The Best Artificial Greenery Farmhouse Decorations for Kitchen

Now that summer is halfway over, it’s time to start thinking about Back-To-School Basics - including Dorm Room Essentials! With limited space available in customary dormitories and apartments, the need to create your own sanctuary and some privacy is crucial; so why not spruce things up with some evergreen features that will breathe life into your new home for the next few months of your adult life.  With fake greenery, not only will you eliminate weekly chores (watering, weeding, etc) and void any expenses on upkeep and replacement, but you’ll be able to welcome in year-round coziness without the hassle. Today we’re sharing five tips on how to transform your basic tile-floored dorm room into a haven from the storm they call college with the help of fake and artificial plants and flowers. 


Artificial plants such as geranium in a hanging basket will make the best farmhouse decor for kitchen, the flowers have vibrant colors along with the green leaves. This realistic-looking plant will elevate the look of your farmhouse kitchen. Its bold yet straightforward appearance can make the area livelier.


The Boston fern will add more green to your farmhouse kitchen. Its leaves look vibrant and gracefully hang in the basket. Place this artificial plant strategically around your farmhouse kitchen to make it more natural-looking. It will spice up any spots around the kitchen with its simple yet mesmerizing features.


This artificial bougainvillea in a hanging basket looks stunning. It has vibrant colored petals that are surrounded by small cream flowers. This artificial plant will make an awesome farmhouse kitchen decor since it adds color to any room. It's an excellent decor to make your farmhouse kitchen look more inviting.


It's a life-like artificial plant that is the best choice for those who want to add more greenery around the farmhouse kitchen. It looks simple yet elegant and comes with a hanging basket. This is also UV resistant so that it will maintain its vibrant color. It will make your farmhouse kitchen look inviting.


The artificial begonia plant in a hanging basket looks mesmerizing. It contains small red flowers that will forever look like it just bloomed. This artificial plant comes with a 10-inch native hanging basket. It can be placed around the kitchen to give it more color and a more lively appearance.


Having a beautiful spider plant in a hanging basket will make an excellent farmhouse kitchen decor. Hang it near the walls or windows to add more personality to your kitchen. The long green with striped cream leaves overflows gracefully, adding beauty to its surroundings. It will make the farmhouse kitchen look unique.


The bonsai cherry blossom tree looks stunning. Just like the real tree, this comes with white blossoms. It's 20 inches in height, making it a perfect addition to your farmhouse kitchen decor. This artificial bonsai version will be a fantastic centerpiece for the dining table. It will add class and appeal to your farmhouse kitchen.


Make your farmhouse kitchen lovely by adding dracaena plants around. It comes in a sand-colored planter that makes it more life-like. This artificial plant has dark green leaves and brown stems. Place on the corners to add more style to your farmhouse kitchen. It will make any spot look more elegant.


It has a vibrant-looking flower in the middle wrapped around its green leaves. This artificial plant will make an awesome centerpiece. The tropical bromeliad comes with a clear slanted glass vase. It contains fake rocks and water, which makes it look more realistic. Pair it with some tea lights to make your farmhouse kitchen elegant-looking.


The artificial cedar tree is another bonsai on the list that you can use as a farmhouse kitchen decor. It's 16 inches in height, and it will add a classy touch to your kitchen. This artificial plant is crafted meticulously to make it a good centerpiece. It will add elegance and tranquility to the area.


Having a topiary doesn't have to be out in the garden anymore. The artificial boxwood topiary is recommended to be placed next to the hallway table. It's also good to get them in pairs to balance your farmhouse kitchen decor. This will also add elegance and beauty to the area.


The artificial agave plant will bring the desert theme to your farm. Unlike the real thing, artificial plants don't need maintenance. It's also created to look realistic to add up more appeal to your farmhouse kitchen. Agave plants can be placed in the bathroom of the kitchen to make it more comfortable.

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