Outdoor Decorating with Artificial Olive Trees

If you have some trees in your yard, you already know the additional beauty they add to you your home. Olive trees bring a subliminal message of peace, and buying artificial outdoor trees can be an easy and affordable way to convey that. Many artificial olive trees authentically resemble their natural counterparts; most include faux olive fruits for additional realism.

Here are some tips for outdoor decorating with silk olive trees:

1. Be sure to choose artificial trees which are UV-resistant.

Check the labels before you buy artificial trees if you intend to display them outdoors. The label will indicate whether they are safe to stay outdoors, look for the keywords UV resistant or outdoor-safe.

2. Use Christmas lights all year long

Tiny white lights can make your artificial olive trees look enchanted - no matter what time of year. Fake olive tree leaves are a perfect size and are placed in an ideal configuration for displaying sparkling lights to illuminate your next get-together.

3. As an anchor

If your faux olive tree is tall and has a wide, leafy canopy, place it at the entrance or exit of a courtyard. It's the perfect accent and does not need any further decoration. Place it directly in the soil for maximum realism and an elevated look.

4. Made in the Shade

Outdoor grilling in the summer brings the possibility of the chef feeling as though they are being grilled with dinner. A silk olive tree near the grill will give shade, and the spread of its branches will allow sufficient air movement.

5. Craft a Canopy

Securing three or four faux olive trees in one area and positioning some chairs underneath the trees can make an outdoor sanctuary. The branches of your artificial olive tree will come to your aid and allow a breeze to circulate.

6. Embellish a Fence

Fences can seem monotonous, even when they are well-crafted. If you want increased style to a fence, place some fake olive trees in front of your fences for some texture and balance.

7. Turn steps into a processional

Placing two faux olive trees on either side of your garden's steps can make the stairs seem like a crafted landscape choice. Their presence bids everyone welcome - and waves them "farewell."

8. Make It Part of the Natural Setting

Olive trees have a distinct advantage: they provide enough foliage but enough space between their branches so we can look at the sky during the day, and the stars during the night.

9. Great for Your Grey Areas

If the surface where you place your artificial olive tree is gray - such as a concrete walkway or a courtyard with gray stones - the fake olive tree will suit it perfectly. The color of the fake olive leaves is exactly right to complement those areas.

10. Look! It's a Nook!

A pair or trio of faux olive trees with a wide leafy canopy will make a perfect curtain to wall off a section of your yard or garden for a reading nook or smoking lounge. If you like a space all your own, this could be it.

Here are some examples of artificial olive trees that could be just the right choice for your outdoor decoration:

Here are some examples of artificial olive trees that could be just the right choice for your outdoor decoration:

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This artificial tree's elemental beauty is its classic design and shape. The natural brown tree trunk leads up to a wide and generous umbrella of faux olive leaves and shining black faux olive fruits. This 34-inch tree has a width of 11 inches. The plant is designed for indoor or outdoor display. A row of these against your back wall would make a perfectly serene statement.

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While this topiary is a larger tree than the previous example, the choice of a taller ivory planter makes this four-foot fake olive tree look shorter. It, therefore, is a top contender for flanking your garden gate. Two silk olive trees would be the perfect accent for your home. It has a similar "umbrella-shaped" leaf canopy to the previous example and is also U-V resistant.

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At first glance, the spear-like shape of the tree might cause you to think you're looking at a Christmas tree. But a closer inspection will reveal the characteristic silver-grey faux olive leaves, and shiny black fake olive fruits will reveal themselves. This artificial tree is 67 inches tall. The tree is positioned in a slate grey planter, and the trunk is minimally visible. The shape of its leaf canopy is like the tip of a spear. It can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. It would be a good choice for a front porch.

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