Wedding Decor With Silk & Artificial Flowers

Summer is in full swing - meaning that summer wedding season has finally commenced, and nothing could be more traditional for wedding decor than the flowers! A must-have for all nuptials, wedding flowers provide the right pop of color (aside from enhancing your scheme or palette) and bring a sense of freshness and beauty to a room or location. The only problem? Living flowers can be very expensive; from bridal bouquets to table centerpieces and reception accents, all these embellishments can eat up a huge chunk of the budget.

That’s where silk flowers come in! They're a heaven-sent gift for new-to-be brides (and grooms!) who are looking to invest in an everlasting alternative to fresh flowers - truly the perfect gift for a loved one. Silk flowers are indeed artificial replicas of their lifelike counterparts and our selection of silk flowers are designed from the finest materials to ensure they convey a nearly natural appearance.

And while artificial flowers have commonly received a bad reputation in the past, there are huge benefits to using quality silk flowers. Not only do they provide faux-everlasting beauty unlike their real-life imitations, they won’t wilt and die hours into the celebrations - much less the next day! In fact, when using silk flowers in your wedding decor, not only will they last faux-ever, but they will provide you with a permanent memento of that unforgettable day. If you choose to use them as table accents, they can be a fun party favors when given away to guests. Additionally, when designing one-of-a-kind arrangements and bouquets, artificial flowers provide you the freedom to play and experiment way ahead of time - without the added expense. Not sure how to incorporate silk and artificial flowers into your wedding decor without going overboard? Read on for the best ways to use fake flowers for your wedding.

Bridal Party Bouquets And Accents with Silk & Artificial Flowers

Bridal Party Bouquets and Arrangements

If you’re planning a summer wedding you’ve obviously taken into consideration the weather and heat. This is where fake flowers can be handy! Not only will they withstand the heat, but they won’t discolor or wilt before the ceremony even begins. Remember to keep a balance though; make sure to incorporate greenery throughout to blend with beautifully life-size blossoms. To keep appearances realistic, try using in-season flowers that would have been used otherwise your intended realism might fall short. If you’re planning an out-of-season or destination wedding, you’d be surprised how helpful artificial flowers can be when having to deal with packing and shipping.
Centerpieces and Tabletop Decor with Silk & Artificial Flowers

Centerpieces & Table Accents

If you're looking to incorporate soft, delicate detailing to your wedding scheme, fake flowers are a great alternative to the real thing; they be (pre)designed way in advance, but they can also be reused later for specialized events or even displayed in your home as a lovely reminder of your nuptial day. Not only that, but just like real flowers, they can be enhanced with your own personal touches to make accents and arrangements customized for your celebratory day. Think twinkle lights, tinted rocks and pebbles, strands of satin ribbons, mirrors, and of course let us not forget candles! And because you can mix complementary accents, you can use solitary silk blooms to simply add a hint of color or to highlight decorative containers like vases, baskets, and glasses. The scope of the creative imagination is limitless!

Curtains and Hanging Arrangements with Silk & Artificial Flowers

Floral Curtains & Hanging Floral Arrangements

Another up-and-coming trend in weddings that has grown in popularity is creating an eye-catching floral curtain that makes for a romantic and picturesque entry (and exit) for the new happy couple and bridal party. And while we can imagine a lot of pictures are being taken on the big day, aside from providing a breathtaking focal point at eye level, a floral curtain makes an exceptional photo backdrop, in addition to providing a stylish divider between sections of a venue. Artificial garlands strung with dainty silk flowers and realistic greenery can be beautifully dangled overheard or strung around a specific structure to create add realism.

While using real flowers may sound more romantic, by using silk flowers for your big day, not only will you get a head start on decorating - but you’ve have plenty of time to practice and experiment to guarantee you get exactly what you’re looking for on the big day. If beautifully designed and artfully displayed, fake flowers can truly transform any specialized events - including your wedding - long after the big day has come and gone!

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