How To Achieve Patio Perfection With Artificial Greenery

April showers bring May flowers…. which means now that longer (drier) and hotter days are ahead, there’s even more time to bask in the beauty of the great outdoors.  Course, while many of us prefer not to travel too far to relish in the natural feeling of being outside, there’s plenty of ways to spruce up your home’s patio to make it a welcoming place for intimate lounging. With our vast selection of fake trees and artificial plants, we can help beautify even the tightest of entrance(s) with the help of realistic greenery that will undoubtedly make for easy entertaining and stress-free rest and relaxation.

How To Achieve Patio Perfection With Artificial Greenery: Complementary Components

Complementary Components: 

23" Artificial Silk Magnolia Wreath + 3.5' Artificial Boxwood Double Ball Topiary Tree

How To Achieve Patio Perfection With Artificial Greenery With All Green Gang

All Green Gang:

On The Left: 6.5' Artificial Yucca Cane Plant 37" Artificial Zamioculcas Plant

On The Right: 25" Artificial Agave Plant + 3.5' Artificial Sansevieria Plant

Fake & Artificial Silk Plants For Patio Perfection: Lounge Essentials

Lounge Essentials: 

23" Artificial Boston Fern + 17" Distressed Wooden Lantern13” Set of 4 Artificial Hyacinth Flowers

Fake & Artificial Silk Plants For Patio Perfection Abundant Overgrowth

Abundant Overgrowth: 

24" Artificial Bougainvillea Hanging Basket + 22" Boston Fern in Sandstone Planter

Fake & Artificial Silk Plants For Patio Perfection: Worldly Pleasures

Worldly Pleasures: 


 For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to Outdoor Porch {Greenery}

Please note all imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.



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Bettye S. Burgess

Bettye S. Burgess

Just purchased you Banana Tree and the leaves are so thick and firm that I can’t arrange them in the same way as shown on your picture. Is there a solution? HELP!

Deborah Kirtz

Deborah Kirtz

Looking for large flowers

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