Top 10 Ways To Reuse Your Artificial Christmas Garland

Christmas garlands can go on for miles sometimes and really make a room feel special for the holidays. But, what can we do with all that faux material for after Christmas décor ideas? Here are 10 ways to repurpose artificial Christmas garlands.

1. Remove The Excess Decorations And Save Them For Next Year

Your garland may have a lot more going on in it than just fake foliage and other pieces from plants and trees. There might be a long stretch of ribbon or other festive features intertwined with them. Take your time to detach these and put them aside for future use.

2. Fun Floral Features Can Become a Brand New Arrangement

From there, you can take a look at the pieces of greenery running through the garland. This could amount to a lot of holly and ivy that doesn’t need to go to waste. Of course, it all depends on the quality of the materials. But, they could be transformed into some great after Christmas décor ideas to transition into late winter and spring.

3. Add In New Decorations For The Winter Season

Winter décor ideas after Christmas can include everything from snowy and frosty themes to natural designs of wildlife. Either way, you just need to make sure that there is nothing overtly Christmassy about the designs and color schemes. This will give the garland a second life for a couple of months.

4. Start Planning For Easter

Easter garlands can be great fun as a way of decorating for spring. Think silk flowers, fluffy chicks and lambs, and a ton of brightly-painted eggs. You can switch from the red, green, and gold of Xmas to bright pastel tones and hot glue pretty much anything onto the garland.

5. Strip The Garland Back And Save It As Filling For An Old Tree

If your artificial tree is getting bare in places and needs a makeover, it helps to fill it out with these garlands. The material is very similar and may even be the exact same tone. Take the time to adapt the old branches before putting the tree back in storage.

6. Use It To Build A Cone Tree

Alternatively, these garland materials act as a great base for new cone trees. You can either build the cone from a card and hot glue the garland on it or wrap the garland around something like a metal frame for climbing plants.

7. Create A New Light Feature For A Dark Staircase

The mornings are still pretty dark in January, so you could repurpose artificial Christmas Garlands as light installations. Strip them back, string white lights into them, and wrap them around banisters and handrails. This will improve accessibility while adding a soft touch to the space.

8. Create A New Lampshade

Similarly, you could enhance an old lampshade by wrapping it in an old garland and adding additional decorations. These look great on old paper sphere shades or any boxy structure that’s a few years out of date. Just make sure it doesn’t get too heavy or block too much light or light on fire.

9. Build A Winter Wreath

You can also use all that lush faux material to wrap around a wire ring and create a new wreath. Wreaths are great for decorating after Christmas because you can use any theme, color scheme, and decorations you want. Celebrate winter tones and hang them on the front door.

10. Build Some Green Letters For Wall Art

Finally for these after Christmas décor ideas, you could reuse old Christmas garlands as wall art. Many craft stores will sell letters in wood or board. You can get singular ones for kids’ bedrooms or spell out words across a living room. Wrapping these boards in old garlands creates a brand-new texture with very little effort. You can then decorate as needed.

With all these different ideas to reuse old Christmas garlands, you should find you can turn an old Xmas decoration into lots of fun new pieces of interior design. These should help brighten your winter and give you fun decorations right into spring.

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