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While living flowers are great for filling living spaces with fresh color and life, there’s no denying that fake flowers can provide just as much beauty as the realistic flora. In fact, artificial flowers have recently risen in popularity due to several reasons. For one, your home decor is never restricted to seasonal blooms that are only available during certain times of the year fore when substituting artificial flowers for the real thing, the options are endless! That goes without saying because with fake flowers you’re never restricted to time and you don’t have to worry about the longevity of real breathing flowers. Perhaps you're interested in taking the leap into artificial flora but don’t have the imagination on how to showcase them? Today we’re sharing a few styling tips that can really make a difference when creating your own one-of-a-kind botanical creations with fake flowers.

Choosing Between Monochromatic or Kaleidoscopic

Choosing Between Monochromatic & Kaleidoscopic:

When selecting fake flowers, it’s always important to keep color in mind. Decide whether or not you have a main color in mind and then build from there. While a monotone color scheme will create an elegant and balanced bouquet, a multi color-coordinated bouquet can have its own appeal.

Color Wheel

If you have a hard time deciding what colors would best complement each other, here’s a color wheel to help you make visual-appealing color combinations.

Picking the Right Container

Picking The Right Container / Vase / Planter:

Selecting the right shape for your personalized bouquet can make a real difference; depending on its size and silhouette, it can help (or deter!) your fake flowers look more authentic. Whether its glazed ceramic or crystal cut, perhaps sculptured pottery or sophisticated glass, each one can bring forth (more!) visual stimulation to the arrangement it contains.

Adding An Appropriate Base

Adding An Appropriate Base:

If you’re showcasing your artificial flowers in a clear, see-through container, try adding a unique base to the bottom of the arrangement. If you’re okay with stems getting wet, water is always an option. However, if you’re looking to get more creative, play with other options like sea glass, natural tone rocks, or other man-made materials. For a creative twist, try including other seasonal-inspired items to play up your artificial arrangements during the holidays like candies, sand art, and / or candles.

When In Doubt, Go For Greenery

When In Doubt, Go For Greenery:

While most assume flowers make the best bouquets, an all-green assortment of fake foliage can be just as appealing. Artificial sprays of eucalyptus, olive, moss or even magnolia leaves can be just as elevating, especially when trying to keep the color balanced within a specified space. Faux greenery is great for breathing in a little bit of life into an environment without taking away from the rest of your decor.

Complement The Faux With The Living

Complement the Faux With The Living:

When showcasing fake flowers throughout your home, you can make them appear them even more realistic with the help of actual living flowers. Not only will it imply a little more added drama, but it will help create a dramatic display of beauty. Best part, if people notice (and complement!) the living flowers, chances are they’ll assume the fake flowers are just as real!

Incorporating Handsome Textures

Incorporate Handsome Textures:

Fake flowers aren’t the only thing that can help beautify a space. In fact, our selection of unique, realistic looking succulents and air plants can easily be arranged to create something truly visually impactful. Not only do they add a hint of natural color, but they allow you to play with texture - making a space feel fresh and modern.

Creating Organic Spaces

Creating Organic Spaces:

If you’re looking to create a focus point in a larger, empty space, why not try playing with artificial branches or longer sprays of intricate flora. Not only can this inject life into any environment, but it can visually fill a space without over-cluttering it.

Quick tip: Because high-quality artificial flowers can be expensive, it’s vital to take care of them in order to reuse them time after time. In order to really convey natural realism, try not to use your fake flowers in the same, repetitive way. Move them around in a space or switch out the container they’re in to create a true-life likeness.

For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to Styling Fake Flowers

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