Nautical and Coastal Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is a lovely time of year, and to celebrate it appropriately, we have found some good ideas for nautical and coastal Christmas themes. Coastal decorations make a change from the usual Christmas themes, and a combination of the two works well with the great use of artificial plants that manage to elevate the season.

The Nautical Christmas Decorations You Don't Want to Miss

Set the scene with some blue and white cushions on the couch; buy at least 20 cushions, so that children can sit on the floor when the house is crowded over the festive season, with everyone around the tree.

Light the sea-green candles in their glass containers, and surround them with shells from the beach. Purchase a large mooring rope from the Chandlers, request the store owner to knot it in a nautical fashion, then mount it on the wall as a coastal reminder.

Fill a clear glass or white vase with white artificial flowers. Hellebore or Christmas Roses make a great choice, but any artificial white flowers will do.

White Artificial Sea Stars can be purchased online, never use real ones as they are living things, place them around pine cones ordered online, and threaded through with red ribbons for a Christmas effect.

The Artificial Pine Christmas tree will look magnificent with the lights and coastal Christmas decorating ideas incorporated into it; when the lights go on at night, no one can tell that it is one of the artificial Christmas trees, collect some driftwood to mount on the wall.

A cut-out plywood Blue Christmas tree carries on the nautical theme near the front door with some lovely white Reindeers at the tree's base welcoming visitors to the nautical Christmas theme.

A lovely artificial green tree looks great decorated with big white balls coated in the snow; use tiny gold lights over the tree to backlight this effect. Nothing else is needed as this will be enough, especially when the presents are piled beneath the tree.

White and Gold make a fantastic Christmas combination for the artificial Christmas tree, and the theme can be varied from year to year as coastal Christmas decorating can change.

More Tips for a coastal Christmas decor

  • Poinsettia's For Christmas, Decorating The Table - A flaming red Nearly Natural Poinsettia makes the perfect table centerpiece for Christmas Day, surrounded by the artificial pine cones that have been ordered online. Place one sea shell at each table setting, with place names attached, so that everyone knows where they are seated, and use blue and white napkins to carry on the nautical theme.
  • Silver goes well with the blue and white theme, so hang some silver stars from the ceiling to enhance the look and use strings of led lights to add to the coastal decorating look.
  • Colors To Use For Coastal Christmas Decorating Are
    • blue and white
    • silver and blue and white
    • red and green
    • natural wood
  • Silver And Gold Lights On The Green Artificial Tree - Purchase an old Anchor and trail Christmas lights over it so that everyone will see it when they arrive at the house, and can prop their umbrellas on it.
  • Holly And Ivy Are Nearly Natural Christmas Plants To Use When Decorating - Erect three panels of Nearly Natural Ivy in the hallway to welcome guests to the Christmas festivities and light the entrance with lanterns.
  • Decorate the porch with a dozen well-lit hanging baskets of nearly natural plants, as there are so many to choose from. Thread Christmas lights between the plants to welcome visitors to your coastal home. Set the led lights to twinkle at intervals across your house like stars.
  • Serve hot rum punch as the guests arrive to keep the nautical theme alive.
  • Artificial Christmas Pine Trees - The beautiful Nearly Natural Christmas Tree is an investment in Christmas, and to keep the nautical theme going, place some shells and driftwood around the base. When lit with strings of LED lights, the tree will come alive and sparkle in the crisp air. Don't forget to set the mood with some Christmas Music; Michael Bubble is perfect. So stoke up the fire and get ready to celebrate a nautical Christmas theme with family and friends gathered around to share a perfect Christmas.

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