Whether you live in a small city apartment or a lovely suburban home, there’s no limit to celebrating seasonal cheer. In fact, with artificial plants and flowers, the options for holiday decor are endless because you don’t have to worry about the daily upkeep of real, every day plants. From silk orchids to artificial palm trees, the options are endless. The best part is that the simplest garland of evergreens on the mantel or just a colorful wreath of bright poinsettias against the front door can awaken the holiday spirit within every home. Here are some great, quick little ways to instill happy holiday hues into your home and transform it into a true winter wonderland.

How To Decorate Your Home With Holiday Faux-liage: Festive Reds

Festive Reds:

Nothing says holiday more than the fiery spirit of Christmas red. From the crimson petals of a potted poinsettia to the bright cherry reds of the plum blossom (we love a good teardrop to accent an otherwise bare hallway), each can inject an instant holiday vibe into your home. Update your ordinary dinner centerpiece with a gorgeous candelabrum made from oversized hydrangeas or welcome guests into the home with artificially, real-looking Christmas orchids without the fear of wilting - long after the holidays are over 

How To Decorate Your Home With Holiday Faux-liage: Pure Whites

Pure Whites:

Never underestimate the power of white. Great for incorporating into the modern home or for those who prefer a minimalistic approach to holiday decor, magnolias are a holiday favorite. We love the idea of a matching set like a welcoming wreath for the exterior of the home and a complimentary garland for interiors. You can even spruce up an otherwise bare coffee table top with a beautiful arrangement. If you're looking for something more whimsical, opt for a mini-arrangement beautifully displayed in a small glass vase.  But don’t limit your whites to just faux magnolias, we have an exceptional variety of artificial geraniums, lilies, and even winter roses that can brighten up the home and outlast the winter. 

How To Decorate Your Home With Holiday Faux-liage: Golden Touch

Golden Touch:

Add your own Midas touch to holiday decor by going gold. Go bold with a full arrangement in an urn-like pot or add hints of high shine complimented with artificial berries and pine. If you prefer a more subtle touch, a matching candelabrum and wreath can be a sophisticated, yet elegant approach to holiday decor. And for those who are looking for more glitz and glamour, go all out with a golden bamboo tree - a true scene stealer. Not only can this faux-looking tree be transformed into holiday magic (we love the idea of tiny ornaments adorning its gilded leaves) but we think it leaves a decadent impression for year round use.

How To Decorate Your Home With Holiday Faux-liage: Snow Whites

Snow Whites:

A winter wonderland would be incomplete without hints of snow. Unfortunately for most of us, snow isn’t something we all have access to - except in its artificial form! To really convert your home into a well balanced winter-scape, we love the idea of a matching wreath, candelabrum, and teardrop set, each beautifully showcasing lifelike magnolia, berries and pine with just the perfect touch of snow dust. Take it one step further by setting up matching snowy faux pine trees throughout your house and feel Mother Nature’s magic from within the home.

How To Decorate Your Home With Holiday Faux-liage: Ever Greens

Ever Greens:

For a more traditional take on holiday decor, spruce up the home with your favorite winter evergreens.  An artificial wreath with berries and pine or a faux pine cone candelabrum can long outlive the holidays and be used all winter long.  But if youre looking for something with a hint of that holiday magic, why not opt for a miniature arrangement of greenery highlighted with hints of red berry, great for desktops or a nightstand.  For a more grand statement, showcase a larger version in a beautiful glass holder with faux-water, giving it a more life-like quality. Better yet, you’ll never have to worry about changing out the water - even long after winter is over.



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