If you're like most plant lovers, you might have already over-analyzed the market looking at artificial plants, silk orchid plants, and fake flowers. When it comes to succulents, it’s easy to say that they’re having a moment right now and we’re loving it! Aside from adding a splash of natural green color to everyday environments, artificial succulents allow you the opportunity to enjoy their unique design without being subject to their finicky needs. Boasting over +300 variants in countless sizes and planter options, our collection of artificial succulents can help you spruce up even the tightest of work spaces: tabletops, desktops, book shelves and other small, tight nooks.  The best part - they showcase the beauty of the real thing without the need for maintenance! With plenty of brand new and best-selling options, we’ve narrowed down a few favorites that will easily provide fauxever-lasting beauty wherever displayed in the workplace. 

Using Artificial Succulents As A Desktop Companion

As A Desktop Companion:

Add interesting textures with the help of this artificial 11” cactus garden boasting naturally occurring qualities. 

Using Artificial Succulents As Tabletop Adornment

As A Tabletop Adornment:

Transform workspace into a soothing, relaxing environment with this artificial 11” large succulent that adds a punch of verdant color wherever displayed.  

Using Artificial Succulents As Literally Book End(s)

As Literary Book-Ends:

Instead of everyday desk accents, why not change it out for this artificial 14” succulent and sedum plant that can help provide color and support (book ends, paper weights, you name it!) 

Using Artificial Succulents As Alternating Floor Finishes

As Alternating Floor Finishes:

If you have a lot of bare floor space, why not enhance it by adding a few décor props and a green silk plant that can elevate the space without any need for upkeep like with this artificial 27” sansevieria plant. 

Using Artificial Succulents As A Faux-Living Garden

As A Faux Living Garden:

If you’re a daydreamer, escape workday blues by diving into this artificial 6.5” mixed succulent garden that you won’t ever need to worry about tending to. 

Using Artificial Succulents As A Decorative Set

As Decorative Sets & Trios:

Accentuate a work or conference table with this set of artificial 10” varying succulents that can be handsomely displayed collectively or individually throughout a larger work space.  

Using Artificial Succulents As Creative Wall Decor

As Creative Wall Decor:

If you have serious wall space available, go for green and get creative with a set of artificial air plants that can convert (wall) space and undoubtedly leave employees and guests in a greener state of mind. 

For more inspiration head over to our Pinterest Board dedicated to Succulent Beauty

Please note all imagery featured is purely inspiration and not a product of Nearly Natural.



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