Front Door Christmas Wreath Decor Ideas

Here at Nearly Natural, we know that you want your decor to dazzle your guests. So we have several ways to help you make your decor special and exciting. Not only do we carry artificial xmas trees for sale, but we also carry a collection of Christmas ornaments and Christmas wreaths for your front door. We want to help make your holidays merry and bright, and know that your family and friends will appreciate the festive atmosphere of your home. The very first impression of your home is your front entryway. Let's look at some Christmas wreath ideas for your home that will help to set the stage for your holiday decor!

One way to really make your decor pop is to use non-traditional colors for accessories such as ribbons and ornaments. These peach ribbons add a festive touch without being too stuffy or traditional. Paired with the mixed greens in the wreath, we have a look that's exciting and different, and can be carried throughout the winter season. This look is great for people who are bored with traditional reds and greens, but still enjoy being festive and fun. Choose a color that matches your interior, and bring it through your outdoors and indoors decorations for a pulled-together look.

In this next look, we paired a more rustic aged brass and burlap look with some dark mixed greens. This look really brings home the natural look, but without appearing too boring or stuffy. The brass bells hearken back to traditional decor, but are aged to look like they've been used for years of family celebrations. This look is for people who want their decor to invoke images of the natural world around them, and want to bring that nature into their homes. Using colors like brown and aged brass help to tie the decor into your home's interior as well.

This is another natural look, where the greenery is the star of the show. Here, we have artificial snow-tipped pinecones mixed with dark greens to make the materials seem hand-gathered and fresh from the forest. When paired with some bright red berries and the simple black lanterns, the look is traditional, yet natural, and feels like the homeowner put a lot of personal care and effort into their decor. If you'd like your decor to look forest fresh, this is the look for you!

Is there any color more closely associated with Christmas than bright, crimson red? In this look, that red is used to its fullest with glossy red and silver ornaments against a snow-flocked greenery and pinecones. The red velvet ribbon completes the look, and the red berries add that extra touch of drama. This wreath is so festive, it doesn't even need any other decor on the porch. This look is perfect for the homeowner who wants to bring out the joy and festivity of the holiday using dramatic color and deluxe materials.

This look is rustic and charming, with a healthy dose of country elegance. The red ribbons bring together the look, matching the wreaths with the trees, the bright poinsettias, and the candle lanterns. The pine boughs look hand-collected and are a charming reminder of Christmases past, when families would hunt through the snowy forests to find their decorations for the season. This is a family-friendly look, welcoming and comforting, and would be great for people who want their decor to seem playful and fun.

This next look is simple and elegant with a less traditional material. While we see a lot of holly around the holidays, a wreath made completely of holly is unusual and exciting. With the color of the leaves matched with bright red berries, you don't even need any extra decorations like ribbons or ornaments. It's striking on its own! This wreath is perfect for those who want to keep a traditional look, but using a different material. This look is for homeowners who love simple, but impactful, decor.

In this look, the greenery is the star of the show. The mixed greens give us a natural, but intriguing look, especially with the mixed sizes and colors of the leaves in the wreaths and the swag over the door. The look is so dramatic and interesting, that the only embellishment needed is a simple white ribbon. The symmetry here is unusual too, as the swag on one side is balanced with the trees on the other side, giving it a non-traditional warmth that will wow your guests. This look is perfect for homeowners who want to bring rustic decor into their homes with a fresh, new take.

Next, we see a look that combines traditional elements such as bells and ribbons with non-traditional colors. Black and dark green are used here to give this look an elegance that is understated and different from the typical red and green Christmas decor. The depth of the colors here suggest an upscale, luxurious holiday, filled with classical elements with a twist. This look is for people who want a chic opulence for their holiday decor. This would also be a great look for city-dwellers who want their decor to stand out.

This next look is traditional and classic. Why change what works? The flocked greenery, paired with the classic red ribbon and brass bell invoke scenes of Christmases past with an elegant simplicity. The red ties into other elements of the porch decor to bring the look together, and the mixed greenery of the wreath and the trees keep everything from being too stuffy. This is a classic, but whimsical, look that is great for families with children that want to pass along their memories of Christmas.

Thank you so much for enjoying these various Christmas wreath ideas for your home with us. Here at Nearly Natural, we strive to help you bring the warmth and joy of the season to your home and to your family. Your holiday look should reflect your family's personality, and we would love to help you with that! Happy holidays, and may your season be merry and bright.

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