Ultimate Fall Decorating Guide

Time to push summer aside because it’s almost autumn! That being said, time to pack up your summer-decor essentials till next year and bring out your favorite fall accents. But if you're stuck on how to really immerse yourself in the autumn-fun, there are tons of ways to incorporate colors and textures into your autumnal home styling with fall decor. From dressing up everyday table centerpieces, handsomely embellish fire mantles, and even spruce up your home’s welcoming front door wreath, today we’re sharing a few simple ways on how to showcase the new season ahead with fall decor essentials. You can even DIY fall designs with fall home decor.

Fall Door Decorating Ideas:

The classic fall-inspired porch is always a favorite go-to for home decor fanatics. We recommend incorporating an eye-catching fall wreath in splashes of bright, autumn hues with hints of fall fauxliage. If you’re willing to go all out, throw in a complementary artificial garland that can help enforce the seasonal message for your front door decor. Make a grand entrance.

Top 10 fall door decor tips:

  1. Pinpoint the perfect space - Before you start shopping, look for the spot that you'd like to add a wreath to.
  2. Measure your door / space - Use a tape measurer to ensure you purchase the correct size and avoid returns.
  3. Choose a color - When it comes to the eclectic colors of the season, stick to a palette that matches with your existing décor.
  4. Pick a theme - Do you prefer to be more fun? Or a bit more on the traditional side? Decide on the type of wreath you'd like.
  5. Cohesion - To create harmony consider adding a garland to a door .
  6. Double Mix - Some designers, especially for larger doors, recommend adding double wreaths, they can be the same or a mix and match.
  7. Look for fall décor accessories - Complement the look with faux trees, garlands and swag
  8. Carefully hang - To not ruin the paint in your door, use a wreath hanger or a ribbon.
  9. Cleaning - Once a month, clean the wreath with a feather duster.
  10. Safely store - Remove the wreath whenever you decide and safely store in a basement or storage cabinet and use the next year.

Put a spell on all your guests with this artificial wreath. Celebrate witches this Halloween season with the help of this chic and edgy wreath. The witch's quirky, eclectic outfit delivers a fun color scheme, creating a focal point for everyone to see. Let the witch greet all your guests while subtly putting a spell on the costume party. With dimensions of 26” add to any bare wall or door. Perfect for Halloween cheer.
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If you still want to feel festive but have a more refined décor palette, this Green Pumpkin Wreath is perfect for you. Sparse by design, this artificial wreath has loose variegated leaves accented by green pumpkins and light-hued berries. Assembled in the USA from high-quality materials, delight at the sight during Thanksgiving dinner. With a length of 6', this garland is perfect for any space. Display in the mantel, dining table or bare wall.
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Update your favorite home decor accents while adding a hint of natural beauty to your home or office entrance with this artificial wreath intricately designed with glossy, overlapping maple leaves in fall colors, highlighted throughout with different textures ranging from berries and pumpkin gourds. A charming, festive accent that evokes Southern charm and elegance, this 24" in diameter decorative wreath would undoubtedly transform a bare wall or doorway with its forever lasting beauty.
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Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces With Fall-Hued Flowers

Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces With Fall-Hued Flowers:

If you love the hint of fresh-looking flowers, why not invest in quality fake flowers that can easily showcase the season’s coloring without the need for maintenance. For added realism, incorporate an assortment of both real and fake pumpkins to really play up the autumnal aesthetic. 

Top 10 Outdoor Space Tips:

  1. Be cognizant of the weather - Remember that patio furniture requires more maintenance than indoor furniture. Especially if you live in an area with cold weather, always be on the lookout.
  2. Embrace outdoor / indoor - What better way to bring the outdoors in than with outdoor / indoor living set ups? Consider setting a dining table outdoors and setting a bonfire for those cozy nights.
  3. Use natural elements in your decor - Not all of us are lucky enough to live in an area that experiences the fall foliage. If you don't blend natural elements in your surroundings with the color of the season.
  4. Use faux trees and plants - Especially if you don't have the traditional seasonal hues, consider a faux alternative in your outdoor areas.
  5. Make sure your faux greenery is outdoor safe - While we have a large selection of faux greenery, look for the words "indoor/outdoor" and "UV resistant" to ensure the trees are safe for outdoors.
  6. Add string lights - What better way to enjoy a cozy dinner than with string lights that illuminate the night. Consider hanging them across the table for a warm glow.
  7. Consider a faux living wall - Especially if you don't want to keep changing decor from season to season, a green faux living wall is a great, low-maintenance, option.
  8. Clean and take care of furniture and decor - Because the weather is unpredictable, consider cleaning and covering the furniture when you aren't using it, just to be on the safe side.
  9. Look for transitional pieces - If you're on a budget but still want to create a dreamy space without breaking the bank, look for pieces that can take you from season to season.
  10. Introduce hints with subtly color - The best part about outdoor spaces is the flexibility for sprinkling hints of the season throughout.
Incorporating Autumn-Hues

Incorporating Autumn-Hues:

Traditionally, fall colors often consists of burnt oranges, dark purples, and various interpretations of bronze, but there’s other colors - like rich jewel-tones - that you can incorporate beautifully into your current decor scheme. To make it a little easier, we’ve gone ahead and curated a few of our favorite fall-inspired artificial flower arrangements that will easily evokes Mother’s Nature's natural beauty this time of year.

