Freshening Up Outdoor Spaces with Artificial Topiary Trees

If you’re looking to up your curb appeal this season but don’t want to deal with the hassle of continual maintenance, why not opt for an ornamental plant that will not only accent your space in a natural way but help create an appealing entry to your home or business. A great way to do this is by incorporating a hint of fresh-looking greenery that won’t require your ongoing assistance; that’s why we recommend freshening up outdoor spaces with artificial topiary trees!  

Great for framing an entrance or simply adding a presence of fresh-looking evergreens, choose from a wide range of species (boxwood, cedar, cypress, oh my!), heights, shapes, and even planters! From the unique double spiraling topiary to the signature, single sphere ball or the typical everyday cone-shape, each offer a way to fill spaces with a sense of natural beauty, whilst creating a fresh, natural looking environment.  

Faux-ever fresh and incredibly lifelike, each of our artificial topiary trees are intricately designed to convey the most lifelike rendition of these helpful, decorative trees. Better yet, in addition to no upkeep required, we offer a selection of UV Resistant topiaries, allowing you the opportunity to display it in full view of the neighborhood, without fearing damage from the natural elements.  Today we’re running through just a few of these helpful decorative trees and how you can easily showcase them throughout your home-scapes.  

Cone Shaped Topiary Trees

Cone Shaped Artificial Topiary Trees

If you prefer your home decor remain elegant and sophisticated all year-round, why not opt for one of the most classic shapes of artificial topiary trees: the cone-shaped.

Spiraling Artificial Topiary Trees

Spiraling Artificial Topiary Trees

For those who like to incorporate a hint of high-end allure, opt for an interesting yet attractive spiraling topiary tree in various heights. 

Sphere-Like Artificial Topiary Trees

Multi-Spheres Artificial Topiary Trees

Elevate outdoor spaces with multi-sphere topiary trees that can easily offer vibrant color and incredibly realistic (and perfectly trimmed!) faux-liage. 

Multi-Tiered Artificial Topiary Trees

Tier Leveled Artificial Topiary Trees

For an added dimension and truly eye-catching, creating an alluring facade to your home with the help of a multi-tiered topiary tree that adds dimension as well as texture to outdoor environments. 

Solo Spheres Artificial Topiary Trees

Solo-Spheres Artificial Topiary Trees

Great for both outdoor spaces as well as indoor, solo-sphered topiary trees are great for adding just the right amount of everlasting greenery.

For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to Transitional Topiary Trees. If you're in the market for additional trees head over to our 2020 fake trees collection.

Please note all imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.

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