Spring Forward With New Garlands and Wreaths

Spring is almost here! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and new beginnings are all around you. It’s time to update your exterior and interior decor with Nearly Natural’s best spring picks. 

We have garlands and wreaths for every style and theme. Learn how to make your home feel like a spring garden this season using our best artificial accessories.

Garlands and Wreaths: Necessary Spring Accessories

Garlands draw the viewer’s eye horizontally, while wreaths decorate your door and create a vertical sense of beauty. Both of these springtime accessories are important for making your home seasonally appropriate and festive. 

Spring garlands highlight delicate-looking florals with fresh pastel colors like baby blue, pink, and light green. Spring wreaths incorporate similar colors while surrounding each flower with lush greenery. When you choose Nearly Natural spring wreaths and garlands, you upgrade your entire home’s appearance. 

How to Decorate With Spring Garlands 

Garlands are very versatile and can go almost anywhere in your home. Spring garlands are perfect for you if you like to showcase your creativity and change up your decor often. 

You can place garlands on windowsills, banisters and railings, shelves, mantles, and large tables. Depending on the aesthetics, you may even surround a floral centerpiece with a spring garland. All of these placements make your house look and feel like home, particularly in the springtime. 

Finding Your Perfect Spring Wreath

Wreaths are the perfect way to welcome guests into your home using gorgeous visuals. From spring flowers to luxe greenery and lifelike materials, our spring wreaths are the superior choice. 

Many homeowners switch out their wreaths when each new season rolls around. You can buy several spring wreaths at once or get one designated spring wreath — the choice is yours. We recommend considering your home’s exterior colors and textures when selecting a wreath for spring. 

Select the Best Spring Garlands for Your Home

Finding the perfect spring garland can upgrade your home’s aesthetics. We’re here to guide you through the selection process. Feel free to explore our wide catalog of other faux greenery and flowers to go with your garlands as well!

Floral Spring Garlands

Most people think of colorful flowers in bloom when they think of spring. If you want to incorporate more florals into your home, our floral garlands are a good way to achieve that. 

Shop our best floral spring garlands:

These garlands incorporate gorgeous faux flowers while displaying the joy of springtime wherever you place them in your home. 

Minimalist Garlands: Spring Greenery

If you don’t want flowers to dominate your spring garland, that’s okay. We have garlands with lots of lush greenery to accent your home and potential flower arrangements. 

Choose from our spring garlands with plenty of modern-looking greenery:

These make wonderful home accessories, and many of these options are suitable for indoor or outdoor use!

Best Nearly Natural Spring Wreaths to Spruce Up the Season

Wreaths are visible as soon as someone knocks on your door. What do you want them to see? What kind of atmosphere are you creating? 

Choose from our wide selection of spring wreaths, complete with florals and fresh-looking greenery. These seasonally appropriate accessories make the exterior of your home warm, inviting, and festive. 

Pops of Color: Youthful and Floral Spring Wreaths 

If you feel like a colorful personality, you’re not alone. Many people who decorate their homes for each season are full of life and character. It only makes sense that your front door reflects that. 

Here are some of our best colorful spring wreaths:

These lively spring wreaths add pops of color to your home’s exterior without overwhelming your other decor. When it comes to spring festivity, these wreaths can’t be beat!

Simple Green and Earthy Wreaths for Spring

Much like summer wreaths, spring decorations include lots of greenery. This is because everything turns green again when the weather warms up. Leaves come back to trees, and plants crop up everywhere. 

Enjoy our top picks for lush green spring and summer wreaths:

Some of these green spring and summer wreaths include colorful accents but primarily consist of luxe greenery. As a gardener at heart, you can enjoy the reason for the season as you admire the beautiful greenery that adorns your front door. 

Choosing Spring and Summer Wreaths: Other Factors to Consider

Colors aren’t the only important aspects of spring and summer wreaths. It’s important to consider size, composition, and UV resistance when selecting your perfect door accessories. 

Door and Wreath Size

It’s best to select wreaths that are proportional to your front door’s height and width. A wreath that’s too small can look awkward, while an oversized wreath can overwhelm the viewing eye. Take measurements before you make your final decision. 

Materials and Wreath Bases

Some of our faux wreaths have twig bases, while others feature leaves and flowers. Consider the aesthetic you’re going for. For example, those who want a garden-esque look to their front door may enjoy twig-based wreaths. Others may want luxurious leaves surrounding the beautiful flowers on their wreaths. 

Everyone has a unique style. Use yours to your advantage when picking out spring and summer wreaths!


You need a wreath that can withstand the sun’s rays without fading or breaking down. That’s where our UV-resistant wreaths come in handy. We curate each spring and summer wreath for hot, sunny environments, ensuring that UV rays don’t compromise the quality of your decor. 

Hop Into the Spring Season With Nearly Natural Products

We’re here to beautify your home, inside and out. Shop Nearly Natural faux spring wreaths and garlands today!

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