Tips for decorating with ornaments

It's the most wonderful time of the year – the season to reunite with loved ones and friends safely once again. All the more reason to celebrate as you've never before in a Christmas re imaged, create new traditions that'll bring you back to childhood. Your family deserves the best Christmas and Christmas decorations are the perfect vehicle to help you achieve this dream. It's been proven that decorating for Christmas will make you feel better. While the tree is the centerpiece of the season, the ornaments are just as important. They dictate the color, theme, and feel of the season, allowing you the chance to display your personality vibrantly. Re image the memories once again, especially if you're team artificial Christmas tree; the ornaments are a great way to change the look year after year. Don't look further; our team of Christmas experts is here to share their top tips for hanging ornaments. Read below.

Tips for decorating with ornaments

  1. Decide on a theme - We know it sounds like a broken record, but trust us on this one. It's best to have a theme in mind, so you don't end up with a mix-matched tree that doesn't look well-thought of. Even if you want an eclectic look, it's best to set up a moodboard of colors and looks you admire. This will also save you time when shopping around – the wallet will be happy – and your busy to-do list will be easier to complete.
  2. Aim for 10-15 ornaments per foot - This one is key – for your wallet and sanity – nothing is worse than being left with an excess of ornaments all over the house. As a rule of thumb, our designers recommend about 10-15 ornaments per foot. Take this with a grain of salt because there are other factors to consider, such as the width. Another tip, for small Christmas trees – anything 4ft and under – consider mini ornaments. Although they tend to look better and fit like a glove, nothing is worse than overpowering the look with ornaments that look too big. If your Christmas tree is on the bigger side, consider about five more ornaments per foot or more. For flat back Christmas trees, you will need about ½ of the amount.
  3. DIY homemade ornaments - Interior designers love DIY for when you want to create memories in the family. There's nothing better than spending time with loved ones to see the fruits of your labor. Especially if you're taking the DIY route, look at others for inspiration and be sure to pay close attention to the materials you will need. Always plant to buy more than you initially think you'll need.

  4. Get your ornament hooks ready - Some ornaments come with this; others don't. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend having some just in case some of them break. If you have pets, think about ribbons or strings as an alternative to ensure the safety of your pets

    Get your ornament hooks ready
  5. Add bigger ornaments to the back - Especially when you have jumbo ornaments, to create depth and make your Christmas tree seem more significant, add them to the tips towards the back and push them towards the center. When you push it in, you won't see the ornament as much, but it creates a draping effect that adds a touch of elegance and depth. Trust us on this one; you may want to place the more giant ornaments towards the front but adding it to the back adds that beautiful touch.
  6. Smaller ornaments in the front - For smaller ornaments, we recommend adding them to the front tips if they have sentimental value. Consider wrapping them in a paper for safekeeping. Wrap them around the branch securely, but not too hard, because then it will be difficult to remove them when you decide to take your Christmas tree down. If you have babies or small children, put the glass ornaments on top so they won't reach them. Use wooden ones in the bottom, as well.

  7. Use shatterproof ornaments - If you have small kids or curious, wandering pets, this one is for you. The best investment you can make in your holiday décor is shatterproof ornaments; not only are they more economical in the long run, but they're safer. Get peace of mind, eliminate the worry of glass ones breaking today. Those with carpets know the danger of having glass shatter; it can damage the whole floor. Don't be scared to give these a try; they're as beautiful as any glass ornament. Make it easier with

  8. Christmas tree ornaments - If all this inspiration and different looks have you scared, consider buying a Christmas tree ornament set. This is the easiest way to remove the pressure of decorating and perfecting your tree. Sometimes it's best to keep things simple for smooth sailing and not over complicate them. Explore our shatterproof Christmas ornaments today. We have all types of looks from blue, pattern, vintage, and candy lane.

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