What Flowers Are Best for Summer Weddings?

If you’re planning a summer wedding, you hit the floral arrangement jackpot. Because so many varieties are in season in the summer, couples who wed this time of year have a lot of flower options to choose from. But what about the cost?

According to The Knot, the average cost of real wedding flowers in 2023 was $2,800. That’s a significant amount for something that has a short lifespan, which is why more and more couples are turning to faux flowers for their weddings - even in the bountiful summer months. 

Artificial wedding flowers can easily be saved as part of a wedding memento collection, regifted or resold to other couples for use at their weddings, or reused to decorate your home or business. This longevity makes them more cost effective than real flowers, and therefore a more practical choice for many couples. 

Artificial summer flowers for wedding decoration

Of course, even if you opt to go faux at your summer wedding, you might still want to stick with classic summertime blooms. Luckily, artificial flowers are always in season! Here is a list of some of the best flowers for summer weddings.


Peonies are a perennial wedding favorite, thanks to their large, lush petals and soft, pastel color palette. They’re especially sought after by couples who want to up the romance factor at their events. 

As outdoor wedding flowers, peonies coordinate especially well with rural or garden settings, and make for extra dreamy wedding bouquets. 


There are two types of lilies couples usually consider when selecting summer flowers for a wedding

The first is the classic lilly, recognizable for its six-petal blossom and visible interior stems. The second is the calla lily, prized for its single-petal teardrop blossom. Both styles of lilies are popular choices for couples who want  to create an atmosphere of heightened, timeless elegance at their weddings. 


If you’re looking for a tropical feel at your wedding, consider incorporating orchids into your floral design. Orchids come in colors ranging from traditional (white, pink) to avant-garde (green, multi-color), making them adaptable to any wedding style. 

Orchids are especially ideal outdoor wedding flowers for beach settings, or for any couple wanting to give an exotic feel to their ceremony. They also make for lovely parting gifts for guests, who will delight in taking home their own decorative potted orchid. 


The name of this flower says it all - these are the sunniest blooms around! Sunflowers are the ultimate outdoor wedding flowers for brides and grooms in search of rustic chic summer wedding vibes. If you’re looking to recreate a favorite vacation to Tuscany or Provence, or to simply add a bold pop of color to tablescapes and bouquets, you can’t go wrong with sunflowers. 


The bountiful, spherical shape of hydrangeas make a big statement on your big day. Hydrangeas are an on-trend bouquet choice, and easily fill in flower urns, large vases, and head wedding party tables. 

Most people think hydrangeas only come in a light purple color, but there are also deep red, bright yellow, and pretty pink versions as well. They’re another top summer flower for a wedding for couples that want a classic look and feel. 

Trees, arches, and living walls: Summer wedding ideas you should consider

Looking for summer wedding ideas that go beyond bouquets and tablescapes? Artificial trees, garlands, and wall mats add lushness, delineate spaces, and create photo op moments for summer weddings. Bonus: when you go faux, these wedding decorations can also be reused in your home, gifted to another couple, or resold, making them exceptionally cost effective.

Artificial trees for summer weddings

Frame the entrance to your wedding venue with two artificial trees to create a garden-like entrance for your guests. String them with lights or photos of the happy couple for extra decoration and to showcase your love. 

Artificial trees can also be used to line the aisle, decorate the cocktail area, or showcase the guest book or gift table. If your wedding has a specific theme - French rustic, old elegance, modern, etc - trees can help you create the look. 

Faux olive trees add to a French rustic or Mediterranean vibe, while palm trees create a beachy feel, for example. Fruit trees, flowering trees, and topiaries are other options to match with your wedding style. 

Artificial garlands for summer weddings

When we think of garlands we often think of holiday decorating. But faux garlands have varieties for any season, including summer. Hydrangea garlands, sunflower garlands, and more coordinate with your bouquet and centerpieces and add visual interest at your wedding. 

Cover the altar trellis with artificial flowering garlands to make a lush backdrop for saying your vows. You could also use them as part of a tablescape, or to frame entry and exit doors. 

Flower walls for summer weddings

Give your guests a photo-ready spot by building a flower wall at your summer wedding. Leave the flowering background as is, or add signs, photos, or other accessories to create a personalized backdrop. 

Flower walls also help delineate spaces within a wedding venue, especially if your summer wedding is outside and doesn’t have fixed rooms like you would have at an indoor wedding. Place a flower wall behind the bartender, for example, or to create a lounge area for guests to rest after hitting the dance floor. 

Why you should use artificial flowers for your summer wedding

Artificial flowers are one of the latest trends in modern wedding design. High quality faux flowers look like the real deal, keep their like-new look throughout your wedding day (and beyond), and are resellable, reusable, or giftable. 

Order them well in advance of the wedding day, without worrying about keeping them fresh and alive. Faux flowers won’t wilt or become damaged by a sudden gust of wind or rain at an outdoor wedding, taking away some of the stress of planning. 

Bottom line: artificial flowers, trees, garlands, and flower walls are the cost effective, wedding planner-approved floral option when you don’t want the hassle or the environmental impact of live plants.

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