Mother's Day Gift Guide

Shopping for Mother’s Day can be tricky. On one hand, you want to impress with a gift that will put a smile on her face. But you know, most moms will always say it’s the thought that counts. But don’t worry, our interior decorators are ready to help you answer the question, what is a good Mother’s Day gift? Thoughtful, budget-friendly and en vogue, faux plants are always a great choice for any occasion. You can get everything from a DIY arrangement (full of thought and one-of-a-kind) to dreamy Mediterranean-inspired faux olive trees, to something in between. Need not worry too! Our high-quality fake trees are crafted by horticulturists with special attention to capture mother nature’s beauty. After all, moms are busy as it is and faux plants allow her more time for R&R. Browse our interior-decorator approved gift ideas for Mother’s Day for all moms!

6.5' Golden Cane Artificial Palm Tree

We know the special mom in your life deserves a tropical vacay. So why not give her a staycation with a faux, lifelike palm tree? Transform her space into a beachy oasis of green and flourish her area with maintenance-free, verdant plants that refresh any space without the need for worry. No matter where you live, the golden cane artificial palm tree will fit in seamlessly. And for even more fun, customize her favorite planter with some faux moss or rocks that are a great gift idea for Mother’s Day. Shop here.

Cymbidium w/ White Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

Nothing screams spring more than some silk orchids. But the problem with orchids is that they’re hard to maintain and finicky. This is why many people flock to the faux versions since they’re great for a side table, bathroom, or a space that lacks sunshine. That’s what makes this cymbidium silk flower arrangement a great gift for the special mother in your life. She won’t have to worry about maintenance at all. Our interior decorators love this piece for any decor style. Shop here.

24” Spring Garden Wreath w/ Twig Base

You can’t go wrong with a wreath. They really add color to any space without any effort. Not only that but they require no care at all. All you need to do is hang them in any door or empty space for an elevated look. Not only that but they can be used year-round for an elevated look throughout. For a unique touch, add some additional stems and make it look fuller. Shop here.

Peony Bouquet Artificial Flower (Set of 6)

Peonies are some of the most beautiful flowers. They’re known for only blooming a few times a year, making them rare and pricey but you can enjoy their beauty year-round with these realistic faux ones. Why not create a custom DIY arrangement, after all, it’s the thought that counts and this is fun. The special lady in your life will think about you when she looks at it. Shop here.

33’’ Fan Palm Artificial Spray Plant (Set of 6)

For a more tropical vibe, the fan palm brings that cool factor to any space. Mix and match it with some calla lily for an added touch of color. Remember to display your favorite planter or vase that matches with the existing decor. This will make for a custom thought that’s versatile for any room in the home. Shop here.

2.5’ Boxwood Topiary with Urn (Indoor/Outdoor)

If she’s updating her patio or outdoor area, what better gift than a boxwood topiary in an urn? We know that redoing an outside area can be challenging and gardening is time-consuming, so why not let her relax by showering her with greenery that lasts? Flora is what takes a space to the next level, seriously. And it’s the easiest way to spruce up your space without too much effort. Shop here.

3’ Mini Cedar Pine Tree (Indoor/Outdoor)

Level up her porch with these lifelike, and outdoor-safe faux cedars. Excellent for every season from winter to summer and everything in between, it's always en vogue. No matter the style or the size of the entryway, just two of these door-side does the trick and last a while. Shop here.

82” Artificial Olive Tree

The most famous tree on the internet is always a crowd-pleaser, there’s a lot we can say about this design but we think it speaks for itself. The tree of every “IT” girl on social media, it’s designed from wood for a natural aesthetic that’s sure to impress everyone. Not only that, but it also has olive fruit sprouting from the branches. Even if she has one already, she won’t complain with a new one. Get the 82" artificial olive tree here.

6.5’ Olive Artificial Garland

She’ll faux for this lifelike olive garland if she loves to host dinner parties. Especially if she has a round table it’s the perfect centerpiece. All she has to do is wrap it in a circle in the middle of the table and add an arrangement inside the circle. It’ll make the parties that much chicer and more fun, making the guests admire her style. Shop here.

5.5’ Cactus Artificial Plant in White Planter

Turn up the heat literally with this faux cactus tree and trendy tripod planter. You’ll notice the spiky detailing on the long spine for an elevated look. This faux tree is a striking detail wherever displayed and brings the drama of the desert without any of the maintenance. We love it for boho, eclectic, modern or any other style. Shop here.

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