Fake Plants That Look Real - Decor and Styling Tips

Interested in buying a fake plant but can’t decide which looks the most real? Our extensive collection of high-quality artificial plants can easily cater to various home decor schemes while evoking a sense of faux-ever lasting freshness. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate mac-daddy of fake plants, each of faux flora Real Touch creations are specifically designed from the finest materials to create a life-likeness that is so real, it’s hard to distinguish it from its living and breathing relatives; from lifelike textures to naturally occurring coloration, the realness of our Real Touch plants are undoubtedly some of the most lifelike replicas available on the market - just ask our customers or check out the reviews! Today we’re sharing our top favorite real touch plants (by budget) that we guarantee will have your houseguests wondering how you’ve managed to magically grow a green thumb overnight.

Real Touch Plants & Trees Under $100
    Real Touch Plants & Trees Between $100 - $200

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    Can I get one of the Christmas Trees without lights? I’m looking for something that can be put in a spot outside, in Colorado, that would look like it is planted there. I’m thinking a 5’ or 6’ and a 3’ or 4’. I don’t want a skinny one that looks pruned. Thank you for your help.

    Dorothy Billingham

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