Top 5 Artificial Potted Plants

Artificial potted plants are the best way to bring the outdoors in, while displaying your style and personality. Luckily with faux plants, you have many options when deciding which planter you'd like to curate with your plants. Feel closer with nature as you DIY your dream setup to enhance the beauty of your home. Plants, simple, yet complex can elevate any home, taking it to the next level and making it look straight from a home design magazine. You might be reminiscing on those days when artificial plants were tacky and cheap-looking. Still, Nearly Natural was founded by a horticulturist to tackle this issue and create the most lifelike artificial plants out there. With 75+ years of experience in the live plant industry, we mimic nature to capture the beauty of the most distinct flora worldwide. Feel inspired to trust our expertise and commitment to excellence when choosing artificial greenery. Bring the aura of any scenery home with nature-inspired faux plants.

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Transform your space into a jungle with the help of this artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Artificial Tree in white pot. We know how hard it is to grow these majestic African beauties; they're fussy, picky, and popular. Luckily, this incredibly lifelike faux Fiddle Leaf Fig allows you to enjoy the Fiddle Leaf without maintenance. Large, glossy Fiddle Leaves stem from a thin trunk and deliver a whole, bushy look full of green foliage. Standing 4' from a white metal planter (included in height) nestled with faux moss, curate in spaces that need some green. Perfect for apartments, narrow spaces, and cozy rooms.

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This tall artificial bamboo tree in an included elegant gray planter adds a classy touch to almost any room. Numerous lifelike stalks and thick clusters of leaves give this bamboo a very realistic look. This can be an eye-catching addition to an otherwise unused corner. Consider adding it to the living room, corner nook, dining table, or foyer. Many interior decorators love this faux tree for its tall and formal look, making it perfect for a business or personal setting.

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Made with close attention to detail, the green foliage of the traveler's artificial palm tree is large and ample in appearance--much like the leaves found in nature that are known to collect rainwater. It comes with a complimentary, modern gray cylinder planter, making it a perfect office setup. Place it next to a storage unit, bookshelf, or a desk with dark vases for a sleek finish. Not only does it add visual interest to your space, but it also brings symmetry.

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Welcome a refreshing dose of tropical warmth into your home or office with this artificial UV-resistant bamboo tree. This five-foot-tall artificial tree closely resembles the real thing with multiple real-to-the-touch small green leaves. Place it together with other faux plants for an added layer of greenery to your mini indoor or outdoor garden. It comes in a minimalist black planter with river rocks. Consider adding it to the living room, bathroom, kitchen nook, or home office.

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This artificial areca palm stands at 4-feet, and it will complement any home or office space. With its striking appearance, vivid green leaves, and nice height, It'll make an eye-catching ornament to a bland setup. Stand it up against a bare wall or in the corners of a room to add vitality for a brilliant finish. The best part is this faux tree is perfect for any style décor and blends with your existing furniture.


How to secure artificial plants in pots?

  1. Choose high-quality faux plants - This is important because some faux plants aren't stabilized in a nursery planter, making it harder to break or damage the items.
  2. Secure in a planter - Once you decide on the planter, you'd like to add your faux plant in, look for some newspaper to hide the nursery planter. Afterward, add some faux moss or river rocks to disguise the look and make it look more natural.

How to remove artificial plants from pots?

  1. Gather all the supplies you might need - Before you begin getting a trash bag, add faux moss or newspaper to achieve the look.
  2. Remove your planter - Once you have all the supplies and remove the faux moss, newspaper, or river rocks, remove the tree by grabbing it by the trunk and then pulling it from your planter, be sure not to remove it from the nursery planter. This may damage the item. Also, be careful when choosing the correct size for small artificial plants in pots. Whereas, for large artificial plants in pots, be cautious with the trunk as it might break if it's thin.

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