Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

The living room is a relaxed place where the whole family gathers on many occasions throughout the year. Keeping the farmhouse living room looking its best can be hard work, but with a few simple floral arrangements it will 'shine'. Then, of course, the focus turns to the walls, especially over the fireplace which can look a bit bare.

Farmhouse Living Room Wall Decor

As the family grows, the emphasis is on making the room look more prominent, and the best way to achieve this is to use a huge mirror. For this makeover, a square mirror is best. It will be significant with a wooden frame and hang above the fireplace. This is a trick used by interior designers to reflect the space, making it look larger and brighter; by simply doing this, the room seems half as large again.

Once the mirror is up, the next step is to invest in some Nearly Natural plants, as this is the only brand that is trusted by top interior designers and influencers, alike, to provide the best faux foliage for a reasonable price. The aim is for the farmhouse to look sleek and updated without losing its rustic charm.

1. Artificial Monstera Plant In White Pot

To make a statement for summer, nothing is more admirable than a Monstera, so place one at either end of the mantlepiece to set off the mirror. The artificial Monsteras are pretty large in white pots and set the mirror off to the best advantage. They are also included in the reflection, adding greenery to the room. The faux plants look symmetrical without being too formal, striking the right balance for the farmhouse living room.

2. Artificial Green Chandelier

Under a strategic downlight, place the green chandelier on the other side of the room. At its best, this is plant wall art with ferns and plants cascading out of the base and down the wall. The luxurious green looks amazingly fresh and will lift the room for a special occasion.

3. The Artificial Birds Nestplant

This plant looks very real with broad flat leaves and comes in lovely little pots. Purchase two round side tables for either end of the couch, perfect for holding a glass. Then order two artificial Bird's Nest Plants, one for each table, they are an inspirational choice, and everyone will admire them, as they look genuine.

4. Cycas Plant

No room is complete without a fern. This ancient-looking Cycas plant is ideal for just inside the door. It is a bold-looking dark green plant in a pot and gives a quaint farmhouse look like the 50s. Although it is artificial, no one would ever guess, that all Cycas plants tend to look fake.

5. Artificial Eucalyptus And Berry Bush

This will make a fantastic table decoration. Place it in an art deco vase on the table for all to admire. It is a well-thought-out centerpiece looking very realistic in a lovely soft green reflecting the particular soft tone of eucalypts. Many home décor enthusiasts in social media flock to the eucalyptus for its’ nice design.

6. Large Red Cordyline

No farmhouse entrance is complete without a Red Cordyline. So on the hall table near the front door. It comes in a sizeable sand-colored pot and will make a fantastic statement at the entrance to the home. But, once again, this plant does not look artificial.

7. Artificial Laurel Trellis

On a summer night with the French Doors open leading into the garden, what could be more beautiful than the artificial Laurel Trellis. It makes the perfect screening wall for prying neighbors, providing privacy and stunning wall decor ideas for everyone.

8. Artificial Kangaroo Paws

The Kangaroo Paws are exceptional in providing a talking point for guests; they come in pots and can be placed just outside the French doors as they are an outside pot plant. They add a pretty pink dash of color, and everyone will ask what they are.

9. Hanging Plants, The Artificial Premade Hanging Basket Woven With Pothos Plant

To give the party some extra glamour, such a pretty plant hanging out of its basket can be hung somewhere in the farmhouse living room. The good thing about this plant is that you can move it around, and it doesn't have to stay in one place. So it also makes the perfect gift for a friend.

10. Artificial Geranium Bush

For those wanting a splash of color, try the gorgeous red Geranium Bush. This can be hung from a wall lacking color, maybe just inside the farmhouse living room door. It looks real like all the other plants, adding a Mediterranean color to the room. All the plants have been chosen to give a farmhouse feel and complement one another. The lovely thing about greenery is that it never goes out of fashion and will look perfect in the living room.

11. The Bird Of Paradise Plants

These are big artificial plants in pots, and once upon a time, when everyone had a piano and gathered around it to sing, the Bird of Paradise plants were a must to set the farmhouse room ambiance and the tone for the evening. So if planning a special celebration for a 50th wedding anniversary, the Bird of Paradise is a must to set the scene for a bygone era.


With the almost natural plants, you can't go wrong, and if the space is huge, bring in some Nearly Natural trees, like olives, to give a summer feel to the gathering. The trees are outdoor plants and can be removed outside later until needed again.

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