Spring Mantel Decor Ideas + Tips

Spring is the ideal season for appreciating nature. It is also the season when you can immense and feel nature's essence, especially the sights of the great artificial plants, flowers, and artificial trees. In spring, decorating your home makes a boundless opportunity to play with colors, prints, foliage, and patterns. The best spring decor items should make your spaces and rooms look vibrant, fresh, and warm.

Decorating the fireplace mantel for spring changes the whole tone of the room because the fireplace is the focal point through its remarkable structure and appeal. Moreover, the fireplace serves as the room's heart because it is where the warmth comes from. Nonetheless, since you always keep your eyes on it to check the fire, it better make it look alluring and pleasant. Here are the best spring mantel decor ideas that suit the magic of spring for the dreamiest and most loungy experience in your home interiors:

1. Paint The Fireplace with Colors That Contrast The Wall Behind

A large fireplace build with grey stones contrasting the background walls

A contrasting appeal makes anything more captivating. For example, painting the wall behind the mantel enhances the decors your put on top of the surface. Hence, it will make the spot head and eye turn. On the other hand, you can also paint the whole fireplace with colors that complimentarily contrasts the wall behind it to create volume and depth to the design.

2. Place A Large Painting On The Mantel

An artificial sign decorated on a wooden mantel

The mantel has enough space to cater to any objects mounted on it. A painting can define a soulful ambiance above the fireplace. It is like watching an opera as the fireplace looks like a platform. The static art can imply a less boring spring design decor idea. The framing of the painting can also match the lines of the fireplace and the window enough to make the whole place look elegant and classically embellished.

3. Add Small Artificial Plants

an artificial plant decorated on a wooden mantel decorated above a fireplace

Small artificial plants can turn the fireplace platform or the mantel into a fairytale-like spot in your home interiors. Select the small artificial plants with little foliage and pair them with small picture frames or vases for a luxurious fireplace design. A candle or candelabra can also be a choice to pair with small artificial plants.

4. Hang A Wreath Above The Mantel

an artificial wreath hanging above a fireplace

Wreaths are indeed a symbol of infinite opulence and grandeur. For more excellent spring mantel decor ideas, please choose from our artificial wreaths. Their designs come in different greens, thicknesses, flowers, and accessories that will beautify the space above your fireplace. Choose plain wreaths for fireplaces and mantels that have complex carvings. Choose wreaths that are more colorful and full of accessories such as bells, mistletoe, chestnuts, and even candles.

5. Place a Garland Along The Mantel

An artificial garland stretched across a mantel

Garlands may be associated with Christmas. Garlands make anything more lively and active. Garlands are decorative entities that create a mossy effect around your mantel. To decorate using garlands, you can surround the edges of the mantel with them or hang them on the header of the fireplace. Hang some pictures or figurines and little statues too.

6. Add Books

Books decorated on a mantel

Books make the place look occupied and less dusty. In addition, layered books can decorate a mantel, especially when you pair it with sleek and simple-shaped tabletop decors like cubes, baskets, and flowerless vases. Hence, a free-standing pot or rectangular vase is one of the best and most creative spring mantel decor ideas.

7. Add Artificial Flower Arrangement in a Clear Vase

Flowers and Vases will be an ever-trending decorative idea not only for spring but also for every season. A white or plain-colored vase paired with a single simple artificial flower stalk is already a charming piece on your mantel. Choose a clear or transparent vase if you want lush artificial flowers in vase decoration desire. Depending on the style of ornamentation of your mantel, choose a vase similar to the mantel.

8. Accent The Wall with Wall Mounted Plants

Cascading plants or artificial hanging plants in pots will create a mysterious little garden on the mantel. To make the room or space more enchanting, add some tiny metallic, gold, or silvery decors to pair these mounted plants with.

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