Get Your Home or Office Ready for Spring with Artificial Olive Wreaths

One popular plant for indoor decorating is the olive tree. Smart decorators who want to add serenity to their rooms can purchase faux olive wreaths. A silk olive tree's stately, silver-green leaves can provide a focal point for a living room or office. However, it is also the ideal backdrop for a beautiful wreath.

As spring gets closer, you should dress up your artificial olive wreaths to add to the spring spirit in your home. Here are some ideas to help you usher in the spring season:

1. Mossy Nest Wreath

To make the wreath, buy eight small aluminum tart tins. Cut small openings in the bottoms of the tins. You will also need an olive branch wreath, silver ribbon, small fake bird eggs or egg-shaped candies, and super glue. Wind the ribbon around the wreath at 1-2-inch intervals. As you wind the ribbon, pass it through the bottoms, so the tins open outward from the wreath. You can also use a longer ribbon to hang the wreath. Glue the faux moss onto the bottom of the tins and glue the eggs on top of the moss.

2. Egg Carton Wreath

For this, you need two empty egg cartons. Ideally, you should use cartons from two different sizes of eggs. Cut the egg cups from the cartons and notch them to look like flowers. Paint the cups from one carton with a dark pink color; paint the cups of the other cartons light pink. Once the paint is dry, glue the cups to the wreath.

3. Fairy Garden Wreath

The top of this fake olive wreath remains undecorated. Trim the bottom of the wreath, so the leaves are close to the center. Cover the bottom of the wreath with a rectangular piece of faux moss. For the bottom of the wreath, glue a miniature house (purchased from a craft store; about 1/3 height of the wreath), a small fairy doll, and a miniature mushroom. You could also sprinkle some miniature fake flowers through the moss.

4. Rustic Spring Wreath

For this wreath, take a wooden wagon wheel (or make a wagon wheel from foam or other materials), and glue (or otherwise secure) about one-third of an olive wreath to the left-hand part of the wheel. You can add small fake flowers on the leaves and place a miniature metal watering can on the other side of the wreath.

5. Forsythia Wreath

You need just two or three things for this wreath: an artificial olive wreath, some artificial forsythia branches, and craft wire. Wind the forsythia branches through the olive wreath and secure the forsythia with craft wire. If you like, add a large yellow bow to the top of the wreath to hang it.

If you're looking for some imaginative places to display artificial wreaths this spring, here are some ideas:

1. Under a chandelier

Use the chandelier's base, take your faux olive wreath, and use craft wire or light green ribbons to attach the wreath under the chandelier. You can use the faux olives that might come with the wreath as hanging ornaments.

2. Table Centerpiece

Use the olive wreath as is and place it at the center of the table. Add a few dark olive-green candles. You can add a spring basket, a bunch of artificial spring flowers, a small stuffed chick or bunny, or other spring-oriented decorations.

3. Around a Wall Clock

Hang your faux olive wreath around the clock. You can further decorate it with simple ribbons or small faux flowers to accelerate the spring theme on the wreath.

4. Stairway Accents

You'll need two or three olive wreaths for this plan. Use craft wire to secure the wreaths to alternating stair posts. You can add ribbon or flowers to the wreaths.

5. On Your Dining Hutch

If your dining hutch opens in the middle of two doors, you need two small olive branch wreaths to spruce them up. Secure them by wrapping wire around the centers and hanging them from the top of each door. You can use just one faux olive wreath if the hutch opens from the side. Be sure to decorate them with spring-colored ribbons and small fake spring flowers.

Enjoy these ideas to help you get your home dressed in its spring best.

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