How to Design Your Space with Artificial Plants

Enjoy having plants in your home, but don’t like the upkeep? Some of us simply don’t have a green thumb. Or, our jobs or lifestyles keep us away from home for long stretches of time, making plant watering and other care impossible. 

If you crave the look and feel of decorating with plants, but don’t want to worry about keeping real ones alive, artificial plants are the solution you’re looking for.

Faux plant decor looks great in just about any area of the house. This includes indoor spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, as well as outdoor areas like balconies and porches. 

The following guide to designing your space with artificial plant decor will help you find the best faux plant looks for your home. 

Why design your space with artificial plant decor?

Artificial plants are the ultimate home decorating hack for people who don’t have green thumbs, or who don’t have the time to dedicate to real plant maintenance, but still want a lush look at home. 

Today’s high quality artificial plants look like the real deal. They also keep their like-new look for years, making them incredibly cost effective. Instead of buying real plants every time you want a refresh, simply keep a small supply of artificial ones you can rotate through based on the seasons or your moods. 

Another reason to go artificial is safety. Some real plants can be toxic if ingested by your pets. For humans, allergies are sometimes a concern. Artificial plants keep everyone safe. 

Additionally, faux plant decor can survive in any climate. For example, if you live in a cloudy area but crave a tropical feel, you might have thought high-sun plants from the tropics were not accessible to you. Artificial tropical plants, however, don’t need sun or warmth to thrive, so you can add flowering color to your gray days, worry-free.

These are just some of the benefits of using artificial plant design around your home. Now let’s look at some of the ways you can use your faux plants to spruce up your space. 

How to design outdoor spaces with artificial plants

Starting outside, faux plant decor gives you endless options for designing your ideal outdoor spaces, starting with the front door. 

Create curb appeal

Give your home the ultimate curb appeal when you frame the front door with a matching set of outdoor-ready artificial trees. Or, cover the door with an artificial garland. This is especially popular for seasonal decorating, like for Halloween or Christmas, because you can use plants that match the theme (think, fall leaves for Halloween, or holly for Christmas).

And if your “front door” is an apartment or condo entrance that faces a shared hallway? Hang a faux wreath to welcome you and your guests home.  

Make outdoor dining extra special

Turn your patio into an inviting, European-style terrace with artificial plant design. Use a set of faux olive trees or topiaries to frame the space. Add color with artificial fruit trees. Top off your design with an artificial tablescape of sunflowers or mixed wildflowers. 

Add strings of warm lights to your faux outdoor trees to give your evening dinner parties a soothing glow. 

Turn an urban balcony into a garden oasis

Artificial living walls bring much-needed greenery to an urban apartment balcony. Place them on one or more balcony walls for added privacy and plenty of color. Small faux trees also work well for balcony design. Use them to line the front of your balcony to improve your view and add even more privacy. Or, place them in a corner by a reading chair to make yourself a cozy little nook hideaway in the middle of the bustling city.  

How to design indoor spaces with artificial plants

Moving indoors, artificial plant design is an easy way to give your home the refresh it deserves. Faux plants are especially useful indoors, as they don’t need sunlight to thrive. 

Give your bathroom a spa-like feel

Turn any bathroom into a luxurious spa with well-placed faux plants. Start at the mirror, by framing it with a matching set of fake hanging plant baskets or wall shelves lined with small arrangements. Place artificial plants on your countertops or along the sides of the tub to add color and calm to the space. Then, amp up the spa feel with a faux tree in a corner or next to the sink. 

You might not have thought about decorating a bathroom with plants because of the lack of sunlight, but faux plant decor doesn’t need natural light, so you’re free to green up this space however you’d like!


Make the entryway pop

Designing your foyer with artificial plants gives your home an instant welcoming vibe. Start by placing a fake tree in a woven basket for an influencer-approved look. Add it to an otherwise empty corner, or place it next to the entryway table to frame the space.

Another idea is to frame your foyer’s mirror with faux garland. Like the front door garland decorations, this can be used to mark the seasons, or simply draw attention to this focal point in the room. Finally, use artificial plants as a centerpiece for an entryway table, upping the elegance on what is otherwise just a receptacle for mail and keys. 

Go green in the kitchen

Add visual interest to your kitchen by decorating the windowsill with artificial plants. This is the perfect spot for faux succulents and cacti, for example, arranged in a row along the sill. And don’t overlook hanging baskets of artificial plants and flowers. These can be mounted in a window area with wall hooks, for example. 

Artificial plants and flowers also are a designing trick for making coffee stations and other counter spaces look lush and inviting. 

Add warmth and nature to the living room

Fake trees are especially useful when designing a living room space. They help fill out larger spaces and create a cozy ambiance. Place one next to the couch and string with fairy lights to create ambiance for those Netflix and chill evenings. Artificial plants also work well on TV stands, where they can mask cords and other unsightly electronics. Or, add them to bookshelves as part of your design vision for your home’s best display spaces.

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