Creative Dorm Room Decor With Fake Plants

Now that summer is halfway over, it’s time to start thinking about Back-To-School Basics - including Dorm Room Essentials! With limited space available in customary dormitories and apartments, the need to create your own sanctuary and some privacy is crucial; so why not spruce things up with some evergreen features that will breathe life into your new home for the next few months of your adult life.  With fake greenery, not only will you eliminate weekly chores (watering, weeding, etc) and void any expenses on upkeep and replacement, but you’ll be able to welcome in year-round coziness without the hassle. Today we’re sharing five tips on how to transform your basic tile-floored dorm room into a haven from the storm they call college with the help of fake and artificial plants and flowers. 

Fake Artificial Garlands

Fake & Artificial Garlands:

Create your own garden of paradise within the confines of your dormitory with the help of an artificial garland. We love the idea of stringing several strands of an artificial sage and ivy garland over a bed to create a dreamscape canopy that will undoubtedly bring personality to boring dorm room walls and ceilings. If you're looking to showcase a hint of romance, why not showcase a mix of peonies and berries along your bed’s headboard to evoke a little femininity within your concrete walls.

The beauty of garlands is that they're versatile and add a lot of color without being too overbearing. Their low-maintenance ease of care and affordable price make them popular among college students everywhere. Because college students are away from their dorms during the summer, faux garlands are the ideal home décor accent for any college student that wants a well-decorated space without breaking the bank. Artificial garlands aren't just for the holidays; display them year-round. The best part is they can be used season after season; they're an excellent transitional piece.

Fake Artificial Hanging Plants

Fake & Artificial Hanging Plants:

If you’re really looking to escape the prison-like walls of your dormitory, why not splash some serious foliage throughout them with the help of hanging greens. Not only will it bring character into the space, but it will evoke a sense of serenity. A complementary collection of fake hanging plants might even help relax you from the confines of your college dorm.

Hanging plants are our favorite plants because they're ideal for contact spaces and don't take up too much space. Especially in a dorm, artificial hanging plants solve the issue of space and maintenance. No matter the look you're going for, you can achieve it with hanging plants because of their versatility and endless styles to choose from. We have a well-designed collection of high-quality artificial plants from ferns to string of petals and English Ivy. So if you're seeking that jungle look, align multiple hanging plants, watch your space become an oasis of green.

Fake Artificial Flower Wall

Fake & Artificial Flower Wall:

Rather than showcasing cheap posters on the wall, why not get creative by creating a one-of-a-kind flower wall with our extensive collection of loose fake flowers. Trending on Instagram, this easy-to-do project will not only add so much color to the room, but it will give the environment a taste of fresh air. The best part, you can continuously change and update the look with our seasonal-inspired sets of loose stems.

Flower power. We love flower walls. Nothing is better than creating a flower wall and hanging memories of your best college days. You could create a collage with your friends so you can always reminisce on those special moments. To create a flower wall, get a backdrop and start adding loose stems to it. We don't recommend breaking apart the silk flowers, so you don't damage the product. This is why we recommend you add them with the long stem attached; this will ensure the silk flowers last many years and can create memories even after you leave the dorm.

Fake Artificial Desktop Plants

Fake & Artificial Desktop Plants: 

For added personality and charm, why not introduce several fake desk-top sized plants that can help accentuate a space with year-round color and texture. Fake succulents (like an artificial cactus or a fake aloe plant) make great table top accents when arranged and displayed with your own personalized decor.

We all need that little friend to accompany us during those study sessions. And did you know? Nature and plants can help you concentrate and increase your well-being? Even faux plants can make you feel better. Maintaining plants might seem complicated with your busy schedule studying and having a social life; that's why artificial desktop plants are the perfect alternative for people with an on-the-go lifestyle. They never need any upkeep and look beautiful year-round; if you're looking for a last-minute present, they'll also impress any friend. You really can't go wrong with desktop plants for a dorm desk.

