How to Decorate for Fall 2022

The season is changing. The weather is starting to drop, the leaves are changing color, and it's time to bring your sweater from hibernation. As you finally peep back into your rhythm for autumn, you might be left wondering, when is the perfect time to decorate for fall? Don't worry if you haven't started; there is no correct answer; it depends on whenever you feel comfortable and ready to start changing your décor. Many of you might be here because you're interested in learning more about designing a cohesive, well-thought-of space without breaking the bank. The good news is that no matter your style, you can refresh your home as much or little as you want with harvest décor. If you're scared of a bit of color, there are many-layered, rustic, and neutral-colored fall décor ideas that we will explore. On the other hand, if you're looking for a more colorful look, fall-inspired faux trees are the perfect fall home décor accent that can help you transition into the new season. Learn more about how to decorate for fall while living in a well-designed space with our interior designer-approved tips and fall products.

Things to Consider

Before you start decorating, you should consider some things to ensure you're designing a well-curated space. According to our interior designers, before you start going all out, establish a budget for your new fall home décor. Surprise. Not the most exciting but a critical step before having to return items. Once you set a budget, here are the top 2 picks that most interior experts agree.

1. Choose a space to add your new items

We know the struggle. You see a fall décor item you love, then rush to the checkout cart, only to realize you have no use for it. So before you even start shopping around for fall decorations, remember first to choose a spot in need of a harvest touch. For example, the kitchen and the bathroom have conditions that make each one unique. Plus, they have different dimensions you need to be aware of. This is why it's essential first to determine a space that needs a refresh; it will save you time looking for décor.

2. Determine the correct size

Once you pinpoint a spot where to place your new fall decorations, determine the correct size; for example, if you've been eyeing an autumn-inspired faux tree, consider the size of your ceilings and the dimensions of the item relative to your existing furniture. For example, a 4" faux maple tree will look great in a space with lower ceilings, such as an apartment, dorm, or townhouse, but might not look proportional in a room with high ceilings that has more oversized furniture, unless you need to accent a corner.

Decorating Fall Colors and Themes

Perhaps some of the world's most recognizable colors in the wild are the magnificent hues of the fall foliage. Now you can bring the outdoors in literally – without a green thumb. Here are the top autumnal colors; some of them might surprise you. Let these hues guide you through creating a harvest-inspired palette straight from nature.

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Brown
  6. Grey
  7. Purple
  8. Pastel White
  9. Blue
  10. Burgundy

Once you establish a color palette, consider your theme. Try to choose a scheme that blends with your existing décor and can enhance the features of your area. You're trying to instill color without it taking away from the room's theme; the goal is to create harmony and balance that flows throughout the space. Here are some styles to consider for fall.

1. Farmhouse

While farmhouse might be one of the most popular styles of the season, even if you're not a fan, there's a lot you can implement of this selection. For example, consider adding more wood, warm touches.

2. Rustic

Creating a cozy, well-lived space is all about creating balance, and with rustic, you can apply dark finishes in hardware while accenting with wooden finishes. Introduce a bit of fall by adding grass twig-like wreaths.

3. Traditional

Even in traditional, regal spaces, you can introduce hints of fall by adding some faux loose stems in a vase. This allows you to keep your formal area while adding a festive touch; it's a marriage of festive cheer and traditional décor.

4. Minimalist

For those that are more on the clean-looking aesthetic, transitioning seasons might be a daunting task. Still, you can quickly achieve the look by decorating with soft touches subtly and strategically. As they say, less is more. We recommend loose stems.

5. Boho

Free-spirits rejoice. You can also add harvest touches that blend with existing décor. For example, consider adding a faux garland or loose stems to an egg chair.


Fall Living Room Decor

Bring the season's most spectacular colors, textures, and foliage in your home's living room. Add these indoor fall decorations to your coffee table, fireplace mantel, window ledges, and more for a cozy autumn-inspired home. Bring the hues of the season in literally with fall-inspired faux plants and create your dream set up.

