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Top 5 Influencer Christmas Looks

Diane @pineycreekfarmhouse

Do you love farmhouse décor? If yes, head over to our friend Diane's page to check out her impressive, elegant, and rustic home décor. She's known for her ample, farmhouse-type space full of remarkable wildlife. And somedays you might catch a glimpse of her many deer just roaming around her backyard. Just another casual day for her.

We teamed up with Diane this Christmas and sent her an array of holiday goodies from Christmas trees, garlands, and wreaths. Check out how you can get her look, quickly and effortlessly.

Get your home into the Christmas spirit this season with the help of this artificial Christmas tree. Easy to set-up and entirely maintenance-free, this realistic looking artificial Christmas tree boasts a full-figured, traditional silhouette of seasonal foliage, made up of 973 bendable branch tips, perfect for accenting with all your favorite holiday ornaments. Arriving pre-strung with 400 clear LED lights, it also features 8 different light options (including Twinkle, Bursts, and Fade) to create a true holiday glow wherever displayed. Carefully stabilized on a metal stand, this impressive 7’ tall artificial Christmas tree will create a picture-perfect holiday setting, year after year.

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Amanda Cerny @amandacerny

Social media influencer and businesswoman Amanda Cerny dressed her home to the nines this holiday season. For her tall ceilings, she went for one of our most impressive trees, the

Grand Northern. We love Amanda's look because the Christmas tree stands out and contrasts her light-hued floors. Dress any space with Christmas cheer by adding a flocked tree, especially if you live in warmer places for the holidays but still want that snowy, white Christmas look.

Create the ultimate winter wonderland this holiday with the help of this enchanting flocked artificial Christmas tree. Impressive in size and easy to build, this maintenance-free flocked tree boasts a spectacular silhouette of realistic looking evergreens, made up of 1818 easy-to-bend branch tips, perfect for showcasing all your favorite holiday ornaments and accents. Full flocked in a thick coating of faux snow, this winter-inspired Christmas tree will create a magical focal point wherever displayed. Arriving pre-strung with 8208 warm LED lights to eliminate unsightly tangles and carefully stabilized on a metal stand, this captivating 9’ tall flocked artificial Christmas tree will undoubtedly transform any home or office into a joyous holiday setting for years to come.

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Dawn @cutefetti

If you love pinning for the holidays during Christmas, you've probably come across Dawn from Cutefetti blog. Her cute content is a hit with families of all sizes, but she's mainly known for dressing up her Christmas tree for every holiday. Easter? Yes! Summer? Yes. This year, we gave Dawn her darkest challenge yet – dressing a black Christmas tree. Up for the task, she completely transformed her tree into a fun affair, showing that black is the new green.

Crave a gothic Christmas or an upscale dazzling holiday season?Transform your Christmas into a unique event with this Black Artificial Christmas Tree. Inspired by nature, 3056 needles display a lush silhouette, dress this faux Christmas tree in an array of ornaments for a sleek look. Save time and money with the 950 LED lights, more energy-efficient. Standing 10' add to any area with high ceilings. Why wait till Christmas? Display during Halloween, as well.

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Jodie @thedesigntwins

Can you say Christmas cabin vibes? The ones that look straight from a holiday movie, where you want to sip on some hot cocoa and stay in all day. Jodie's dreamy Christmas setup delivers those vibes and more. Inspired by nature, her faux alpine trees look real without maintenance. These trees even have a natural trunk for an added touch of realism.

Create a traditional evergreen setting even in the tightest spaces with the help of this artificial Christmas tree. Entirely maintenance free, it features a tight, slimming silhouette made up of mountain pine greenery with 950 easy-to-bend branches for showcasing all your holiday ornaments and pre-strung with 400 lights to help eliminate the hassle of tangles or knots. Guaranteed to make holiday decorating stress-free, this slim-fitting artificial Christmas tree stands 7’ tall and comes stabilized on a wooden pole and metal base for effortless display all season long.

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Cat @CopyCatStyle

Our South Florida neighbor, known for her clean and straightforward design, opted for a flocked Christmas tree. The flocked Livingston is a customer favorite and best seller. Its' snowy appearance makes it an excellent choice for those starting with flocked trees. The best part is it's available in all heights, so you can still get the look no matter the size of your space.

Create a picture-perfect Christmas setting this year with the help of this flocked artificial Christmas tree. Easy to set-up and entirely maintenance-free, this winter-inspired Christmas tree boasts robust tiers of realistic looking foliage made up of easy-to-bend branches for showcasing your own personalized ornaments and holiday accents - all lightly frosted with faux snow, creating the ultimate winter wonderland. Arriving pre-strung with 650 clear warm LED lights to eliminate tangles and carefully stabilized on a metal stand, this impressive 9’ tall frosted artificial Christmas tree will undoubtedly transform any home or office into a joyous holiday setting for years to come.

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Getting the look, you see on social media is easier than ever before. You don't have to break the bank to give your family the Christmas they deserve. Be on the lookout for Christmas promotions to save even more money. With flexible payment methods such as affirm, feel confident knowing that those dreamy looks are attainable for all. At Nearly Natural, family is important to us, we're a mother and son founded company with experience in the live plant industry. Feel confident that we mimic mother nature's beauty at every stem, branch, and leaf.

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We purchased the 7.5 ft Flocked Grand Northern Rocky Fir Artificial Christmas Tree and are beyond pleased how beautiful this tree looks. We also updated our garland for the stairwell and to Grace the grandfather clock. If there weee a way to attach a photo, I would have done so.

Robb (Robert) Sundin

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