Let your little ones roar with delight this spring by doing a little redecorating and creating a fun and creative environment for their imagination to run wild.  With the help of a few fake plants and artificial trees, you can effortlessly transform a bare nursery into a jungle-theme place of delight where cooped up children can easily escape the realities of the current times.    

While the main decorations for your baby’s room or nursery spaces might night need updating, simply by injecting verdant greenery or a hint of natural textures, you can easily revive the space without having to invest a serious budget in addition to adhering to any kind of maintenance (especially to your faux beauties!).  Whether you're looking to personalize something for a little girl or a young boy, jungle themed inspiration is always a favorite go-to for children’s bedroom décor due to its timeless cuteness, and that it allows for a lot of versatility to implement into your own decor scheme. If your home is more boho chic or you prefer a more minimalist modern approach to decor, it's easy to complement all home decor styles with the help of our selection of fake plants that will convey a natural realism wherever displayed.  

From tropical inspired fake palm trees complemented with brightly colored artificial plants, or miniature silk flower arrangement highlighted with loose sets of faux flower stems to create one-of-a-kind flower bouquets, natural looking foliage and greenery will undoubtedly help create a relaxing and comforting environment for precious little ones - allowing current working-at-home parents a little space of air while they run wild safe at home. To help give you a little inspiration on how to re-create a jungle-themed nursery on your own, we’re sharing a few of our favorite jungle-themed nurseries and how you can easily achieve the same look without having to worry about the upkeep with the real living thing. 

To create a natural border or boundary around a doorway or even cabinet, use the overgrowth of a lush looking Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant.
Soften the mood in your little boy or girl’s room with the delicate and dainty leaves of an Artificial Olive Tree.
Nurseries with Artificial Olive Tree
A loose set of Artificial Eucalyptus Stems are perfect for adding just a slight hint of freshness without going overboard on the greenery in an already tight space. 
Using the natural looking textures of an Artificial Aloe Plant you can easily fill a void space on a bare shelf. 
If you have the space, why not create an evergreen-inspired focal point with this loose set of Artificial Senecio Succulents that come in a set of three to help create something one-of-a-kind. And better yet, you can easily re-display them as you see fit!
For hard-to-reach spaces that could use a little life or a verdant focal point, spruce them up with the tendriling greens provided by An Artificial Bamboo Plant and best part - you can easily hang it to maximize the bare vertical spaces in the room!
Highlight a space you use on the daily with the verdant leaves provided by this evergreen Artificial Zamioculcas Plant that will easily transform a surface to appear clean and fresh. 
Say goodbye to a bare corner simply by placing this oversized Artificial Travelers Palm Tree with realistic looking leaves into the environment for instant freshness.
To really maximize the feel and amount of space in a room, try incorporating greenery at different levels for a realistic composition. This Artificial Pothos Hanging Plant is a great go-to as its tendriling greens give off a lifelike quality. 
Showcase a pricklier side of Mother Nature’s beauty without worrying about incidents or accidents due to sharp needles because this Artificial Cactus Plant will leave you at ease with its faux-realistic details. 
For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to Decorating Baby Nurseries with Artificial Plants

Please note all imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.



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