How Tall Should My Faux Olive Tree Be?

When selecting an artificial olive tree for your interior design space, the height of the tree is a crucial consideration. But don’t worry! Our interior designers are here to help you achieve that dream look in your space.

Here are ten factors to keep in mind as you make your choice:

Personal taste

Does the tree appeal to your sense of style? Is it too bushy or too slender for your liking? We offer olive trees from various styles and sizes to suit your every need

Decor style

Will the tree complement the room's existing style? Will it match the style of any other fake plants you have in the room? For example, if you’re looking for a statement piece, you might opt for a full and lush tree, whereas for just a subtle touch, an airy one will suffice.


Consider the sightline of the room and how the tree will fit into it. Will it blend in or disrupt the view? If you have a mirror, are you looking to amplify the size of your tree? Or add a show-stopping piece in your décor?


Where will the tree be placed? Will it be next to a sofa or serve as a focal point in a hall? Remember to measure your space before you shop to avoid messy returns. Always use a tape measure to ensure you have the correct size.

Room size

The tree's size should be proportionate to the room's size. Too small a room may be overwhelmed by a large tree, while too large a room may make a smaller tree look insignificant. This is why it’s important to always measure your space ahead of time.


Tall artificial trees have the potential to fall and cause harm, while low trees may pose a tripping hazard. Consider safety when choosing the height. If you kids, be careful with them playing with smaller trees, also with curious pets.

Shape adaptation

The branches of an artificial tree can often be bent and repositioned to better suit the decor. Visualize the tree in the room and consider its shape that you can customize as you see fit in your area. This is a fun process that can bring you closer to nature.

Decorative purpose

Consider why you're buying the tree and what it will be next to. The height of the tree should match the height of the other furniture or accessories it will be near. Consider the height of the ceilings for maximum visibility.

Natural light

Artificial trees can be affected by natural light. If the tree will be in a sunny spot, consider how this will impact the room's appearance. And by having your trees near light, they will appear more real with the organic touch.

Planter size

The height of the planter can impact the height of the tree. Consider changing the planter size if it will better suit your desired height for the tree. For example, if you order a faux plant that is too short for your desired space, consider a tall planter and add some boxes inside of it, this makes the plant seem taller than it is.

Taking these factors into account can help you choose the perfect height for your artificial olive tree, enhancing the overall ambiance of your space.

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