How to Style Your Faux Olive Tree With Artificial Plants

Olive trees are a popular choice for home and office decoration. Symbolizing peace, they bring a serene appearance to any room. In addition, the wide expanse of their branches makes them an ideal plant to pair with other plants for an elevated and upscale look.

One of the best ways to easily create and keep that pairing of an olive tree with another plant is to buy artificial olive trees and artificial plants. Faux greenery is affordable, easy to care for and it lasts forever.

Which types of fake plants pair best with faux olive trees?

Silk olive trees make a definitive statement, so you should select trees that will not diminish their splendor. Placing small artificial plants - like lavender or thyme - under your faux olive tree is a good choice, these are all similar.

Another way to pair your fake olive tree is with an artificial tree whose leaves are of a different shade of green; this can give their combined leaf canopy an ombre; effect. Examples include a dark green fiddle leaf fern, trendy options.

Still another idea would be adorning the branches of your fake olive tree with deeply colored silk flowers such as roses, dahlias or magnolias.

Here are some examples of artificial plants to pair with a faux olive tree:

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This 6'5" artificial citrus tree will blend well with a faux olive tree because they have similar yet complementary leaf styles. The subtle color difference between these two fake trees will give you an almost imperceptible contrast that will emphasize a feeling of serenity in your room. You can place the two faux trees side-by-side or overlapping each other - they will seamlessly blend. Both have that airy and clean look.

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This 7 foot silk tree is perfect to place in back of your faux olive tree, because the incredible volume of leaves cascading from the faux willow will act as a natural backdrop for the less-leafy silk olive tree. Each leaf on both silk trees would work together to bring the feeling of sitting by a peaceful riverbank.

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The rounded bright green leaves of this silk plant, placed in the back of a fake olive tree, will evoke the illusion of each cluster of olive leaves being surrounded by a halo of the ferns' leaves. This faux plant is 54" tall, so choose it only for shorter fake olive trees.

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These silk plants produce a triple treat when they are artistically combined in 3 hanging baskets. They will adorn the upper third of any room. You could hang the two outer baskets on the sides of your fake olive tree; draping the center basket in the forefront of the olive tree.

Or, if you prefer, you might hang the side baskets as above and use the third basket in a different room.

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The appearance of the fake eucalyptus is very similar to a fake olive tree. Both trees have grayish-green leaves and both lend a tranquil ambience to the rooms where they are displayed. Alternating faux olive trees with faux eucalyptus is a good way to fill your space with a relaxing atmosphere. The white planter of the eucalyptus adds to the neutral appearance of the fake eucalyptus.

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The color of the planter really does make a difference. The rustic sandstone changes the message of the fake eucalyptus to a more comforting one. Even indoors, this planter allows your artificial eucalyptus to ground you and transport your imagination outdoors. While the white planter (above) is a good choice for all decor themes, this planter would suit any room.

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The smallest example of a faux eucalyptus, this 4.5" eucalyptus is posed in a black pot. This artificial plant is a good companion for a shorter artificial olive tree, because their similar appearance could echo each other. However, placing this small silk eucalyptus under a tall olive tree would bring a very impressive effect.

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The brightness of the leaves of a silk ficus would bring a good contrast to the silvery leaves of a fake olive tree. This 7-foot faux tree will seem like a highlighter for the more subdued olive tree. Ficus and olive trees are some of the most popular trees for home or office decorating.

In general, faux olive trees usually make a good appearance in a well-lit corner. As you can see, they also complement several other types of artificial plants.

Choosing an artificial olive tree brings you a myriad of choices for decorating your home or office - especially when paired with another artificial plant.

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