Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen Decor: Tips & Product Essentials

The industrial farmhouse kitchen decor works well for most kitchens, especially slightly larger ones in old houses. The look can be implemented anywhere with a few well-chosen pieces, plus some beautiful artificial greenery to pull the look together. Giving the kitchen a makeover is often all that is required to embrace a new season when many people become restless and want to change the old look and bring in a contemporary industrial decor for kitchens. It is more about a shift in ideas than spending a lot of money, and today we will demonstrate how a few well-chosen pieces can create a new look,

Industrial Decor For Kitchens

A farmhouse kitchen is a welcoming place, and often the focal point is a big Aga cooker that often works twenty-four hours a day providing food and warmth, depending on the season. Copper pots and jam pans often enhance the retro look, woven round with some high-quality artificial greenery. Usually, the kitchen is a bit dark making the greenery perfect and easy to maintain, in completing the rustic space.

Buying from Nearly Natural is the right choice, as they have naturally created artificial plants made by skilled craftsmen.

Here are some ideas to brighten up the farmhouse kitchen for summer, and to bring the outside in.

1. Eucalyptus Double Ring Wreath 18" Twig Base

This will look amazing on the kitchen door for summer, and to add to the effect, put a few drops of Eucalyptus oil over it for the right fragrance. Then, as the day warms up, eucalyptus will waft through the house, bringing summer's fresh bush smell. into the home.

2. Mini Cedar Pine In Pot

At only 3 inches this is great to place near the window. It is an indoor-outdoor plant, so it is versatile to move around. It will add fresh greenery to the room near the window and come in its pot.

3. Mixed Flower Hat Wreath

Farmhouse kitchen decor tips suggest that the mixed flower hat wreath is in demand. Mount it on the kitchen wall relatively high. So that it can't be pulled down, and then it can be admired all summer. It requires zero maintenance, a win-win for everyone.

4. Assorted Ferns To Hang In Baskets Set Of Three

Many farmhouse kitchens have exposed beams. These are ideal for hanging fern baskets; they are not very large and will add a fresh summery feel to the room, as they certainly look real.

5. Artificial Dracaena In Sand-Colored Planter

Lovely 43-inch silk plant that feels real when touching the leaves. This is a welcoming plant to place inside the kitchen door. The sand-colored planter is fresh and light and adds to industrial farmhouse kitchen décor for summer.

6. The Big Mirror

Another way to add light to the kitchen and increase the perception of space is the big kitchen wall mirror. Either a square or round mirror with a wooden frame will enhance the kitchen's look. If you have exposed beams, place the mirror to reflect the loft space, as this is an area not often seen. Add some small potted artificial flowers near the mirror to provide some color and freshen up the look for summer.

7. Nearly Natural Ivy

The kitchen garden is a perfect spot for the Nearly Natural English Ivy. The artificial Ivy comes in varying shades of green and is tightly clustered together for a simple thick look. It is UV resistant, and the rain will run off it without penetrating the leaves. One of the advantages is that it can increase the occupants' privacy by preventing the neighbors from looking in. It can even be placed right around the kitchen window to be glimpsed from within the house, giving an actual farmhouse effect.

8. Appliances

Industrial decor for kitchens requires some stainless-steel appliances. Suppose replacing the old mixer, toaster, electric kettle, and dishwasher. Replace them with stainless steel models; this will enhance the rustic industrial charm of the room. The table should be scrubbed wood, and add some thick marble to the benchtops to create a cool industrial look for summer. Bring home a big box of mixed fresh fruit from the greengrocer and arrange it in a large stainless steel bowl on the benchtop to give the great feel of a farmhouse in summer.

9. Artwork And Nearly Natural Signs

Look for retro art in second-hand shops. The most common sign you will encounter is a metal plaque engraved in black enamel with WELCOME. In the old days, the farmer often kept his early number plates, and you may see one or two of them mounted on the wall; often, they had pretty low numbers, and some were valuable. Purchase some Nearly Natural word signs to brighten up the kitchen and welcome people by erecting them on the kitchen wall.

10. Vases

Go through grandmother's cupboards for a vintage vase to fill with various faux greenery for the table. The vase can be pretty big to create the right effect. Vary the type of greenery used, even one with some berries could brighten the space and give a seasonal impact. Nearly Natural have a range of retro vases from white porcelain or glass; purchase a couple with summer flowers to complete the Nearly Natural look. There are so many farmhouse kitchen decor tips to try at home, and the list continues to grow.


Industrial farmhouse kitchen decor will bring a new look to a tired kitchen, and it does not require a lot of money to achieve the look. Silk flowers now look fantastic and, when in a vase on the kitchen table, create the right effect for summer and can be easily moved around the house. The overall industrial look is efficient and easy to keep clean. The kitchen will take on a new look fast when the right purchases are made. Visitors will think it is a new kitchen.

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