Decorating Living Room Fall Colors

For colors, remember always to choose hues that match your existing décor because fall is only for a few months out of the year; it's essential not to make any significant changes in your space. This is why artificial plants are the perfect fall accent for bringing the outdoor in – without any maintenance; you can reuse year after year without the worry of completely changing your home décor.

Farmhouse Living Room Fall Decor

Create a dreamy, fall-inspired farmhouse with these top picks, curated just for you by our interior designers.

1. Add rustic, distressed accents

Try adding distressed accents around the living room in empty spaces in need of a festive touch. Some examples are jugs, picture frames, and wall décor.

2. Consider wooden accents

There's no better way to instill warm, cabin-like vibes than with wooded accents or finishes that add depth and texture to spaces. For example, if you have a wooden table, add a small faux cedar or loose stems for a fall touch.

3. Decorate your walls

When you lack space but still want to bring the beautiful colors of the fall faux-liage indoors, you can accent bare walls with an expertly crafted fall garland and wreath. So easy to hang, invite the rich tones of the season year after year.

Fall Fireplace Decor

Nothing sounds better than a cozy cup of tea next to the fireplace while cuddling with a blanket. You've seen all the fall-inspired fireplaces on social media. Now you can recreate this cozy look easily with fall fireplace décor. These are the top fall accents to transform your fireplace into a sweeping display of color.

1. Harvest Wreath

If you have the space, hang a wreath about the fireplace, especially if you're looking for a bit more color. The fire matches the colors of the season adding harmony throughout the room. This wreath even has LED lights for more coziness.

2. Add Pumpkins

No fall décor guide is complete without the classical trademark of the season, pumpkins. And what better space to accent with pumpkins than the fireplace? So add a few directly on top of the mantel, along with two lanterns on each side.

3. Neutral Colored Blooms

If you love flowers but lack the time for care, one of our favorite fall décor ideas is to spread loose blooms sporadically on the mantel. You can also add the stems in a vase or create a DIY arrangement if you prefer.

Rustic Fall Living Room Decor

Showcase the best of the season in one of the most trafficked areas in the whole home. The space where you gather with family to relax, you want it to feel cozy. The best part? The living room is a blank canvas that you can decorate into a welcoming palette with every fall shade. Get inspired by these well-decorated spaces.

1. Add accents with warm undertones

If you're more on the minimalist and Scandinavian side of design, consider accenting your living room with accents that can blend with wooden, brown ones. For example, you can add cozy blankets and rustic-inspired pillows to baskets. Accent the look with some mini, dimly lit faux cedars.

2. Add greenery in different planters

Now that you have a color palette in mind, an easy and low-cost way to refresh your home is by changing the planter or vase your greenery is housed in. First, consider adding them to planters with rustic and warm undertones. Then, once fall is over, you can repot the foliage in another pot that matches the season.

Fall Bathroom Decor

The bathroom is one of the best spaces for showcasing the sweeping colors of the season. Think about it; you could add a cozy cinnamon candle during your next self-care day. Nothing is more relaxing than welcoming the exotic colors of the outdoors in. Sometimes decorating bathrooms can seem complicated but introducing hints of the season is easier than you imagined. Explore our top bathroom fall accents that help you swing into fall.

Vintage calligraphy and old world stamps overlay this textured leaf print. Soft, neutral colors and weathered wood combine to give this piece a rustic, romantic feel. Hang the print in a collage of family photographs, or place atop the fireplace mantel for a year-round display for added height and dimension. Print includes frame.
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This Brushed metal flower sconce candle holder will have you saying flower power. Inspired by nature, this metal wall décor mimics flowers' beauty with the intricate detailing found throughout, from the leaves to the center. It will capture the eyes of all that lay eyes on her. With dimensions of 30" X 30" hang in any bare wall. Perfect for lonely walls that need a little cultivating.
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Bursting with color, large Dahlia blooms bundle together for a timeless arrangement, perfect for a fall display or kitchen centerpiece. Crafted with intricate detail to design, each petal is constructed to mimic a true Dahlia flower. Pair with faux fruit or decorative boxes for a complete look. Comes with a faux water vase with stones.
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Minimal Decor

Sprinkle hints of seasonal charm without compromising your clean aesthetic by replacing existing pillows, planters, and accessories with some accents that complement the vivid colors of fall. Instead, you don't have to change your design scheme entirely but subtly add elements to maintain that clean and well-put together look.

