The Artistry Behind Silk Flowers

Have you ever wondered how the best silk flowers were made? How did the manufacturers get them to look so realistic? 

You may have many questions about the artistry behind our gorgeous silk flower arrangements at Nearly Natural. Crafting fake flowers takes a lot of creativity, hard work, and attention to detail. Learning more about this fine art can help you appreciate your faux flowers even more. We’re the first company where horticulturists craft each item with attention to detail to ensure they make mother nature proud. 

As you display our beautiful silk flowers in your home, consider what goes into the craftsmanship of these convenient pieces of decor. 

The History of Artificial Flowers 

Faux flowers have been in circulation for hundreds of years. Today, you use them to decorate your home or apartment. However, they were originally part of their own art form, particularly in elite and wealthy societies. 

In the Victorian era and beyond, middle-class and wealthy women displayed silk flowers as fashion statements. These flowers adorned handbags, fashionable hats, and other accessories as a symbol of elegance and luxury. 

As the Victorian era progressed, it brought many changes to how people viewed their living spaces. Decor and ornamentation became more important to the average person. As a result, many more homeowners started decorating with silk flowers for added beauty and elegance. 

Now, people use silk flowers for the same reasons: to add beauty and charm to each room in their homes. However, the craftsmanship of realistic flower-making has advanced greatly since those early days, which means our silk flower arrangements are more aesthetically pleasing than ever before. 

Modern Silk Flower Materials

Many silk flowers are made out of different fibers, featuring more than just silk. This might seem confusing, especially since “silk” is in the name. However, rayon fibers, cotton, and silk fibers can all combine beautifully to make uniform silk flowers that are more versatile and durable than simple silk flowers. 

These high-end materials make the best silk flowers, so don’t shy away from mixed-material artificial flowers. 

Modeling Silk Flowers After Real Flowers

The first step in silk flower-making is to generate a realistic model of what the flower should look like. The best way for artists to do this is to obtain a real flower and study it. High-quality craftsmanship involves noting every detail of each real flower, including subtle textures, colors, and stem elements. 

Cutting Die Modeling

Once an artist has thoroughly studied the real flower, they use something called a cutting die to match the appearance and textures of the flower. This cutting die becomes the main tool the artist uses to cut and refine silk materials. 

Heat Molding

Silk flower artists use heat to solidify the natural textures of real flowers in their silk creations. Usually, artists will press the silk components into special molds and heat them to generate the textures they want. To prevent the silk flowers from losing their shape, artists will then wrap each component in stiffening rods and wires. 

Stems in particular have many stiff components to hold their shape without sacrificing their natural textures. Small wires and rods of different diameters ensure that your silk flower stems stay structurally intact for years to come. 

Silk Flower Coloring

Once the flower elements — leaves, petals, and stems — are complete, the artist will use special dyes to color them. This is a complex process, particularly for realistic silk flowers. After all, real flowers in nature have different mixtures of gorgeous hues that the artist has to work with. 

Gluing Everything Together

Once the artist has assembled and colored the different flower elements, they glue all of the parts together. Most silk flower manufacturers use special glue that is designed to keep each flower’s petals, leaves, and stems together as one unit. 

Mass Producing Silk Flowers 

In mass-produced silk flowers, the process is similar. The only thing that changes is the scope of production. Large factories will use cutting dies and general models to produce thousands of silk flowers at once. They may also combine silk flowers into bouquets that feature complementary flower types and colors. 

Best Silk Flowers for Your Home 

At Nearly Natural, we have a wide array of silk flower arrangements to choose from. We produce the best silk flowers on the market, ensuring that each stem, petal, and leaf is as detail-oriented as possible. Wondering which are the best silk flowers for your spaces? Here are some of our most popular options.

Silk Flower Arrangements by Flower Type

If you have a specific type of flower you want to display in your home, you can choose from our wide variety of flower types. We offer single-flower-type arrangements, as well as mixed bouquets. 

Our silk flower types include:

Our catalog features nearly every type of popular silk flower available. If you need help choosing the right flower for your space, our friendly team can offer recommendations.

Seasonal Silk Flower Arrangements

Looking for seasonal decor? Our seasonal silk flower arrangements remind you of the reason for each season. 

A few seasonal arrangements you can try include:

While we certainly have more seasonal options, these silk flower arrangements pair well with both their seasons and most home decor. With our seasonal flower arrangements, you can enjoy weather-appropriate home decor without any real flower maintenance.

Other Silk Flower Products 

Other popular options include hanging baskets with silk flowers, candelabrum arrangements, and flowering trees. We curate each piece to be as realistic as possible, modeling them after real live plants. 

Mixing and matching our product types can help you create a harmonious, elegant household. If you want to add character, charm, and style to your living spaces, consider Nearly Natural’s silk flower products. 

Experience the Finest in Silk Flower Craftsmanship With Nearly Natural

We curate the best silk flowers available with an artist’s eye. Our goal is to allow every home to enjoy the beauty and elegance of decorating with plants — without the limitations that come with live plants. Shop for your next piece at Nearly Natural today!

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