Top 10 coastal coffee table decor ideas for summer 2022

It is shorts and bikini season once again. We are sure all you want to do is soak in that summer heat and enjoy the outdoors. But what if you could enjoy summer not only outdoors, tanning your skin on a beach, or dipping in a pool while enjoying fruity drinks, but in your home? You can bring summer to your home with these coastal table décor ideas. The perfect summer decoration idea for your home this season are these beautiful artificial plants & coastal decorations for your coastal and nautical coffee table décor. They are simple, yet bring that summer feeling.

An artificial plant inside a clear vase on a coffee table

This coastal coffee table décor consists of a green artificial plant in a clear glass bottle. The coffee table décor is complete with a white, oval wooden table and a white tea cup. The décor idea is to emphasize the color white in the setup. The coffee table’s color and cup should match, alongside bright and warm colors for the pillows and sofa. This décor idea is minimalistic but gives you the summer setting while drinking your hot or iced coffee.

An artificial plant inside a clear vase on a coffee table next to two mini-vases

The highlight of this décor is an artificial parlor palm plant in a clear glass bottle. The coastal décor is further beautified with the addition of a clear centerpiece bowl, an off-white ceramic vase, and a coffee table. The décor idea is to have a proper arrangement and ensure the colors match; either white or clear glass. This décor idea is simple but gives hints of summer in your home.

An artificial plant without planter with roots showing on a wood-coffee table

This coastal coffee table decoration is a nested artificial fern plant. This décor idea, although artificial, gives a natural, summery look and feel. So, if you want your living or study room to have a natural-like and summery look, this décor idea is the best fit for your home. A decorating tip is to have a root coffee table to enhance that natural look. You can have this décor idea either indoors or on your back porch.

An artificial plant in a ceramic vase on a white coffee table in the middle of a living room

This plant is a faux orchid. To pull off this décor idea, you will need a concrete flower pot. The white Safavieh coffee table where the faux orchid is placed matches the white of the living room and couch. A décor idea will be having bright, matching colors between the coffee table and other things in the room. This coffee décor idea is great for your living room, creating a summer view while you relax and enjoy your coffee.

An artificial plant in a white ceramic planter next to a burning candle on a wood coffee table in a living room

This is an artificial Maidenhair fern plant inside a ceramic pot. The off-white color of the flower pot matches the sofa, pillows, and wall, so the décor idea here should be: to match the flower pot with your sofa, pillows, and wall. This décor idea is wonderful and will fit into any part of your home. To have this whole décor idea, you should consider adding a growing candle and an antique candle stick to give a romantic-like style to your summer.

An artificial plant from Nearly Natural on a black coffee table next to a brown couch in a living room

This coastal coffee table décor is made of an artificial olive tree inside an element fire pit. The off-white color of the element fire pit beautifully contrasts with the black coffee table. A décor idea here is: to have a contrast between the green of the faux olive tree, white flower pot, and black coffee table. This coffee table décor idea is simple. Nonetheless, it helps you have a summer moment in your living room. This décor idea can be improved with a bamboo round tray.

An artificial plant in a white ceramic vase on a wood tray next to a coffee mug and sugar container on a brown coffee table in a living room

This is an artificial Peperomia plant in a white vase. The white of the vase matches the sugar bowl, coffee cup and saucer, sofa, pillows, and the room’s wall. The décor idea here is to match the white plant vase with its surroundings, which will also make the faux Peperomia plant stand out. This décor idea will give you a soothing and summery feeling, making the design a great fit for your home. The prevalence of white in this décor idea means it is best indoors.

A compilation of seashells in a wide, white basket on a wooden coffee table in a living room

This is a nautical coffee table décor made of shells. This décor idea will serve as a reminder of all the beautiful moments you have had at the beach. If going to the beach is your favorite part of summer, then this beach décor is ideal for you. The décor idea is to place and properly arrange the shells in a basket crate and ensure the crate is of a similar shade as the shells. This beach décor will be perfect for your beach-themed living room.

A coffee cup with artificial flowers on a coffee table

This décor idea is a simple faux kalanchoe, small enough to fit in a teacup. This coffee table décor idea can be easily set up and wouldn’t take up much space on your coffee table. If you have a small coffee table or a small room, this décor idea will be a great choice, and still, give you that summer vibe. The décor idea is simple: having a teacup to place your artificial plant in and a flowery cloth to lay on the table.

An artificial plant in a tall grey ceramic planter on a wood coffee table in a living room

This coffee table décor idea highlights an artificial flower inside a ceramic or white clay vase. You don’t have to go to great lengths to have a summer feeling in your home. This effortless coffee décor idea can give you just that. The décor idea of this coastal decoration is to have complementing colors or other warm colors that wouldn’t take attention away from the artificial plant and vase. This décor idea is great for indoors or on your back porch.


Summer shouldn’t be celebrated only outdoors. With simple indoor activities like coffee drinking, you can make the act reflect summer with our coastal coffee table décor or nautical coffee table décor. Inspiration for your summer coffee table décor might be unforthcoming, but with our décor ideas, you can enjoy summer indoors as much as you do outdoors. You can now enjoy and appreciate summer through simple activities like indoor coffee drinking with our summer-themed artificial plants and artificial trees. It is time to have that summer feeling in your home without the need to go outdoors.

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