Mother's Day Decor Trends

If you're planning a special celebration for Mother's Day, or you just want to spruce up your home, here are 2023's latest decorative trends:

Nature-inspired Decor

This year, the trend of incorporating elements of nature into home decor is huge. Bringing nature indoors is a perfect way to prepare your home for Mother's Day.

One way to follow this trend is by adding faux plants to your home, and a popular silk plant for 2023 is the fiddle leaf fig tree. This tall, exuberant tree features broad green leaves that complement any type of decor. If you're looking to incorporate nature-inspired decor into your home, the fiddle leaf fig tree is the perfect faux plant to add.

Orange and peach

In 2023, orange and peach are trending colors, evoking the feeling of spring. Adding these hues to your home through faux flower arrangements is a great way to prepare for Mother's Day.

Bring nature inside by choosing a silk nasturtium hanging basket, overflowing with yellow-orange blossoms and a plethora of waxy leaves, all flowing from a woven basket. These tiny blooms provide bright jewels of the season's trending colors.

Vintage vibes

This year, everything old is new again. Adding vintage furniture pieces to your home can create a more restful and welcoming ambiance, perfect for Mother's Day.

Consider gifting something like this Vintage Window Shutter Shelving Unit. This 20" display offers two levels of shelving for your collectibles and features teal-colored faux window shutters to enhance its vintage charm.

Bold color combos

If you prefer bold patterns and colors, this Mother's Day trend is perfect for you. Fuchsia, hot pink, deep purple, and scarlet are the predominant choices. To follow this trend, consider adding silk bougainvillea arrangements to your home. The classically styled planter looks like it's trying to stem the tide of the overflowing crimson petals. Backed by a bevy of dark green leaves, it will bring a touch of loveliness to your home.

Pastels and neutrals

Pastels are a common trend for spring, but for 2023, they're being mixed with neutral colors. Both these palettes are ideal for a Mother's Day redecoration.

Perhaps the minimalist trend, which emphasizes neutral colors, is blending with the usual pastels. If you'd like to add a natural element to that mix, choose an artificial olive tree. Its slim, elegant leaves are the perfect addition to the pairing of pastels and neutrals.

Soft citrus

You already know that orange is one of this year's favorite colors, but other citrus shades are also popular. When you add softness to these colors, they become perfect for the Mother's Day 2023 trend.

To fit the citrus theme, consider buying this realistic faux lemon tree. The bright green fake leaves serve as the perfect base for the perfectly formed faux lemons. When your mom sees this tree, she might be inspired to make some lemonade!

Get Ahead of the "Curve"

Many decorators have embraced the theme of curves this year, with soft, subtle curves featured in wallpapers and paired couches designed with complementary curves. This relaxing trend is perfect for a Mother's Day celebration.

If you find this trend appealing, consider adding some artificial plants that complement this theme. You can select this cupcake-shaped Peperomia plant, whose mound of tiny leaves will add an extra touch of life to your home. You'll be glad to know that it's also suitable for outdoor display.

Garden variety mix

Mother's Day happens during the spring, so traditionalist families will often want to base their decor on spring garden mixes. Place a cheerful variety of artificial flowers around your home or choose an arrangement with a perfectly balanced spring mix of flowers, like this one.

As Mother's Day falls in spring, many families prefer to decorate their homes with traditional spring garden mixes. You can add a cheerful assortment of artificial flowers throughout your home, or opt for a balanced flower arrangement with a perfect mix of spring blooms, such as this one.

Multi-functional spaces

As living spaces become smaller, many people are looking for ways to create multi-functional rooms. For Mother's Day, one clever way to divide these spaces is by positioning a row of tall faux plants between the two spaces, which will divide your room and add some natural charm.

For this purpose, a silk cornstalk dracaena would be an excellent choice. Its long, spatulate leaves create a compact capsule of greenery that will add a natural charm to your room while delineating your separate spaces.


Protea may not be a familiar flower, but it's 2023's Flower of the Year. Its exotic bold pink petals flow from a darker pink center. This will be an enchanting addition to your Mother's Day decor.

To bring these blooms into your home, choose this 24" Protea Artificial Wreath. This wreath flaunts the flamboyance of the cerise silk protea flowers. Between the proteas, there are contrasting pale pink chrysanthemums.

Following these trends will get your home ready for Mother's Day, but for more ideas, check the many faux plants and flowers from Nearly Natural. If you access their site today, they're offering a 30% discount on all orders.

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