Decorating with Hanging Plant Baskets for the Sunny Months

Let in the light! The sunny months are here, and it’s the perfect time for a home plant refresh. As we open up the windows and start to spend more time outside, one type of especially seasonal greenery comes to mind: hanging plant baskets

Summer is synonymous with hanging plant baskets. They liven up a front porch or make the backyard dining space feel like a garden escape. And hanging plant decor isn’t just for the outdoors. They also look great in kitchen windows, in entryways, and in bathrooms. 

If you’re craving the look and feel of hanging plant decor, but don’t have a green thumb, consider artificial hanging plant baskets instead. Today’s high-quality fake plants are made to last and look like the real deal, making them the perfect solution for easy sunny month decorating. 

Benefits of artificial hanging plant baskets

So, why go artificial? More homeowners are choosing fake plants over real after experiencing their many benefits. Amateur and expert home decorators cite the following as reasons why they love their fake plants:

  • Artificial plants aren’t messy. Living plants need dirt, water, and possibly fertilizer. These items create unsightly or even damaging messes, especially if you want to keep plants indoors. Dirt can spill (or draw the attention of kids’ hands or pets’ paws), for example. Water splashes, drips, and leaves marks on furniture.

    On the other hand, fake plants leave no trace - other than the color and greenery they add to your spaces! With artificial plants, you’ll never have to worry about tracking dirt and water through your home again.

  • Artificial plants are low maintenance. Fake hanging plant decor doesn’t need to be watered, re-potted, or pruned. They also don’t need sunlight, which is helpful if you have a shaded balcony or backyard. You can even use them to decorate your home’s interior, without worrying about them failing to thrive without the sun.

    Additionally, plant parents who are frequently away from home, on business travel, for example, value not having to worry about whether or not their plants are getting enough water, or if they didn’t talk to them enough (people swear by talking to their plants!). Fake plants look just as fresh when you get home as when you left - no matter how long you’ve been away.

  • Artificial plants are cost effective. Because high-quality artificial plants like those from Nearly Natural can last for years, using them over multiple seasons will give you long term cost savings. Instead of having to buy new real plants every season, you simply pull your artificial ones out of storage whenever you’re ready to enjoy them again.

  • Artificial plants are pet safe and allergen-free. Some real plants can be toxic if ingested by your pets. For humans, allergies are sometimes a concern. Artificial plants keep everyone safe.

  • Artificial plants thrive anywhere. Live in a cold climate but want that tropical feel? Fake hanging baskets will survive in any temperature and don’t need sunlight, so you can enjoy varietals that might not otherwise be at home in your part of the country. 

  • Where to hang your artificial plant baskets


    Front Porch

    Hanging plant decor from your front porch is a great way to welcome guests (and yourself) to your home. A set of baskets evenly spaced is eye-catching and creates a homey porch. Add fairy lights to the baskets to make your porch sundowner-ready. 


    How you hang your patio plant baskets will depend on the location of your patio. If it’s right up against the house, install hooks on the wall to hold your baskets. If the space is spread away from your home or other structures, use a stand to hold one or more patio plant baskets

    Pergola or Trellis

    Pergolas and trellises are natural homes for hanging plant decor. Often, these structures will have features that make it easy to hang baskets without needing additional hardware. Decorate your pergola like you would a front porch, with a set of evenly spaced baskets. For the trellis, create a plant wall by hanging multiple baskets in a tight grouping. 


    Use Hanging plant baskets to turn your balcony into a garden oasis retreat. Baskets can hang from the balcony railing, or from hooks attached to the balcony walls. Another idea is to get a small hanging plant stand to hold and highlight your balcony baskets. And remember that artificial plants will look great even on balconies that don’t get direct sunlight. 


    It would be a mistake to think that hanging plant decor is only for use outside the home. Hanging plant baskets look great indoors as well! 

    In the kitchen, for example, ceiling or wall hooks hold plant baskets near dining areas to give the feeling of dining on an outdoor patio. The kitchen windowsill is also a good spot for hanging small baskets. Your kitchen window doesn’t get direct sunlight? No problem! Artificial plants don’t need the sun, and can even brighten up a space that lacks significant natural light. 


    Turn your bathroom into a zen, spa-like getaway with hanging plant baskets. Frame your bathroom mirror with a matching plant set, using plant wall hook extenders to secure and extend their reach. Hanging plants even look great inside the shower, and with artificial plants, you don’t have to worry about a lack of sunlight or too much watering! 

    Don’t hang them - place them!

    Just because they’re called hanging plant baskets, doesn’t mean you have to literally hang them. Think of the basket as just another plant pot, and place your baskets anywhere that need a splash of color or greenery. 

    Arrange patio plant baskets in a corner of your outdoor dining area to help delineate the space. Plant baskets also look great placed on railings, window sills, or on the ground or on column stands or benches. Or, use them to frame an entryway door. Just place a series of plants in a row on the front steps or on each side of the door to give your home’s curb appeal an instant summer lift.

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