What Are the Best UV Resistant Plants for Summer?

If you’re looking to give your outdoor space a summer refresh, you might be considering artificial plants. Faux trees, flowers, vines, are becoming more and more popular with homeowners because they’re low-maintenance, cost-effective and look great all season long. Still, many decorators are left wondering: will they last?

The good news is, high-quality artificial plants are incredibly durable. And to ensure you get the most time out of your fake outdoor plants in the summertime, you’ll want to make sure they’re UV-resistant. 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes some artificial plants UV-resistant and which ones are the best for your summer decorating needs. 

What are UV-resistant plants?

Just like our skin, artificial summer plants can become damaged if exposed unprotected to the sun’s UV rays. 

Ultraviolet radiation, or “UV,” as it’s commonly called, is a form of non-ionizing radiation that is emitted by the sun and artificial sources like tanning beds. Over time, and without anything to block it, this radiation will cause the color in your artificial plants to fade, and could even start to weaken the material, leading to cracks and erosion. 

But just like you use sunscreen to protect your skin from these damaging rays, artificial plants can also be coated to resist UV damage. 

UV-resistant plants have been treated with a blocker sprayed onto them during manufacturing. This substance absorbs the UV rays, protecting the plant’s color and structure, and ultimately giving your outdoor artificial plants a longer lifespan. Be sure to place them indoors during inclement weather and under a covered patio to ensure longevity. 

The benefits of decorating with UV-resistant plants

Artificial UV-resistant plants are a great way to add more nature to your outdoor spaces. From balconies to backyards, they enhance the look and feel of the area around them, and create a lush oasis for you to enjoy all summer long. 

Not only do today’s UV-resistant faux plants look more realistic than ever, they also have many advantages over their rooted counterparts. 

  • They are low maintenance. Fake outdoor plants don’t need to be watered, re-potted, or pruned. They also don’t need sunlight, which is helpful if you have a shaded balcony or backyard. At the same time, UV-resistant plants are protected from the sun’s damage, so you can leave under a covered setting without worrying about their exposure during the summer.
  • They are cost-effective. Because high-quality artificial plants can last  for years, homeowners who use theirs over multiple seasons see a long term cost savings. Instead of having to buy new real plants every summer, you simply pull your artificial ones out of storage whenever you’re ready to enjoy them again.
  • Artificial plants come in a range of varieties. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in artificial plants. Trees, shrubs, palms, flowers, vines - consumers have endless style, varietal, and color options when shopping for artificial summer plants, including UV-resistant plants.
  • They are pet safe and allergen-free.  Some real plants can be toxic if ingested by your pets. For humans, allergies are sometimes a concern. Artificial plants keep everyone safe.
  • They thrive anywhere. Live in a cold climate but want that tropical feel? A UV-resistant artificial plant can survive in any temperature or sunlight level, so you can enjoy varietals that might not otherwise be at home in your area. 


With so many colors, styles, and varieties of artificial summer plants to choose from, where do you start? For summer, there are certain plants and flowers that especially capture the long, lazy day vibes many of us look for that time of year. 

Here are the top 5 UV-resistant plants for summer decorating. 

#5: Monstera Tree

The boho feel of this artificial Monstera tree sets a peaceful, relaxing tone that is perfect for those in search of a zen-like summer. Add it to your balcony to give your urban residence an instant touch of nature. Monstera trees are also beautiful backdrops for your summer celebrations, from birthdays to bridal showers. 

#4: Hanging Baskets

Elevate your summer plant decorating with UV-resistant hanging artificial plant baskets. Add a row of hanging ferns or flowers to your front porch to create seasonal curb appeal. Hanging baskets also feel at home on garden stakes or around the backyard deck.

#3: Olive Trees

Turn your outdoor summer space into a Mediterranean escape with UV-resistant olive trees and topiaries. Use two matching trees to frame your front doorway for a dreamy welcome home. Or, place them on a back patio for dining al fresco that feels like your favorite summer vacation destination.  

#2: Artificial Living Walls

Give an old fence or patio wall a summer reboot by covering them in UV-resistant living walls. The rich and varied foliage covers unsightly areas while adding privacy and lushness. Artificial living walls also work well as accent walls or backdrops for summer photo shoots. 

#1: Palm Trees

The ultimate summertime look! UV-resistant artificial palm trees turn any outdoor space into a tropical paradise. Add life and luxury to your balcony by framing your table set with matching palms, creating the perfect spot for sunset summer cocktails. Palms also look great poolside, or as decorations for a backyard summer bash. 

Other uses for artificial summer plants

Whether you need artificial plants for one or many summers, if they’re going to spend a significant amount of time in the sun, it’s best to get UV-resistant plants.
Wedding decorators use UV-resistant plants to line ailes and frame outdoor altars. Because they won’t fade in the sun, these plants can be reused for multiple ceremonies. 

Photographers also like UV-resistant plants for outdoor shoots. Because of their durability, fake outdoor plants are extremely cost-effective. They’re also easy to transport, which is important for destination shoots.

And restaurants ready to open their summer patios can create an inviting space for diners who want to enjoy food and drink outdoors. Artificial summer plants that are protected against UV rays will last all patio season long.  

Make the smart summer investment with UV-resistant plants from Nearly Natural

Enjoy years of summer fun with UV-resistant trees, shrubs, topiaries, and ferns from Nearly Natural. It’s the cost-effective way to get your outdoor space ready for the new season - this year and for many years to come. Every piece is crafted from premium materials and tested for quality before it ships. Trusted by leading interior designers and influences, you’ll love how our UV-resistant plants make your summertime space feel. 

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