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Here at Nearly Natural we’re obsessed with all things having to do with the plant world! When it comes to introducing and showcasing verdant greenery into everyday spaces, we love helping people who are trying to incorporate a sense of Mother Nature into ordinary living environments with the help of artificial plants. And because living plants, flowers, and trees require daily diligence, fake trees, plants and even silk flower arrangements can help alleviate that everyday maintenance. However, if you feel like you require a little inspiration on incorporating artificial greenery, today we’re sharing a few of our favorite social accounts that showcase the picturesque side of plants - and how you can achieve the same look with an artificial replica!

For a punch of striking colors and beautifully complemented textures, @FlowersVasette is an iconic internationally renowned florist who isn’t afraid to play with the unconventional when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind arrangements that truly are a must-stop-and-admire masterpiece.

For those with a penchant for romance, look to the flirty yet picturesque creations of @daysofmayflorals. Not only is she a master at creating dreamy, over-the-top instillations, but she knows how to incorporate a mix of coloring and textures throughout her floral designs. If you’re looking to get creative with wedding decor (accents) or other specialized events, she’s a great source of inspiration for the romantic at heart.

If you're looking for some seriously florals in candy colored hues, look no further than @LaFloFlower who creates one-of-a-kind bouquets with the use of delicately oversized, intricate flowers. If you really are at a loss on how to highlight color hues and complement various types of flowers, she’s a great go-to source for encouraging your DIY side.

If you need some serious inspiration on how to implement a softer side to visual merchandising or perhaps creating an exquisite focal point for your next special event, @Boutierre_girls is run by dynamic duo of Aussies who love experimenting with flirtatious florals that ultimately create picture-perfect moments.

If creating the ultimate urban jungle is your game then @thejungalow is the feed you’re in need of with their colorful, bohemian inspired interiors beautifully highlighted with verdant greenery. Aside from being a great source of inspiration, you can easily mimic the same stylized look (without the daily cleanup!) with the help of artificial plants.

Looking to create your own secret garden indoors? Find the inspiration you need with the help of @studio.roco ; run by indoor gardeners Rose and Caro, the two interior botanical designed and co-authors of "HouseofPlants and "RootNurtureGrow know how to inspire people; their feed showcases handsome greens and verdant tones that are envious to any greenery aficionado.

For mixing and matching greenery look to @plantmama_ ! Plant designer and stylist, she knows how to create a sense of curated plant chaos. By playing with heights, species, textures, and even placement, she knows how to really revitalize an environment with the help of properly position foliage.

If you love the idea of evoking a natural sense of Mother Nature into your home, @botanicalsandbillie can easily help you achieve an evergreen environment! With her love for tendrilling greens and draping vines, she can easily help you transform an ordinary, bare place into a truly extraordinary space.

Please note all imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.

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