How to Turn Your City Apartment into A Garden Paradise

So, you’ve got your sweet pad downtown. Sure, it’s tiny, but look at the brick walls! Tiny but sunny patio! Amazing coffee shop and an adorable tapas joint half a block away! You’ve worked hard for your little place in the city, and you deserve it. But it should be more than just a place to sleep…it should be your personal refuge. All cities have parks and green spaces where you can get a slice of nature when you visit, but, by and large, being surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants is a tall order in urban areas. And your little apartment may not have much in the way of space and light, which can make keeping plants alive a challenge. Well, we’ve got a plan for you.

Set The Tone

First, you should figure out what kind of vibe you’re looking to create. If you live for spring, think multi-colored mixed bouquets with daisies, morning glory, hydrangeas and lots of fillers like baby’s breath and Queen Anne’s lace, or funky braided wreaths with cherry blossoms or lavender. If you’re looking for a tropical feel, look at dense greens with vibrant pops of color like birds of paradise, bromeliads and large-leaf plants like pothos and ferns. Fancy a clean, English garden look? Neatly trimmed topiaries, sculptured ivy and smaller classic arrangements with elegant vases should do the trick. Keep all your accessories and artwork in line with your theme, also.

Keep It Alive

If you like one of those themes above, or have a completely different one, it’s time to get to work. Getting all the different plants we mentioned can take a lot of time, money and mess…and you might not even have the space to keep them alive very long. Tropical plants, for example, need an ideal mix of indirect light and humidity to thrive. Now, you could get a few humidifiers and move these plants around for the perfect amount of sunlight. Or, you could get a collection of high-quality artificial plants and get that rainforest vibe with no maintenance and no worries about varying conditions. In winter, city apartments tend to get very dry and sunlight is rare. Having lush faux tropical plants around can help cure those winter blues without the constant worry of watering, and, if you’re lucky enough to get away on vacation, they’ll look just as beautiful after a week alone as they did when you got them.

Short On Space

Unless you scored a penthouse downtown, it’s safe to assume that your apartment is probably a bit cramped. Storage and table space is likely at a premium, and you want to maximize all of it. The plant solution? Look into going vertical with your artificial plants. Tall bamboo trees have a slim profile and can fit in any corner, but spread out dramatically at the top and add dimension and life, especially with light and shadows. Garlands and ivy can drape from overhead spaces (like the tops of your kitchen cabinets), and artificial swag can brighten up a bookshelf, mantle or tabletop. Hanging bamboo curtains in a doorway lends privacy as well as an exotic look. One of our favorite looks are these artificial living walls; a large hanging square bursting with greenery like ferns, ivy and succulents. You can even pair them up to liven up that narrow hallway. And, if you have an adorably tiny patio, look into hanging plants or planters that can hang on the railing. Many artificial plants are UV and water resistant, so you can enjoy them all year long.

What are your tips for decorating a small space? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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