Mother's Day Decor

Mother's Day will be here soon, and many of us will want to do some spring cleaning before it gets here. Along with a spring refresh, we sometimes want to redecorate. Many enjoy bringing elements of nature into their homes.

Here are some ideas to help you use artificial plants and faux flowers to add some natural elements to your 2023 spring decor:

Napkin Bouquet Roses

For this project, you will need one cloth napkin per guest and one stemmed faux rose. Choose classic Mother's Day pastel-colored napkins and wrap them around the roses. You can choose artificial silk rose buds like the ones in this example. The lush blossoms are the perfect addition to your Mother's Day table. Tie the filled napkins with a pink or white ribbon. These will make an elegant addition to each table.

Mason jar terrarium

This easy project might be one you can do with children. Take some large Mason jars and line the bottoms with a layer of brown clay, then top the clay with stones and soil. Fasten small artificial plants like the faux succulents in this collection into the clay. They will bring a charming flair to your Mother's Day décor, and Mom can keep them forever in her home.

Rose Living Wall

There are many living walls available, but few are as perfect for Mother's Day décor as this one. Start with a piece of Styrofoam and glue or fasten as many faux roses as you can fit on the surface. To fill in any gaps, you can use pale pink tissue paper. Use several colors of these artificial roses and remove the stems. Each of these roses has the authentic appearance and texture of a natural rose, and a collage of them would create a beautiful garden on your wall.

Paint Can Vases

Look for metal containers that resemble paint cans at the craft store. Take some bright-colored paints and apply them around the rims of the cans. Drip some of the paint down the sides of the cans. After the paint dries, place floral foam inside the cans. Then, insert some of these silk areca palm trees into the foam. Their feathery leaves will be the perfect tropical element to give your Mother's Day décor an exotic and relaxing ambiance.

Hanging Flower Mobile

Begin this project by creating a halo with a piece of Styrofoam. Use ribbons to hang several flower garlands down from the top. You may want to choose these delightful mixed peony and berry garlands. Their mixture of light pink and white faux peonies with bright berry accents will be the perfect addition to your Mother's Day décor.

Lavender Topiary

This gift combines two natural elements: a faux tree and silk flowers. The slender branches of this topiary spread outward to showcase the delicate, light purple blossoms of the lavender. This exquisite artificial lavender topiary will complement your Mother's Day décor.

Flower Chandelier

This project is perfect for someone who has a chandelier and wants to add a flowery touch to it. First, measure the circumference of your chandelier. Then, take some lush flower garlands like this white sunflower and hydrangea garland and attach them with green floral wire to fit around the chandelier. Finally, drape your finished project around the chandelier. The unique appearance of these delicate faux white sunflowers, contrasted with the round petals of the artificial hydrangeas, is perfect for this project and will enhance your Mother's Day decor.

Mom Mug planter

Every kid loves to give a "Mom" mug as a Mother's Day gift. You can transform the mug into part of your Mother's Day decor by lining the cup with two layers of plastic wrap. Then, place some clay inside the cup and top it with one of these faux succulents or another small artificial plant of your choice.

Butterfly Bouquet

Find vintage glass milk bottles or jugs and paint the outsides pastel blue. Insert floral foam and add a bouquet of faux cymbidium orchids. These provide a hint of luxury, and their tiny white blossoms will add an exotic touch. Attach fake butterflies from the craft store or ones you and the kids draw yourselves to create the perfect addition to your Mother's Day table.

Hanging Boston Fern

Mother's Day décor needs an element of unbridled joy, and a faux Boston Fern is a perfect expression of that emotion. With its feathery fronds, this artificial plant overflows from its hanging basket and spills nature into your home.

Any of these would be a great addition to your Mother's Day decor, but if you need more ideas, browse the many faux plants and flowers available from Nearly Natural. If you access their site today, they're offering a 30% discount on all orders.

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