with just a few touches of contrasting gray.

People notice how calm the home feels. And the second bedroom is no exception. Again, the white theme is still prevalent; this time, there are touches of olive green to lift the mood, and beside the bed is a glass vase with some faux eucalypt branches to complete the scene.

The all-white living room creates a blank canvas to add layers of textiles and greenery. The large potted Fiddle Leaf Fig is a welcome addition to this space, and the plant looks so real that the visitor will touch the leaves to check. On the wooden coffee table beside the magazines sits a faux Maiden Hair Fern, an old favorite for the house; the fact that it is artificial does not detract from its beauty, and it can be moved around the home as needed in different rooms.

The new bathroom contains a freestanding bath, and white tile walls allow the light to bounce around the space. A large-leafed artificial tropical plant sits in a black pot, and beside the window, an arrangement of spiky Mother in Laws tongues draws the eye. The space is fresh and clean, with plenty of light flooding through the large window that looks over the garden.

The second bathroom, mainly white, also has a standalone bath and gray towels for a touch of contrast in the new white space. A pot of white flowers is beside the tub. On the vanity sits an artificial peace Lily, adding a touch of green to the room where white predominates.

Coastal decorations extend to the kitchen, where the white theme is continued with a wall of glossy white cupboards. There are no curtains here, just plain white planter shutters that calm the space at the end of the day. The benchtops are white marble and are enhanced with a vase of artificial white flowers on the bench and another on the old wooden scrubbed table, adding a touch of color to the space.

Three green panels have been erected near the front door, making an otherwise unremarkable hallway spring to life. As soon as one enters, they catch the eye, and from the door, they look real and fresh. The panels are essential to liven an otherwise bland space and some minor family artworks.

The backyard comes alive with artificial trees and hanging plants. A small table contains some fake herbs grouped to catch the eye and glisten in the sunlight. The hanging baskets are spaced along the front of the backyard, hanging from eaves and bringing coastal vibes to the home. The area leads onto a lawn of an artificial child- and pet-friendly yard and never requires mowing or maintenance. For those with a second home by the sea, this is an essential addition, as without a lot of care real plants and lawns die off during summer while needing more care than most of us can give.

Ferns, the hanging baskets along the front mostly contain artificial ferns so life-like that they look real. They swing in the sea breeze and don't require any care. Near the front door, one on either side, place two olives in pots; olives are precisely the right shade of green to elevate the coastal decor ideas to the next level, as they work well with whites and muted hues. Thanks to the best artificial plants, the holiday feel-at-home look is coming together; there are just a few more touches to complete the project.

Light And Bright Decorating Tips

  • When renovating an older home, it is essential to let more light in. Traditionally the older home had a minimal relationship to the outside, and often a simple skylight allows the light to flood in and brighten the space. However, a better option is to open up the back of the house and install a deck. A deck is perfect for coastal decor ideas, and a stained wood deck with a couple of chairs will allow the family the ideal outdoor space to have dinner over the hot summer months.
  • Bring a wall to light with hanging ivy. Nothing enlivens the wall faster than 12 feet of trailing ivy covering the dark outside rough bricks. This is an instant transformation that will inspire the homeowner to do more. The artificial trailing ivy looks natural and requires no care.
    Purchase a Fiddle leaf Fig, get a really big one, and place it on the deck to welcome guests. The Fiddle Leaf Fig will look spectacular with its multi-toned leaves and is the perfect deck plant. Cane furniture with removable cushions will complete the coastal decorations and enable visitors to enjoy the outdoor space. Place a tray of artificial succulents on the table of the deck and no one will realize they are not the real thing.


Artificial plants and trees make the perfect coastal decor ideas for the home, as the plants all take care of themselves. Impress friends with amazingly good taste and very little money. Any color can be added with cushions and throws, lamps, and glassware. It is hard to go past the timeless beauty of white, try Dulux Vivid White to get the right look, and then add artificial plants.

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