Setting the Table

Fall Table Decor:

If you plan on entertaining this season, express your creative side by alternating your home decor accents.  Instead of an ordinary flower arrangement, why not try flipping a fall wreath and using it as a centerpiece. If you really love DIY-ing and crafting, you can go ahead and seasonally customize your dining accents by painting fake pumpkins in various colors and placing them on the silverware with names etched in personalized lettering on loose-stemmed artificial greenery

Dining Room Decor tips

  1. Choose a centerpiece for your space - Especially for Thanksgiving dinner, you want a centerpiece that is not overbearing. Ensure you choose the correct sized centerpiece by measuring your area, ideally you'd want a centerpiece that is less than eye level.
  2. Opt for a tablescape - A trend that's becoming more popular is the tablescape, consider using a faux garland with matching loose stems to create the ultimate fall look.
  3. Create your own DIY arrangement - When you're looking for something a bit edgy and unique, opt for your own arrangement.

If you still want to feel festive but have a more refined décor palette, this Green Pumpkin Wreath is perfect for you. Sparse by design, this artificial wreath has loose variegated leaves accented by green pumpkins and light-hued berries. Assembled in the USA from high-quality materials, delight at the sight during Thanksgiving dinner. With a length of 6', this garland is perfect for any space. Display in the mantel, dining table or bare wall.
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Want to bring a little sun to your holiday decorations? Then look no further than this beautiful sunflower swag. With brilliant bursts of yellow with just the right touch of red and brown, set amongst crisp-looking leaves, this magnificent piece will proclaim “holidays with sunshine!” Comes with a metal frame for added elegance.
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Brightly-hued orange, red, and cream blooms with an ample amount of green leaves are tightly-clustered in this artificial hydrangea berry bouquet. Since it comes in a set two, you can either place them together in an arrangement or settle them separately, then place them as a centerpiece in your formal dining room with tea lights. Nestle them in a pink glass vase to complement this ornament's brilliant colors.
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Coffee Table Decor Tips

  1. Choose a coffee table that's proportional to your sofa- When shopping for a coffee table, look for a table that is proportional to your sofa when sitting down.
  2. Small space tip - For those of you that lack space, consider furniture with thin legs and clear so more light is emitted.
  3. Add a faux centerpiece - Everyone loves flowers, but many of us get busy with the daily tasks of life. So why not get the same fresh from the garden look with a vibrant pair of nature-inspired silk flowers. Bring the beauty of the fall foliage indoors.

With a set of 12 included, the sunflower artificial stem’s length is 24 inches and perfect for decorating. On top of the stem rests a large, bright yellow sunflower with small green leaves sitting behind it. This ornament will brighten up and inject energy into any space it is placed in. Arrange them together in a planter on top of your coffee table to witness their beauty up close.
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Bursting with color, large Dahlia blooms bundle together for a timeless arrangement, perfect for a fall display or kitchen centerpiece. Crafted with intricate detail to design, each petal is constructed to mimic a true Dahlia flower. Pair with faux fruit or decorative boxes for a complete look. Comes with a faux water vase with stones.
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Colorful, beautiful, and unusual all at the same time, this Giant Sea Grass is one of our most exciting offerings. With vivid but muted earth tones, these set the stage for an appealing accent piece, without calling too much obvious attention to itself (it’s more interesting than outright loud). And you’ll love the cylinder vase and river rock that complete the picture. Makes a splendid gift as well.
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Living Room Table Décor Tips

  1. Consider the size of your furniture - Oftentimes with seasonal décor, we forget that we have to maintain consistency throughout our space. Measure your coffee table before hand to ensure your new centerpiece fits and looks cohesive.
  2. Add some books - For an easy win, look for books that match with the season and have those warm undertones. You can switch these as you see fit.
  3. Pumpkins - Who can forget about faux pumpkins? Complement your autumn-inspired space with some seasonal faux pumpkins for a very festive look.

A full, delicate bloom of tiny flowers, rising from a tall 48-inch stem. This colorful and lifelike foxtail artificial flower will brighten any room, and its name is quite fitting: it does look like a bold, lush foxtail. Place this set of three flowers in a vase to add a pop of color to your living room, or put just one of these on a tall vase in an entryway for minimalist glamor.
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Incorporate delicate fall accenting into your decor scheme this season with this loose set of artificial flower stems. Arriving in a package of 12, each individual stem reaches 29” long and showcases intricate gypsophila flowers in a fiery palette of autumn inspired hues. Easily incorporated into your own personalized bouquets and/or DIY projects, these decorative stems make for a perfect fall accent all season long.
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The artificial sunflower berry arrangement features a diverse mixture of bright yellow sunflowers, faux red berries, and foliage that differs in coloring. All these elements encircle a simple, elegant black candelabrum. You can draw attention to this piece by placing it near eye level on a living room’s mantelpiece, bookcase, or plant shelf. Settle your black vases and other vintage ornaments beside it for a complete look.
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Adorn Thy Mantle:

Adorn Thy Mantle:

To create a true focal point, bring it up to eye level by also adorning your fireplace or mantel with the help of fall foliage; whether it’s a realistic looking faux garland or swag, or maybe a collection of autumn-inspired artificial candelabras, each of these can help to transform the look of this everyday space.

Make Your Own Autumn Bouquet

Make Your Own Autumn Bouquet:

With over +100 sets of loose artificial flower stems, options for creating your own personalized floral arrangement are limitless.  Not only does this allow you the freedom to choose and stylize your arrangement but gives you the opportunity to switch the materials to further create even more options - over and over again! Showcase them in aluminum tins or wooden planters for an added rustic touch. 

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