A Complete Decor & Styling Guide for Macrames - 2022

Macrame 2021

Trendy yet practical. Boho-inspired but perfect for all styles. It’s no secret that plants have risen in popularity the past year just as boho décor has too. So why not marry the two and create the ultimate trendy influencer-approved space in your home this 2021? For non-bohemian lovers, don’t worry; we will share tips on how to introduce this accent into your home subtly but not overdoing it. Some people believe that macrame hanging planters are cheap and unstable to hold a plant, but did you know? The best part of macrame is the rigid materials they’re crafted from. Macrame is for displaying your plants because of their high-quality, handmade engineering. Unlike traditional planters, macrame is easier to clean and move around in any little nook in your home. They even make a great accent piece by themselves.

It’s the minor changes that can make a massive difference in the aesthetic of your home. Sometimes you don’t need to break the bank to transform your space, or maybe you’re just a bit bored and need a slight change of scenery. We understand this! That’s why with a faux plant and a macrame, you can take your space to the next level easily, effortlessly, and economically.

What is macrame and why use them in your decor?

You’ve probably heard of macrame before, but you might still be a bit confused about them. You probably know them from kid’s bedrooms or other fun areas of the home. Macrame is a style of knotting using textiles to produce knots from a rope of all lengths and shapes. Macrame refers to the type of texture because many different items are made by using this technique. For example, some popular styles of macrame include macrame plant hanger, macrame wall, macramé pillow, or clothing. Many people enjoy using them in their décor because of their high-quality materials and unique looks. Anita, our co-founder and interior decorator, recommends using them for those hard-to-reach nooks or when you lack space and need a little refresh. That’s the beauty of using macrame plant hangers; you can move them from nook to nook even when you have a small space and need a little more color. Renters rejoice, macrame doesn’t ruin your existing paint or ceilings because you can use a small nook or nail safe for walls. Adding your faux plant is easy; mix and match all you want by swapping mini fake plants. You can even add other little items such as small knickknacks.

What is macrame made out of?

While macrame might scare you a bit because it's made from different materials, don’t worry about adding some heavy plants. They’re crafted to support the higher weight with their durable materials. While you can easily add most small plants, we recommend only using up to 15 pounds of weight to be on the safe side. Given the size of our macrame, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Most of our mini faux plants are smaller than this and weigh much less. So feel free to have fun and DIY knowing that this macrame can safely store your items.



Top Decor Trends + Macrame

It’s no surprise that boho comes to mind when discussing macrame, but as we’ve seen the trends evolve, many are starting to add macrame in all design styles. Their ease of care, vivid colors, and texture make them the ideal piece for almost any space in need of some life. Read along to see our top 4 styles perfect for macrame.


1. Contemporary

You might think that contemporary yields on the clean texture, white, clean aesthetic, but more and more aficionados are starting to add macrame. Quickly add the macrame to a room with an empty wall, when you’re not sure what to place on it. Especially if you have brass or black finishes for hardware, watch as the macrame helps any space.

2. Modern Farmhouse

The style that’s taken the home décor world by storm, modern farmhouse is one of the most popular and for a good reason. While farmhouse and boho might sound a bit off on the design spectrum, you can incorporate similar elements in both of them. For example, if you have a textured wall, feel free to place a macrame on it for a little more pop. This creates a clean and homey look. Even if your space has a bit more emphasis on the farmhouse part, try adding a macrame to a nook or behind the bed, especially one with a pattern.

3. Eclectic

Maybe you’re an artist in the works and more secure in making big, bold moves when it comes to your space. We love eclectic décor, but this style requires more caution when decorating, so it doesn’t look overdone. The fun part of eclectic is the creativity! Mixing and matching different color, patterns and texture to achieve your dream look. Macrame is the perfect accent piece as it blends with existing décor styles and comes in various shapes and colors.

4. Southwestern

Turn up the heat for this hot, mysterious, and relaxed décor style. When you think of southwestern, you might be envisioning a more rustic scene, but we’re thinking more Palm Springs modern oasis. One of our best-selling bundles, the southwestern collection, is a medley of the best from the region. Thorny, long spiky leaves are perfect for any macrame in need of a bit of color. Add macrame shelves next to a bed or nook next to a home bar or kitchen for an elevated look.

5. Locate a space first

Before looking for a macrame, choose a space where you want to house one. Consider the size of your room and style so you can ensure you pick one adequate for your living areas. This ensures you get it right on the first try and avoids messy returns.

6. Measure your area

This step is one of the most important ones when considering new home décor accents for your home. It's essential to measure your area to ensure you're looking for the correct macrame. To measure your room, get a measuring tape and note the width and height of the site you want to accent.

7. Check your ceilings

If you're looking to hang your macrame, make sure you can do so without damaging the paint or the texture. Consider using a sticky tack or a hook that won't ruin the ceiling. Especially if you're adding some accents to your macrame, consider making the hook stronger.

8. Choose a macrame for your style

Deciding on the perfect macrame doesn't have to be stressful. Depending on the décor of your space, you can opt for one that is better suited for you. Consider one suited for your existing furniture, and you can envision it in your room for a while.

