Real vs Fake Plants For The Workplace

Greenery often provides the finishing touch to most decor schemes. Whether that’s in an office building, or large-scale businesses like hospitals, hotels, and malls, or even the everyday restaurant or bar, each of these venues often incorporate foliage throughout interiors to make it feel more welcoming. In addition, it’s been proven that plants are great mood boosters and have even been found to improve concentration. However, not each of these establishments are able to provide for the upkeep of everyday living and breathing plants, which could be due to location layout or even budget allocation. This is where using fake plants can truly beneficial in the workplace in comparison to the real deal.

Less Maintenance

Require Less Maintenance

One of the go-to reasons for opting for artificial plants is that they greatly relieve you of having to care for them. While real plants require more tender attention (ensuring they’re getting proper sunlight, the right amount of water, etc), fake plants are not high maintenance; and although you’ll still want to make sure they’re periodically dusted and cleaned, they won’t require the additional upkeep like food, fertilizer, and obviously water.

Last Longer

Last Longer

Another huge bonus to incorporating artificial plants is that they last way longer than a real one. That being said, they can be a better investment for companies that need to adhere to strict budgeting. While living plants will undoubtedly lose foliage and color over time and will eventually need replacing, a fake plant can last for years, making considerable savings over time.

Allergy Elimination

Allergy Elimination

According to the AAFA (Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America), more than 50 million Americans after affected every year by allergies. Hay fever (which is triggered by an allergic reaction to pollen) and asthma can also be sparked by plants - even the scent of a strong cut flower can trigger an attack. Because these can be irksome symptoms to experience in a working environment, fake and artificial plants are a better and safer route - especially in restaurants and offices where people are exposed to environmental factors for long periods of time.

Unlimited Creative Options

Unlimited Creative Options

One of the best things about incorporating fake plants is that you can be as creative as you want! Because we offer such an extensive range of products across various budgets, planters, sizes, species, and much more, you can utilize them in countless ways like hanging them upside down or in inaccessible hard-to reach locations. Course, if you’re trying to stick to a more classic approach of stylized greenery, place them in places that have a more authentic feel to them. This will help the illusion of them being real go a whole lot further.

Genius Pick Green

Genius’ Pick Greenery

It’s been said that placing plants in the workplace can help boost employee morale and productivity - in addition to overall well-being and general health. That’s mostly because living plants reduce CO2 in addition to other air matter like dust and bacteria. While fake plants can't compete with air purification, they can still have a positive effect because just by incorporating them in eye’s view they can have a positive impact on mood and concentration levels.

Pros & Cons For Fake Plants in the Workplace

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