Seasonal Spotlight: Faux Olive Trees

Nothing says spring like the delicate foliage of a soft-hued olive tree; its petite, fluttering leaves set on slender branches add an instant sense of freshness wherever exhibited. Currently trending and almost as popular as the evergreen Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, olive trees are gaining momentum in the interior decorating world as they effortlessly provide ample beauty to bare spaces that could use a breath of life.

Although a finicky plant in the living world, a faux olive tree makes for a handsome addition to your home or office, without having to worry about daily maintenance in order to keep it thriving. Not only do we offer several different types with slight variations in size, planter, height, and even style, but our loyal fans and satisfied customers rave about their effortless simplicity and realistic beauty. Today we’re sharing a few of our top-rated reviews from our faux-green community praising the good looks, quality, and price of some of our favorite faux olive trees and plants.

4.5' Olive Double Topiary Silk Tree

5' Olive Silk Tree

18" Olive Silk Tree w/Vase (Set of 2)

29” Olive Artificial Tree

Reviews of Faux Olive Trees

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