9. Choose accents

If picking the correct macrame is essential, then looking for accompanying accents is second. We recommend looking for items such as faux plants, picture frames, silk flowers, and more that'll make a lovely addition. Display any accent you'd like to draw attention to.

10. Consider multiples

In order to make a space more cohesive, think about adding multiples; this creates symmetry and helps keep a cohesive look throughout the area. If possible, consider adding macrame to many rooms all over the house. Don't be scared; macrame is an easy, low-cost investment that won't break the bank.

11. Hanging wall planter

We recommend looking into a hanging wall planter if you'd like to add more dimensions and depth. However, why settle for boring, ordinary planters when you can bring a more boho and textured touch to any living area. The best part? Displaying faux plants in a macrame requires zero maintenance from your end.

12. Use a pillow cover

Many people face a common issue: freshen the home when it seems too monotone or boring as seasons shift and change. But often, changing little accents is all you need to freshen your home a bit. Consider a macrame pillow cover as a way to add a bit of textured fun to accent any wall décor.

13. Add a faux plant next to the wall macrame

Especially if the macrame is a whiteish color, add more hues with a faux plant. Think about adding the faux plant to the corner so you can draw attention to it. This adds dimension and depth. Some fake plants to consider adding to this nook include fiddle leaf figs, monsteras, olive trees, and more.

14. Don't overthink it

Seriously, home décor should be fun, and there's no wrong or right answer when it comes to your personal style. Because of this, remember always to choose options that you like and those that might be trendy today. Aesthetic is subjective, and types should reflect one’s personal taste.


Hanging Plant & Baskets that are PERFECT for Macrame

Spiky, thorny and fun. Who says succulents are only for southwestern-inspired decor? House this set of 4 in any area for a little bit more texture and fun. They look great in a hanging macrame shelf.

Sold out

Ferns are great for displaying and hanging. Lush, green foliage brings summer vibes all year long and will keep you in a vacation state of mind.

Sold out

Social media’s trendiest plant is here for you to enjoy, maintenance-free. This lifelike artificial ZZ plant removes the guesswork, allowing you to enjoy its’ splendor without the upkeep. Thick, green leaves form feather-like foliage that brings depth and lines to spaces. Standing 22” from a white planter, this faux plant is the perfect accent.
Sold out

Customer Favorite Macrame

Do you love your country? If yes, you will fall for this American flag wall hanging macramé art. Inspired by eclectic charm and rustic design, this rugged macramé displays patriotism with the red, white and blue colors and the stars. Showcase this festive macramé year-round or during the 4th of July,

Sold out

Make your boho dreams come true with this Handmade Macramé Wall Hanging Décor. Handcrafted from fine materials by artisans, the whimsical design contrasts with the rustic, wooden accent it hangs from.

Sold out

Handcrafted from fine materials by artisans, the whimsical design contrasts with the rustic, wooden accent it hangs from. If you have trouble sleeping at night, feel free to set free and tell this dreamcatcher all your thoughts. Perfect to add in a bedroom.

Sold out

The 10 Best Macrame For Wall Decor

Sold out

Display your favorite faux plants in this Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging Décor Piece. Crafted from premium materials by artisans, add a boho touch to your living areas with this macrame plant hanger. Some of our favorite plants to display are succulents because of their compact size and ability to add texture.

Sold out

Make a wish with this macrame dreamcatcher wall hanging décor piece. The textured pattern on top contrasts the draping string for a visually exciting piece. Brighten and liven a bare corner with this handmade bohemian-inspired piece.

Sold out

Add those cozy, Insta-worthy vibes into your living areas with this macrame-hanging décor. Hang in a bare corner or wall and enhance the look with faux pampas or other earthly, toned furniture. Consider adding multiple across a bare space to liven any room for an elevated touch.

Sold out

Looking for a place to store all your favorite faux plants? Add this macrame single-shelf art décor accent to any area needing a little more color and texture. The boho-inspired accent complements spaces of all sizes while adding a bit of festive fun and worldly charm.

Sold out

For those looking for a bit of more texture and charm, this macrame wall hanging accent has ropes with detailing holding a wooden shelf where you can store any faux plant or any other accessory of your liking. Perfect for spaces of any size.

Sold out

Eclectic and boho chic is an interior-designer favorite macrame because of its interesting design and knots. Woven into a diamond shape for more texture and depth, enhance any living area needing more surface. Consider adding a faux plant for more color and shape.

Sold out

Create a stunning macrame display with this hanging piece. Crafted from high-quality materials, the macrame display will become a natural addition in any space. With dimensions of 2.5' X 1.5', easily hang on any bare wall. Enhance your style decor today by adding it above your bed or any area of your choosing.

At Nearly Natural, we have macrame for every style, budget, and use. As you can see, there are many different types of macrame out there, each with another purpose. So whether you're lacking space or looking for a fun way to spruce up your space without breaking the bank, macrame is the perfect way to achieve any look.



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