Mother's Day Gift & Decor Ideas

As Mother's Day approaches, you may wonder how to honor Mom, and to show how much she means to you. One popular way to honor Mom is with plants or flowers. So, why not give a gift that will always look as fresh and beautiful as the day she receives it?

Here are some ideas any Mom would love to hang on her wall:

Red Roses and Apples in a Country Basket

This bright red basket would be perfect for Mom's kitchen wall.

To make it, begin with a pink woven basket (which you can find at a craft store). Cut a slit down the middle of the basket, dividing it in half with the entire front facing forward. Stitch or glue the rear side so that you have half a basket.

Next, place floral foam in the basket and fill it with artificial roses. Add some faux maiden hair below the roses. Then cinch the middle of the basket with a dark red ribbon and attach a hook or hanger to the handle. Finally, add cardboard or plastic apples to complete the gift. Mom can hang the basket with the hook.

Succulent Living Wall

If the Mom in your life favors a Southwest decorating theme, this living succulent wall would be perfect.

Begin with a picture frame. Cut a piece of cardboard to fit the frame. Arrange as many silk succulents as you can fit on the cardboard. Secure the faux succulents with glue. You can choose from a variety of fake succulents from Nearly Natural. Once you place your succulent-studded cardboard into the frame, your gift is ready.

Mixed Floral Wreaths

Consider gifting a delicate circle of mixed white blossoms from the wide selection of lovely artificial wreaths available at Nearly Natural. Wreaths aren't just for Christmas, and this beautiful wreath would be the crowning touch on any wall, perfectly conveying your devotion to the Mom in your life.

Say It With Boxwood

If you want to express your love to Mom with artificial plants, you can do it in a unique way with this artificial boxwood wall decoration. Its leafy letters spell out the word "LOVE," and it will make a great addition to any wall, indoor or outdoor. With this decoration, there will be no doubt in Mom's mind about your feelings for her.

Cardboard Flower Vase

This is an easy craft that can be the perfect project for children.

Start with corrugated cardboard and twist it into a vase-like shape. Coat the outside of the cardboard with clear glue or shellac and let it dry.

Once the "vase" is dry, place floral foam inside and fill it with your choice of faux flowers, such as these multicolored peonies. Use a piece of twine to hang the flowers on Mom's wall.

Hibiscus and Spider Plant Hanging Basket

If the Mom in your life enjoys unique decor, she will be thrilled with this hanging basket. The eye-catching arrangement features the long, spiked leaves of a spider plant topped with lush crimson blooms. The petals of these faux hibiscus flowers seem to flow effortlessly into the variegated leaves of the spider plant.

DIY Terrarium

Begin with a fishbowl. Spread a thin layer of floral foam or clay on the bottom of the fishbowl. You can then position silk flowers or plants of your choice to complete the gift. Perhaps you might choose to feature these artificial hydrangeas.

You can vary the heights of the flowers with rocks, faux moss, or mounds of clay.

Macrame Hanging Shelf

If your mom enjoys crafty things, she'll love this handcrafted macrame shelf. Its neutral tones match any decor, and you can also gift her a few silk plants to grace its shelf. Consider choosing light and airy plants like these mixed ferns to complete this casual yet elegant gift.

Flowery Pineapple Picture

Start by finding a picture frame and a piece of neutral-colored construction paper that fits inside the frame. Draw the shape of a pineapple in the center of the paper and cut out the shape. Then, find a piece of cardboard that fits into the frame and glue the construction paper onto the cardboard.

Select a variety of artificial flowers, such as the ones in this arrangement, and glue them to the exposed cardboard area. For added realism, glue tufts of dark brown tissue paper between the fake flowers to imitate the texture of a pineapple.

Finally, attach long silk leaves, like these, to the top of the artificial flowers to complete the pineapple decoration.

Mixed Foliage Artificial Living Wall

If one of the rooms in your Mom's home could use a touch of serenity, this artificial living wall may be the right gift. This 24" x 16" display features an enticing variety of silk leaves; mounted on a fake moss background.

Mom will be able to imagine she has a sliver of the Amazon rainforest in the room where this hangs.

Any of these gifts would be a great choice for a Mother's Day gift, but if you need more ideas, browse the many faux plants and flowers available from Nearly Natural. If you access their site today, they're offering discount on all orders. Show your love and appreciation for your Mom this Mother's Day with a gift that will brighten her day and last for years to come.

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