1. Consider fall accessories

When we imagine the picturesque fall, we often envision flannels, plaid, and solid warm colors. Just as in fashion, you can inject those cozy patterns with blankets and pillows throughout the home, especially in the living room. For a cohesive look, pair a patterned decorative throw pillow with two solid colors.

2. Add sculptural planters

An affordable way to quickly spruce up your space at an affordable price is to change your planters for some that blend with the season. Since minimalist décor is usually less clutter, you can still maintain the look by replacing existing décor and swapping for seasonal ones.

3. Hang a garland to a nook

Create the ultimate reading nook for those cozy mornings. Add an autumn garland next to a sofa and watch the space come to life. Even if you prefer less, refresh your area quickly.

Fall Bedroom Decor

Get inspired when you wake up every morning and feel the spirit of the season in your sacred space. For the bedroom, we recommend adding faux maple trees bedside for harmony. Welcome every new day to a sight of breathtaking colors and textures that inspire you to live a fulfilling life. But if you're itching for another DIY project, why not consider cute fall décor for bedrooms for kids. Keep them busy by creating DIY projects in their bedroom.

Top fall-inspired artificial trees for the bedroom

If you love the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Fall, fall in love with this Autumn-inspired Fiddle Leaf Fig artificial tree. Inspired by nature, large glossy fiddle leaf fig leaves, in a palette of fall foliage colors, bring leaf peeping to your home. Assembled in the USA from high-quality materials, inject magnificent colors into your space to signal the start of a new season. Standing 6' from a nursery planter, DIY and pair with your favorite planter. House in any area that needs a pop of color.
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Remind yourself of the most spectacular foliage in the world with this Maple Artificial Tree. Inspired by the Northeast's landscape, bring the fall foliage home by injecting vivid colors in your space with these lifelike maple leaves assembled from high-quality materials. Standing 6' from a nursery planter (included in height), house in any compact area. Perfect for Thanksgiving, living rooms or a fall-inspired room.
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Embrace the power of the Eucalyptus with this Eucalyptus Artificial Tree. Inspired by the magnificent fall foliage, set the scene during the season at your next dinner party. Assembled from high-quality materials, soft-textured leaves have naturally occurring details and variegated patterns throughout. Sparse by design, the thin trunk adds drama; feel free to shape the branches to fit in your space. Standing 6' from a nursery planter, DIY, and house in a planter of your choice. Perfect for a corner, dinning table or living room.
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Master Bedroom Fall Decor

Keeping cozy under the covers is one of our favorite ways to spend fall. Not too comfortable, though, you still want to get out of bed every morning to experience the best of the day and to tackle that to-do list. But for lazy Sundays spent in bed, you can't go wrong with our tips.

1. Layer the Bed

As the weather starts to drop, you'll want to keep warm and comfy during the night. We recommend a heavy duvet or throw blankets to accent your space. For example, look for a solid-colored duvet, then accent with plaid, neutral-colored fall decorative pillows for some depth and cohesiveness.

2. Use baskets as storage

You've seen the latest trend on social media, where many people use jute and rustic baskets as storage for throw pillows and blankets. Consider adding a few baskets in the master bathroom that you can use to store small items.

3. Add artificial trees to your bedside

Add two artificial autumn-inspired eucalyptus trees next to the bed, one on each side for a bit more color. Then, once fall is over, you can store your artificial tree and use it year after year.

Fall Table Decor

Set the table for the most inspiring Thanksgiving dinner alongside your family. If you're hosting this year, don't stress, there might be added pressure to go over the top and decorate like never before, but remember that it's entirely up to you how much you'd like to add to your space.

