‘Tis the season of gifting! This holiday season, we’re giving you the opportunity to master the art of gifting without a trip to the mall.  This year we can help you find that perfect Christmas gift for everyone on your list. Whether it’s for your best friend, your favorite boss, or your picky mother-in-law and everyone in between, we’ve come up with some of favorite items that will instantly ignite your recipients’ inner faux-green thumb into the new year. 

Holiday Gift Guide For The Homebody


For those that love spending time in their home - apartment or house - give them a little something to freshen up their natural environment.
1. Air Plant Artificial Succulent In Decorative Hanging Frame

2. Vanilla Grass Artificial Plant In Oval Vase

3. 16” Decorative Wall Organizer Or Planter

4. Green Variegated Wandering Jew Hanging Basket Artificial Plant

5. 8” Cactus Artificial Plant (Set Of 3)

6. 33’’ Fan Palm Artificial Spray Plant (Set Of 6)

7. 4' Bamboo Tree UV Resistant

Holiday Gift Guide For The Workaholic

For those who are obsessed with work around the clock, turn the daunting everyday office space into a quiet space of serenity.  

1. Podocarpus W/Mossed Bonsai Planter

2. Bromeliad With Vase Arrangement (Set Of 2)

3. Spathifyllum Artificial Plant In Decorative Planter

4. Succulent Garden Artificial Plant

5. 5’ Golden Cane Palm Tree

6. Giant Mixed Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

7. Lemon Ball Topiary Arrangement

Holiday Gift Guide For The Romantic

There’s nothing more romantic than receiving flowers; make your's everlasting by gifting feminine faux-liage.

1. Mixed Floral Artificial Plant In Hanging Basket 

2. Lily Centerpiece Artificial Floral Arrangement 

3. 5' Mini Bougainvillea Topiary

4. Peony And Mum In Glass Vase

5. 9” Mixed Cream Daisy Artificial Flower Bundle (Set Of 3)

6. 31" Large Rose Stem (Set Of 12)

7. 9” Phalaenopsis Orchid Artificial Arrangement In Vase (Set Of 3)


Holiday Gift Guide For The World Traveler

Give them statement-making faux-liage that will undoubtedly give their home a touch of international flair.

1. 41” Bird Of Paradise Artificial Plant (Set Of 2)

2. Birds Of Paradise And Bromeliad In Planter

3. Buddha Statue (Indoor/Outdoor) 

4. Banana Tree In Wooden Planter

5. Vanda W/ Glass Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

6. 31’’ Hanging Heliconia Artificial Flower (Set Of 4) 

7. 7” Mixed Succulent Artificial Plant With Decorative Planter

8. Cymbidium Orchid with Black Vase

9. Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement

10. Or any one of these artificial orchids!

Holiday Gift Guide For The Outdoors Fanatic


Transform their indoors into the great outdoors and let them feel right at home amongst Mother Nature’s finest faux-liage.

1. 39” Bromeliad And Wandering Jew Artificial Plant In Three-Tiered Wall Decor Planter

2. 29” Yucca Artificial Leaf (Real Touch) (Set Of 36) 

3. Cordyline W/ Decorative Vase Silk Plant  

4. 7.5” Cedar Balls (Set Of 3)

5. African Violet Artificial Plant In Marble Vase (Set Of 2) 

6. Cycas Aritificial Plant In Stone Planter

7. Grass & Bamboo W/Cylinder Silk Plant


Holiday Gift Guide For The Decorator


For the ultimate creative soul, let their imagination run wild by providing them with a starting point.

1. Plum Blossom Candelabrum

2. Open Weave Decorative Vase 

3. 16” Slate Planter (Indoor/Outdoor)

4. Outdoor Pillar Oil Lamps (Set Of 2) 

5. Distressed Wooden Lantern With Drawers 

6. Farm To Table Wall Decor (Set Of 2) 

7. Bamboo Poles (Set Of 12)

8. Decorative Balls (Set Of 6)

9. Rectangle Planters (Set Of 2) 


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