DIY Tips For Your Artificial Olive Tree

Congratulation on your new olive tree. We know you’re excited about the latest addition to your home décor, and for a good reason. The artificial olive tree instills the essence of the Meditteranean into any space with its light, thin and airy design. So while you’re fauxling in love with your new beauty, you might already be thinking about a few new DIY projects to tackle straight from the source. Because we love seeing how you DIY your artificial olive trees, why not get inspired and try one of these awesome DIY ideas submitted by customers just like you. So feel confident, get closer to nature and create the olive tree of your dreams. Follow along to see more design inspiration from our wonderful customers. These tips can be applied to other faux trees as well, so feel free to spread the love.

1. Add more branches

Some people love minimalist-inspired faux olive trees, while others enjoy a lusher and verdant look. If you’re on the latter side, a fun DIY idea – is to add faux olive branches with natural olive fruits in different colors for a realistic look. As a disclaimer, we don’t recommend drilling holes into the faux trunk as this can damage the item; this is why we advocate for using a sticky tag or another way to attach the faux branches to the trunk. We say this because some of our trunks are actually crafted from wood, so we don’t want that gorgeous wood to get ruined by a DIY gone wrong. So stay on the safe side instead and have one less worry.

2. Add more moss

One of the best-kept secrets of interior designers – is that to make fake plants look real – you can mix them with natural elements. We know many of you might feel a bit spy about adding faux plants in your space because of the stigma surrounding the use of artificial greenery. To add faux moss, you’ll need to place your olive tree in a planter. After, to increase the height of your tree, consider adding newspaper under the planter; you will need to spread the newspaper across the top of the planter to serve as a placeholder for moss. Once this step is done, spread the faux moss sporadically across the top of the planter.

3. Add fake soil

There’s different ways of adding fake soil to your faux olive tree. We will explore two ways to make this happen without breaking the bank. One of the easiest ways is by setting your artificial tree in a planter and adding faux soil until it fills the planter. Another lengthier way includes adding a cardboard piece in the size of the planter; as a barrier between the faux soil and the nursery planter, your tree came in. Some people prefer this method as it’s a bit cleaner and easier for when you want to change for a newer pot. However, we recommend option two as it’s better for transitioning seasons.

4. Change planter

Throughout the seasons, you might feel a bit more bored of your current décor, since the environment elicits feelings and alters out well-being, it’s easy to get lost in the transitions. This is why we recommend a budget-friendly solution to this by changing your planter throughout the year. Not only will you feel closer to nature, but you can welcome outdoor elements using this simple trick. For the holidays, consider a more festive vessel for a fun DIY.

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