Fall Dining Room Table Decor

The good thing about Thanksgiving décor is that you can recycle and use it throughout the fall season, as the colors are similar. Typically to create a tablescape, you will need faux garlands and flowers to layer in the table. Once you've added your flowers, continue by placing the china and flower centerpiece arrangements in the middle of the table. Learn how to create a dreamy tablescape with tips from social media influencers that you can easily recreate and get the look. These are our top fall décor tips for a beautiful display of fall colors. Don't forget about the food, that is the best part.

Things you will need:

Olive Garland

Magnolia Faux Tree

Apple Pie and Cider

Silk Hydrangea

Layered china

Fall Coffee Table Decor

Consider a centerpiece that brings the room together for those little nooks that are so cozy and need a bit of color. Typically coffee tables tend to be on the smaller side, and it's essential to choose the correct sized centerpiece, so you don't lose too much real estate. So here are our top looks for a fall-inspired coffee table.

1. Add loose stems to a vase

Tackle a DIY project, use an existing vase or pick a new one and add fall-inspired stems. The choice is yours, mix and match with different branches or stick to one color palette. As a tip, pick one with warm undertones, and that transitions throughout the whole season.

2. Soften the look with an artificial olive tree

You've seen it before everywhere on social media; it's a favorite among social media influencers and interior designers. Our faux olive tree will brighten any area and blend with fall-inspired colors. So if you're looking for another way to inject color into your room, the fake olive tree will not disappoint, no matter your style décor.

Fall Kitchen Decor

The kitchen is an area where many of us spend time with the family cooking. Just like our recipes, the vegetables, and foods we eat change depending on the seasons. We might skip al-fresco dinners and opt for more intimate days cooking by the kitchen. This is why the kitchen needs to reflect these changes.

Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen wall décor is an easy way to spruce up your space without taking up too much real estate, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. As a rule of thumb, remember to measure your space beforehand and pick a room in the kitchen that needs a bit of color; that way, you can avoid returns. Here's our top 3 wall décor accents.

Update your favorite home decor accents while adding a hint of natural beauty to your home or office entrance with this artificial wreath intricately designed with glossy, overlapping maple leaves in fall colors, highlighted throughout with different textures ranging from berries and pinecones. A charming, festive accent that evokes Southern charm and elegance, this 24" in diameter decorative wreath would undoubtedly transform a bare wall or doorway with its forever lasting beauty.
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Contemporary design meets modern color. Bring visual interest to a bare wall with this Ripley Metal Wall Art Décor. A contrast of different sized plants brings drama and texture with a medley of different finishes. This elegant piece will light up any room and become the focal point. With dimensions of 3' X 2', cover up a bare wall with artistic flair. Perfect for contemporary, modern, or sophisticated home decors.
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Welcome to the future with this modern multi-dimension metal wall art décor. Plates in different finishes are accented by a brass ball in the middle, perched on top is a sputnik like design. The metal complements the brass hardware, creating a focal point for all that set eyes on this 3D artistic piece. With dimensions of 3.5 X 2', house in any space that needs a refined touch. Perfect for contemporary, modern, and upscale decors.
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Kitchen Table Decor

Give those countertops a modern upgrade. Spread seasonal colors to complement your existing silverware and appliances. Get inspired to add greenery to your space that complements the natural elements of the season.

The artificial sunflower berry arrangement features a diverse mixture of bright yellow sunflowers, faux red berries, and foliage that differs in coloring. All these elements encircle a simple, elegant black candelabrum. You can draw attention to this piece by placing it near eye level on a living room’s mantelpiece, bookcase, or plant shelf. Settle your black vases and other vintage ornaments beside it for a complete look.
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Set the scene this fall with a Harvest Artificial Arrangement Candelabrum. Cozy up those chilly nights to the sight of some maple leaves while lighting up your favorite candle. Display during Thanksgiving or dinner parties for an intimate setting.
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Three black candelabrums stand out as accent pieces against the surrounding red, green, and orange maple leaves. Place this elegant ornament on a single dresser or small bookshelf to bring light to the corners of your room.
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