Fake Artificial Flower Arrangements

Fake & Artificial Flower Arrangements:

If you love the look of freshly picked flowers, why not opt for an artificial arrangement of fake flowers that will effortlessly bring color and texture to your confinement. Because fresh flowers aren’t cheap, fake flower arrangements are a great alternative as they rarely need maintaining (maybe some periodical dusting) and can add romantic charm. Now only will they put a smile on your face upon entering, but they’ll fool your friends into thinking you have the greenest thumb on the floor.

Brighten any space a lot longer with our silk flower arrangements. Nature-inspired and crafted from high-quality materials enhance any workspace without any maintenance. We recommend gorgeous blooms that compliment your existing décor. And while you're at it, why not gift your roommate a fresh arrangement as well? You can both match and even create a tablescape. If you're into DIY projects, consider making your arrangement from scratch. Look into getting some stems and a vase; you can mix and match different stems and create a truly unique display. You can't go wrong with DIYing a thoughtful piece that will last faux-ever.
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Please note all imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.

Top 10 Artificial Plants

Add hints of femininity to your home interiors with this gorgeous arrangement of artificial peonies showcasing realistic, flowering blooms beautifully displayed in a glass vase. Crafted from high-quality materials, these silk flowers will elevate your décor and brighten your space a lot longer than a fresh bouquet. Reaching 10" tall, this elegant arrangement would complement a modern bedroom or guest room.

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Sometimes, you have to go big. This hydrangea arrangement is beautiful, bold, and won't take a back seat to anything. Ideal for an area that needs some life, the soft, inviting blooms on a bed of lush greenery will undoubtedly fit the bill, while the included vase (with liquid illusion faux water) completes the picture.

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Situated in a decorative planter with a stand and topped with natural moss, the artificial agave succulent has stunning thick, lifelike green leaves extending outward and draping elegantly. This 14-inch agave can make an excellent centerpiece for a desktop table, especially when paired with other accents.

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The artificial cactus plant is a blend of a sphere and oval-shaped thick green stems. The sphere-shaped cactus, though, is nearly covered in lifelike spines. To create a southwest atmosphere in your sunroom, you can set this piece on an end table or designated plant shelf. Add another potted succulent mixture of purple and green leaves to create a unique presentation.

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Good things come in two's, and genuinely surprising things come in threes! That's the thought behind this beautiful Cymbidium silk flower arrangement. We've taken a beautiful, bright Cymbidium bloom and arranged it in a cute little vase that perfectly houses the winding stem. Then, we add another two, giving you a "triple serving of floral delight". Buy a set for your desk, and another as a gift for a sunshine-loving friend.

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With a length of 6.5 feet, the olive artificial garland comes with numerous rich green leaves that contain faux olives within the foliage. It would be a beautiful green accent piece to highlight your bed. You can then pair it with a hanging wreath for a complete arrangement.

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Sure to make a splash over any doorway or place setting, this mixed peony and berry garland offers a hint of springtime, no matter what time of year it is. With a varied selection of colorful artificial flowers and bright berry accents, this leafy selection requires no need for arranging as it already comes with a perfectly styled design. A true floral highlight for anyone, and a great gift too.

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Bountiful boxwood bundles together for a lush, green wreath arrangement. Intricately placed and finely constructed, this boxwood wreath is perfect to use year-round. Customize with black and white ribbon for a chic, farmhouse look, or place with glimmering candles for a holiday display.

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Put these trendy succulents on your desk, countertop, or side table. This set of three agave succulents looks like floating on top of their small glass vases. The shiny green leaves are spiked up and out to display their texture. Vases are filled with liquid illusions to give these small arrangements a realistic look.

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This classical artificial garland complements many style decors. With its green foliage full of lush cedar, you can enhance the beauty of any space, no matter your interiors. Garlands are perfect for covering any area that needs more color or when you want to accent a particular area of your home.

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