Top 5 Artificial Tropical Plants

Are you craving a trip to the Caribbean? Why not bring the flora from the region into your space with nature-inspired silk plants? Now you can! Enhance the beauty of your home today by injecting verdant vibes to make you feel as you're on vacation. Feel like new in the company of lush, faux palm trees, fiddle leaf figs, and dracaenas to liven your space. Don't worry about the tacky plants from yesteryear. Nearly Natural's fake plants are crafted from high-quality materials by horticulturists with 75+ years of experience. So nature-inspired, did you know that we have real plants named after us? So feel confident trusting us with your greenery needs and elevating your home décor. We even have UV-protected silk plants that are safe for indoor and outdoor use.

3 reasons why you should get artificial tropical plants

  1. Real ones are hard to maintain - Because tropical plants only thrive in warm, humid, and wet environments, it is unattainable to maintain verdant plants in many climates. This is why artificial tropical plants are an excellent alternative for when you want the feel of the ocean – without the maintenance or price tag.
  2. They bring color to your space - There's nothing better than bringing a space to life than with a lush, tropical plant. When you have those awkward nooks, and the area feels empty, the best way to create synergy is by introducing faux plants, especially green ones.
  3. Bring the outdoors in - Did you know plants – both real and fake – provide cognitive and mental benefits. We feel closer to nature when we add greenery to our space, which results in many benefits for our mental health.

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The 68" fiddle leaf artificial tree will give your home a vibrant tropical touch with its brilliant green foliage artfully arranged in layers. Simple yet elegant, you can use this piece to brighten up your reading nook, office, study room, or den. Position this piece near your desk or tuck it closely next to your low bookshelf for a lovely arrangement. In addition, it comes with a pure white tower planter filled with faux river rocks.

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Large green fronds are artfully arranged in different directions—giving this artificial kentia palm tree both a lifelike and full appearance. The fronds are supported by a few thick, green and brown trunks. It is all contained within a black planter topped with white river rocks. For a tropical summer look in your sunroom or living room, you can place this 5-foot piece next to a chair, couch, or bean bag. Regardless of where you place it, the plant will be sure to fill in any gaps in your room's setup.

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Standing 8-foot tall, this striking artificial king palm tree contains highly detailed trunks and lifelike lush green leaves that are sure to catch everyone's attention. It will spread its tropical freshness in your office, bedroom, dining, and living room all year round without the demand for water. Set this artificial king palm tree next to a bookshelf or television stand to make the space feel brighter and more lively.

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Standing at eight feet tall, this travelers artificial palm tree flaunts its unique tangerine blooms and full, smooth leaves that splay outward from several stalks. Place this in your living room, breakfast nook, and sunroom for a lush tropical freshness. Or, use this piece to accentuate your one-of-a-kind wall art in your hallway.

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The palm tree symbolizes both the tropical climate and a relaxing vacation to most folks. But if you can't find time to get away, then why not recreate that atmosphere indoors with this artificial palm tree? It features multiple canopies of lush, green fronds that sit atop sturdy stems. With an orange planter and white natural river rocks included, it'll brighten up and enhance a living room when placed in a bland corner, behind a chair, or on either side of a couch.

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