Vintage Farmhouse Wall Decor That You Don't Want to Miss out on!

The vintage farmhouse wall is unique, and creating the same effect at home takes careful planning. However, there is a range of wall and garden plants that will give the correct result, and the good news is that they are artificial and so lifelike that no one can tell the difference. You can get the look without the maintenance. The artificial plants outlined today are new, and most people haven't experienced them yet. Nothing conveys the feeling of 'age' like a trailing English Ivy; this is an excellent plant to start with; wind it around wires on a dark kitchen wall until the wall is nearly covered. Or outdoors, a whole English Ivy wall or an expandable fence covered in ivy to reflect the light in. This gives a vintage appearance, providing a backdrop for the farmhouse decor that will transform the kitchen, all with minimal expense. Think of the grand English gardens sprouting with green on the exterior.

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The outdoor kitchen garden is the perfect spot for the Nearly Natural English Ivy. The artificial ivy comes in varying shades of green and is tightly clustered together for a simple thick look. It is UV resistant, and the rain will run off it without penetrating the leaves. One of the advantages is that it can increase the occupants' privacy by preventing the neighbors from looking in. Not only is it a clever way to add privacy, but it can also help keep away bugs and other pesky insects from entering the home.

Mini Vintage Farmhouse Signs for The Kitchen and Other Ideas

Once a great faux wall is created, use it as a backdrop for some signs and other vintage ideas that will set the space off.

  1. Faux Olive Plant

The green of the olive leaf is a soft color that goes with everything. Put it into a 'retro' milk can, at the entrance to the kitchen. The silver milk can and the green olive will soften the space.

  1. Church Pew Seat

Buy a church pew seat for the kitchen, readily available in sales, with ornate wooden filigree at either end. The pew is not only helpful but ages the kitchen immediately. Either end can be transformed with mini-plants in pots attached to the lattice to give a rustic look.

  1. Antique Mini Signs

Order some farmhouse wooden antique signs, or alternately source some locally. However, it is easier to order what is required online ( to get the colors right) and then erects them on the kitchen walls to age the space further. Add a floating shelf for some small low, maintenance faux plants and books.

  1. Vintage Vase

Go through grandmother's cupboards for a vintage vase to fill with various faux greenery for the table. The vase can be pretty big to create the right effect. Vary the type of greenery used, even one with some berries could brighten the space and give a seasonal impact.

  1. Railway Clock

Once all vintage farmhouse kitchens had a railway clock. Purchase a big round-the-clock with numbers on the face to instantly age the kitchen.

Place mini wall brackets on either side with faux plants to enliven the space and give a retro feel.

If the kitchen area is dark, brighten it up with subtle downlights in the ceiling to shed extra light on the space. Even track-led lighting that can be moved around is a great idea for those dark spots.

Vintage Farm Decor for The Dining Room

A vintage farmhouse dining room decor

Sometimes the dining room is ignored in favor of eating in the kitchen. So now that Summer is nearly here, it is time to revamp the dining area for family gatherings.

  1. Maple Leaf Window Shutter Wall Decor

Order this lovely weathered wood shutter to mount on the dining room wall for a rustic and romantic feel. This timeless piece of art will soften a drab space and come with a frame.

  1. Golden Cane Palm

Nothing says summer like a golden cane palm, and this lovely faux palm will be the perfect plant for your dining area.

  1. Center Piece

The dining table will require the perfect centerpiece, and the size and style will depend on how big the table is. If it is a long table, trail some English Ivy and some ferns down the center; a smaller table will require a posy of artificial flowers to make it look beautiful for any occasion.

  1. Peacock Window Shutter Wall Decor

This unique piece captivates the whole family, bringing the perfect provincial look to the dining room. The Peacock is printed on weathered wood, giving a great country feel to the room.

  1. Farmhouse Inspired Mini-plants

The two end tables at either end of the couch could do with a makeover. Add some Farmhouse inspired mini plants to brighten them up.

Then hang some in the bathroom in hanging baskets.

The Bedroom

A bed with boho-inspired bed sheets and comforter

Hang the cute Mini Jade Artificial Plants in the bedroom in a hanging planter. They stand only 7 inches tall, and they are bendable to shape however requireda lovely gift for a little girl who is making over her bedroom for summer.

Vintage Farmhouse Wall Art for The Outdoors

An entrance door decorated with an artificial wreath and two floor plants from Nearly Natural

Don't ignore your entrance in this Vintage Farmhouse wall decor makeover. The tips and products below are sure to inspire a rustic look and charm.

  1. Vintage Bicycle Wheel Art Decor

Standing 22 inches from top to bottom will lend a vital design element to the front porch.

  1. Faux Fiddle Leaf Figs

One for either side of the front door; they come in pots and look natural.

  1. An Antique Milk Can

For guests to stow wet umbrellas near the front door.

  1. Hanging Baskets

Enhance the front verandah with lots of hanging greenery, and make sure that the lighting is just above it to reflect down. At night no one will know it is faux greenery.

  1. Antique Wooden Sign

Near the front door, with the name of your house on it, is a unique bespoke item.


There is so much that can be done to beautify a home with the right vintage farmhouse wall decor. However, once one makeover is complete, it is time to sit down and enjoy it, as when winter comes, most of us will be ready to start again. There is always something new and clever to try in the home, and the good news is most home products are inexpensive and accessible to all.

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