The Complete History and Meaning of May's Birthflower: Lilies

With the world in full bloom in a palette of sunny colors and lush greenery, it’s no surprise that summer is on the horizon! Thankfully May’s birth flower, the lily (of the valley) is the perfect floral to showcase the late-spring beauty Mother Nature conveys this time of year and today we’re shedding a little light on this sculptural beauty.
May's Birthflower: Lilies
Distinguished for their intricate petals and an intoxicating scent, the lily represents humility, purity, chastity, and sweetness - and aside from being one of the most adored flowers in the world - making it no surprise why they’re the go-to floral for brides-to-be.
May's Birthflower: Lilies
With the various colors and species of lilies, each type boasts a specific meaning including:
White Lilies signify purity, simplicity, and virtue
Day Lilies convey flirtation and romance
Tiger Lilies imply both royalty and wealth
Lily of the Valley represent the epitome of sweetness
May's Birthflower: Lilies
But it doesn’t stop there! Different parts of the world also have their unique take on the lily’s representation, including the Chinese who trust if for good luck (especially for Feng Shui!) while the Assyrian civilization revered it as a holy flower. Even the ancient Greeks associated it with motherhood, having believed that the flowers sprouted from the milk of Hera, Queen of the Gods while the Christians affiliate it with chastity and innocence as it was said lilies (of the valley) bloomed from the spot where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell at the foot of the cross.
May's Birthflower: Lilies
Aside from the tiger lily (renowned for its sweet perfume), the only other lily that proffers a scent in an all-white variety as colored varieties lack that sense of beauty.
May's Birthflower: Lilies
If you're an animal lover, be sure to keep your four-legged friends safe from these extravagant blooms; although their fragrance might be intoxicating to us, they’re highly toxic to them, which is why an artificial silk replica is the perfect gift for a May birthday.
May's Birthflower: Lilies
If you have any close friends of loved ones who are celebrating a May birthday, indulge them with one of our artificial silk lily arrangements for a permanent touch of fauxever-lasting beauty.
May's Birthflower: Lilies
For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to May’s birth flower.
The Meaning of May's Birthflower: Lilies
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