Fireplace Spring Decor Tips & Product Essentials

The fireplace becomes redundant for another year when spring comes, as winter is shrugged off and the warmer weather settles around the house. This is the cue that everyone has waited for. Fortunately, there are so many ideas for decorating and giving the home some fireplace spring decor items & ideas that will beautify the area right through until fall begins. Once again, the fireplace is in use.

Spring Fireplace Decorations to Beautify Your Fireplace (and Mantel)

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The Boxwood Topiary is perfect for either side of the fireplace, and the lush hanging green arrangement is so lifelike that visitors will think it is real. They can stand on the hob, in front of brickwork, one on each side, bringing the outdoors in and giving symmetry. Pairs of topiary always look better, and they will be identical in style and shape. That is the look the decorator is aiming for.

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At this point, it is a good idea to add some color and erect the wreath in the center of the fireplace, precisely between the two Topiary plants. The white and purple flowers and berries will bring the feel of spring into any room. Then, when fall comes, all that has to be done is dust it and put it away for next year. If the fireplace is in the dining room, there is quite a lot that can be done to prepare the space for spring and summer; one idea is a green wall opposite the fireplace.

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This gorgeous ivy in its stone planter has small delicate green leaves draping over the side. It is perfect to place on the hearth as it is 20 inches and compact in size, making it a good fit with any narrow surface. In addition, the green is remarkably fresh and lovely to add that special touch of spring to the room. It can also be placed on a side table and lit from behind, as it is a unique plant that should be highlighted for spring decor.

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Weaving an Olive Garland is another way to welcome spring, and Nearly Natural has done all the hard work for the buyer. The Garland can be placed on the door to welcome guests to the house during spring.

The gray-green leaves, 2-3 in. long (5-7 cm), are silvery beneath and beautiful through the seasons. Very small, white, fragrant flowers appear on axillary stems in summer. This Garland looks fresh and natural, and the good thing about Olive foliage is that it goes with everything.

No fireplace spring decor is complete without an Olive Garland or an Olive in a pot by the couch, to welcome spring. Also, if the children have an end-of-year Nativity play, Olive Garland can be used as a headdress for each of the three wise men, so order a few for the dress-up box before they become hard to get.

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Nearly Natural Silk Tulips have to be seen to be believed and will play a part in the fireplace spring decor. To showcase these gorgeous tulips to the best effect, purchase some clear vases, two for the mantlepiece and two for other rooms. They look so real that people touch them to see what they feel like. When in vases on the mantlepiece, they will look so genuine that they won't be connected, and everyone will feel happy because once tulips are out, spring is here.

When beautifying our fireplace and mantelpiece for spring lifts the spirits of everyone who enters. The psychological impact of the change of season and preparing for it should never be underestimated. In ancient England, festivals were held to usher in spring, and one of these was dancing around the maypole in May, accompanied by other Spring welcoming festivities. So celebrating the season is not new.

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